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The Best Massage of All

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To keep this relevent 'massage parlor' story honest, I should say that I haven't climaxed in 17 years due to a prescription I take.

But there was a time when I concluded that massage parlors filled my needs for women nicely; mostly from age 25 to 38 or so. Over those years I frequented massage parlors in my home town; and when away, I would look for a place that might be recommended, or just drop in anywhere, usually after a late dinner. I would guess that I've been to more than 50 parlors from Anchorage to Edmonton, AB, to LA to Atlanta to Maine; and a lot of towns in between. There were a few times that I got lucky and got more than I paid for; and once haphazardly allowed myself to contract gonnorhea... which hurt like heck until I stopped at an emergency room.

With all the parlor experiences that I had over more than 13 years, the best was in a Richmond, VA establishment, of all places. I was there on business and staying at the John Marshall Hotel, when I felt the 'itch' and looked through the Yellow Pages. Choosing by proximity, I went to a parlor a couple of blocks north of my hotel, paid the customary fee, and was lead to a room with a water mattress on the floor, and told to settle in while this Will o' the Wisp young blond attendent allowed me to wait sitting on a chair with a towel covering my lap.

When she returned, I was told by this beautiful southern belle-quite young-to lie on my stomach on the bed and put the towel over my backside. Her wish was my command. she proceeded to massage my back and thighs well and surreptitiously let her fingers fly over my testicles as she gave my behind a stimulating rub-down. She then proceeded to pour tons of oil on my back, head to toe, and rub it in before asking me to roll over with a full blown stiffy (my stiffy).

Then, a surprise. She stood in front of me, and after removing every stitch of clothing, started pouring oil over her entire body, neck to foot, and everywhere in between. As she continued getting herself thickly covered, she began to glisten all over from the small light in the room.

Her nipples had become distended, large as they were, and when she finished, the oil dripping downher just post-pubescent body was a totally new site for me. She reeked of sexual allure, and seemed to enjoy her own enhanced sexiness as she watched me watch her. I like confidence.

What came next? I thought Usually, it was a frontal massage, only this young lady had come up with technique that I think was quite memorable.

Instead of using her hands, or even her feet, she told me to spread 'em, and crawled slowly up the bed between my legs, looking me straight in the eye as she did so. I think I had my usual amused smile on my face as her head came up to mine, although still not touching me. She then leaned her lips into mine to kiss me deeply while she slowly lowered her body to my own. As she maintained this lip-lock, my own body soaked up half of the heavy massage oil. Then she began a nifty frontal massage, a truly 'full-body' massage, that blew me away.

Up and down she slid along the length of my torso.

Back and forth, I can not begin to describe the excitement in me that she was creating. Her hands gripped together behind my neck for leverage, eased the exercise for her that she was performing on me.

At a point fifteen or so minutes into this frontal massage, which she was obviusly enjoying enthusiatically herself, she said 'wait'. She ran off and seconds later returned to put a condom on my bursting six incher. Resuming her position, she continued sliding with her hands now on my hips. On her next slide downward her belly passed over my engorged member, and this continued again and again and again; her clit falling to the base of my penis where she'd press herself and wiggle as my member slid right over her backside as if magically controlled just the way that she wanted it. In this fashion, she came to a major climax that shook her soul, and several minis that were apparent to me as her stomach spasmed on mine for nearly a minute or so.

There she laid, kissing me again fully and heartily,pressing hard on my lips. After a few minutes of this and her relaxation, she turned around on top of me and began sliding up and back with her legs spead and approaching very near my mouth, and then away. As she did this, she gathered my organ between her slippery breasts, cut the length of her slide, and pressed her fibrous titties together to make for me a bit of heaven on earth.

As she increased the speed of her effort, I felt the building of my sperm as it spread up through the plumbing to a point of my near bursting. Darn, this was an absolute dream to me, having run througn two wives who were nowhere as near creative. But I wasn't thinking of that when I came, as she put her index finger into my rectum and massaged my prostate. Wow.

Definitely, the best I ever had; and there were many who, in less creative ways, tried their best to be the best.

I did ask her before I left, 'Why the condom?'

She replied that she would feel promiscuous if she allowed her customers to actually cum on her titties. I just nodded.

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