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The Best Man

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This is a true story of the last time I masturbated with another guy. Scott was the Best Man at our friend Dan's wedding. We shared a hotel room together after not seeing each other since he'd left for college just after high school.


This definitely wasn't the Scott I remembered from high school. While I always liked him he seemed reserved and shy. He wouldn't join in comparing our development as we went through puberty, saying it was wrong to be naked with other guys. And at a few sleepovers where we had some porn magazines which led to erections which led to jacking off and eventually to jacking each other off he'd say we were sick, gay, queer, etc. and leave saying he wouldn't rat us out, just didn't want any part of our taboo fun.

On entering our room at a Roman themed casino/resort at Lake Tahoe we were surprised to find they got our reservation wrong and didn't give us a double but a single with a king sized bed and a large circular tub/shower right out in the open. While it didn't bother me we'd have to share a bed for a few days I thought Scott would freak. He said he'd changed since moving away and didn't mind since the bed was so big. Also remembering his modesty I said I'd leave while he showered if he wanted. Again he said it wasn't an issue anymore and jokingly said it was so big we could share it if we were in a hurry.

The two days leading up to the wedding passed quickly with the rehearsal, renting tuxes, etc. and it was true. Scott had changed and didn't hide his nudity when we showered and didn't seem to mind sleeping in the same bed, both of us just in our underwear. He was open and funny and generally a good guy to hang with.

After the wedding couple had left for Hawaii on their honeymoon we had a few days to ourselves and spent it sightseeing, hanging at the pool and gambling. Enjoying each others company and having a great time.

One night we were lying in bed talking over old times and I mentioned how much he seemed to have changed. Scott said moving across the country away from his parents was a relief and he could be himself. Living in the dorm with a roomie and later sharing a two bedroom apartment with three other guys cured him of his modesty. And how he was jealous of how Dan, myself and our other friends could be so open with each other. His parents were very religious and any "gay" activities were strongly forbidden. In hindsight he wished he would have joined in.

I asked if he did anything with anyone he lived with and he didn't hesitate and said he and his college roomie started openly masturbating after a month or so and eventually ended up doing each other. The same with the guys he lived with in the apartment. They'd have "porn night" and rent a video and have pizza and beer and sit in the living room all on the same couch and jack off and jack each other off.

This talk had us both hard, tenting our briefs, which we both could see as we sat on the bed uncovered. Scott mentioned maybe we could do what he never was able to when we were younger and compare, if it was all right with me. I said sure and we both got up and stood at the end of the bed and pushed our underwear off.

I'd seen Scott naked when we had gym together one semester. After gym showers were mandatory back then. And I'd seen him naked while we shared the room. But never erect like my other friends. His penis wasn't as long as mine but the head was huge. His shaft was as big around as mine but maybe a half inch shorter than my average length. His head reminded me of a small plumb, very purple, on the end of a white, hairless stalk. His balls were big too, larger than mine and hanging full in a hairless scrotum where mine are average and my scrotum is covered in hair.

We just stood there for a few seconds with our erections pointing toward each other, checking each other out. Scott stepped up to me so the head of my dick was buried in his pubes along his dick, his tip just touching my bush and held them together to see the difference.

The last male hand to touch me was Dan's probably six years earlier and I've always had a different feeling from a guy than a girl. Not as tender, not as delicate. Just more masculine is the only way I can describe it and I liked it. I probably let out a little gasp as Scott stroked both of us slowly.

He commented how he liked how hairy I was (my shafts a bit hairy too, and looks tan even though it never sees the sun) and if I was ok with where this was going. I said "Hell YES" and pushed his hand away so I could get a feel, also caressing his large testicles and running my fingers around the large head.

Scott said lets lay down and do this instead of standing, pushing me by my shoulders toward the bed. We lay down and he flipped around so his head was by my crotch. We started slow, following each others lead, and just fondled each other with both hands. His testicles were easily twice as large as mine and the plum head held my fascination. His skin felt looser than my own and I tickled the underside of his glans making pre-cum come out. I used it for lube and concentrated on the ridge like I'd do myself to edge.

Scott spit on the end of my dick several times and stroked me slowly with a firm grip, twisting his hand around my head on the upstroke. It didn't take long and I could feel my balls pulling up and warned him that I was about to blow. He grabbed harder and stroked faster. And surprised me by opening his mouth and aiming my dick at it. I couldn't hold out and shot right into his mouth and all over his chin. The best orgasm I'd had in a long time.

It wasn't easy but I kept stroking him while he was doing this. I figured he liked a firm grip and really went at it and my getting off sent him to the edge and I watched his huge balls pull up as he bucked his hips and sent stream after stream of cum into the air and back down all over my hand. He was loud and moaned and grunted as he came and I almost laughed. My hand was covered with his cum and I still don't know why but I put my hand to my mouth and tasted some. I'd tasted my own out of curiosity but never any other guys. It smelled a little less bleachy than my own and didn't taste as bitter.

We lay there for a bit coming down from our orgasms. Not a word was said. Scott got up, turned on the shower and waved for me to join him, which I did. We washed each other without a word until we were done. Drying off Scott said it was fun and hoped I was ok with what we did. I said it was definitely ok and I had no hang-ups about what we did. He then asked if I would be willing to do it again, but maybe go a little farther, try some other things, keep it to ourselves. Still horny, I agreed.

We had a great couple of days together. I'm still in contact with Dan on a regular basis, we only live a few hours apart. I still talk to Scott but not as often as Dan. I live on the west coast, him on the east. We have never brought up the time we had together other than "Remember Dan's wedding?"



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