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The Best I've Seen

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This is a site for even an impotent slob like me.


I'm 60 now and have been visiting the strip bars in my town since I was of age..21. Massage parlors too. But this story is about one night

at a bar that has become my favorite over the last ten years. As a divorced man, somewhat impotent, I still try and get my jollies at this particular joint. On one slow night I was watching off and on a girl of 40 or so, long and skinny, do some of her tricks on the stage to take a break from wearing herself out dancing. She ripped off three matches from a book of same, sat down on the floor, wrapped the matches around her nipples, already rising, and her clit that she had pulled from under it's hood. As she sat facing the meager audience, she lit each of the matches with another match and let them burn down 'til she had to remove them quickly. For five seconds she looked like a Christmas tree. But I had seen this act of hers before, and wanted something more stimulating.

With few patrons, it was not difficult to motion her over to me at the side of the bar where I always sit. I told her that if she would jill herself to completion while lying on the stage facimg me, I would give her 50 bucks. When she laid down in front of me and started to rub her clit and finger herself with three fingers, I said to myself 'uh oh', I'm gonna lose my fifty as she went for it without hesitation. I had previously put the fifty on her belly as I leaned over her nudity. It did not take her long to get me hard as steel, at which point, I leaned over her again in the throes of pre-orgasm, and removed the fifty, replacing it with a twenty.

But that did not perturb her in the least. She continued fucking herself with two and more fingers working hard on her g-spot. She asked me to do her clit. I started with my palm, then my fingers..now fully on the stage, yet to the side near my chair. She reached an extreme of muscular tightness. I with-drew and sat down to watch her lose it and spray her juices over the stage.

At the end she was a total slug on the stage, unable to move. I pointed to her twenty now at her side. As she picked it up, she said to me, 'thanks for watching.' Evidently, she got very hot being watched; perhaps more hot than I did watching. She came down off of the stage on my side and gave me a buss on my lips. Frankly, in forty years, I've never seen a stripper do so personalized an act for me as she did that night.

Unfortunately, she was sick with Aids a few months later. I think if we had not been friends previously, she would not have been so cooperative. No question that if you want a lot for not much you have to get to know the girls well. Don't be a one time Charlie; and skidattle to the next bar. It took me two years to get to know her well enough to ask her to masturbate for me.

I must say that there are many other games you can play with strippers on a slow night that gets their attention. But stick with the girls you know....if you want something on the cheap. A lot of these girls, especially the young ones do these jobs for the attention of the male patrons. Many get their only action and affection at work.

The trick is to find the needy. They become as passionate as a real date if you hold them.



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