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The Best Ever Beach Massage Yet

Posted by: Age: 45 Posted on: 2 comments
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This is the first time I have had a 6-hand massage on the beach with two Happy Endings


I live in Pattaya, Thailand where the Thai boys are young and so pretty. I have just returned from the beach, completely exhausted and wanted to tell you why.
Let me tell you a bit about this situation first. We have a lovely large gay beach in Pattaya, Thailand, where massage boys walk up and down. They all have official coats and police numbers, and they can offer you a full oil massage lying on the towel at the top of the beach. Or you can have a legs and foot massage still sitting in your chair.
Many of the boys are happy to do a special massage if asked. I always wear a thong, a g-string or a jock-strap, which the Thaiboys love as none of them do this, they are very shy and conservative.
Whenever they see me, they come to my chair and give me a little fondle, as everything is showing in outline. Some of the boys want to do more !!! So I have about 7 or 8 of them who like to massage everything some like to make me cum, so it is all over their hands, some like to make me cum but for me to catch the end of my penis and let it shoot into a towel, whilst others just like to massage everything. Usually I am much bigger than the Thai boys so they love to feel a big throbbing penis.
Many foreigners also get special massages, We stay sitting in our seats, with a towel draped over our waist and top of our legs. The massage boys bring their massage chair and put it right in front of us and we put our legs up either side of him while he massages us. Of course, one hand moves under the towel while the other one massages the legs.
Today, a Frenchman who I speak to, was sitting on my LHS, when the massage boy arrived. This French guy smiled at me and asked if he could stay !! I thought that he would block the LHS completely, although there were not many people still on these beach chairs. As the massage boy was getting ready,the Frenchman asked if his friend could come and sit as well. I did not know this guy, but both of them were in their 50s and he looked very nice, so I said yes of course.

He came and dragged a chair up and sat on my RHS. I was wearing a very pretty thong with a button at the side to take off quickly. I put the towel across the top of my legs, but the first Frenchman suggested that the three of us should do the crossword in my paper, and brought it off my table and opened it up and stretched it right across me. I thought this was for more cover !!
The massage boy put a load of coconut oil in his hand and moved this under the towel to grasp my limp penis and started to massage it, the other hand doing my other leg. The men asked me to move the towel a bit, when it was time to shoot my load, so they could watch it. No problem because the massage boy also liked to see it cum . By now I was very big and strong and the boy was masturbating me gently and slowly like I like.
And then it happened. The one on my LHS held the paper in his left hand, asked the boy for some oil, and then moved his right hand under the towel to grasp my huge erection.He said wow, that feels good, and I had to agree as I love this oil. The massage boy moved his hand down to massage my nice big balls. It was all going lovely and I was in heaven when.

The man on my RHS (no idea of his name) got oil in his right hand, held the paper with his left hand and slipped his right hand under my right leg right up against the massage boy holding my balls. This man now started gently feeling around under my balls until he found the secret opening to my anus. I jumped as he touched this, and then he slowly pushed his index finger in. It slipped in very slowly and gently, and then he started finger fucking me very slowly. I was in 7th heaven. One man gently masturbating me, one massage boy massaging both my balls and the other man with his finger inside me.
I told them to go slowly as I was almost shooting my load. They smile and the second man got more oil and pushed his middle finger in as well. Hurt a bit but then felt lovely as he moved them in and out .
I didn't realise but he was feeling for my prostate, as I found out afterwards. When he touched that and started to massage it, I told the other man to stop as I was going to cum. He didn't. He just smiled as he felt my penis extend and then start to shoot. I moved the towel away from my body a bit and shot a huge load all up my chest to my chin. The massage boy went mad and I had to quieten him down. He stopped massaging my balls and just said good, good.
But the two men didn't stop !! I was drained but stayed semi-stiff. They said to stop and relax and I could cum again. I told them I had never done that straight away. They just smiled.
They both got more oil and both started again, although my penis was now very limp. But when his fingers went up my anus again, I felt a bit of a throb in my penis. The first man told the massage boy to start massaging my balls again. He looked at me, smiling, and said good, good, you cum twice, I not charge you for this one. So it all started again .
But, even though they had seen me shoot up my chest, the man on my left moved the towel down onto my lap so that half of my penis was out. No-one around nearby so no problem. He said he wanted to watch the sperm cum out, and I just laughed and said there is no more, sure. But they all continued, but it was a lot faster reaching a climax this time. The man on my right had found my prostate and massaged it over and over again a strange feeling in my balls and penis very sensitive and tender.
The man on my left started to masturbate me quicker, the massage boy just held my balls and watched in amazement. I told them I was going to cum, and they moved the towel off me, just as I shot another load. Alol four of us watched it as the two guys kept working it. This time not so much and it only came onto his hands, my penis and down on to my balls. My cum from the first load had gone very runny and had run down my chest onto my balls, so I was covered.
I was shaking after I had finished shooting and lay there gasping for breath. The sweet little massage boy took my towel and cleaned me up completely, saying good,good, again tomorrow !!! I said no way. I haven't even got the strength to walk to my motor bike. One of the guys asked if he could take a picture of me sitting there naked with a limp dick, but I politely refused, no problem he said.
I paid the massage boy and gave him a big tip and he again said see you tomorrow for the same !!
The two guys chatted a while, and said how much they enjoyed it, and I looked lovely in my thong. They didn't have the nerve to wear them out in public. They told me they were going to Bangkok tomorrow but would be back in a few days. Wow. Am I going to get another 6-hand massage !!
They packed up and left the beach. I stayed for a little while, then got dressed and walked slowly to my motor bike, thinking I have never had that experience in the whole of my life. My penis and balls were aching badly, but I was so proud and amazed that I could cum twice within half an hour. I just had to tell you, it was so fantastic.



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