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The Best Ever!!!!

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The following happened to me on a business trip last year.

I was in a fair in a southern European city showing our products there. It wasn't a big fair, so after 2 days I got to know almost all the people there. In one of the booths there was a beautiful tall blond girl working. I am from Europe and she came from the US. I never got her age but she was somewhere in her late 20s. We talked almost every day with me getting her coffee or she coming over to my booth during quite times.

With some of the exhibitors we decided to go our for a night in the town and of course I asked her if she wanted to join us. She convinced her colleagues to join our group of about 14 people. She was looking great with jeans and a tight shirt showing her firm breasts. We had a great dinner and ended up in a bar that had live music. After a half hour she said she wanted to dance so she took my hand and we went on the dance floor. I am not a big dancer but it was very crowded so nobody noticed my moves.... This went on till the late hours with lots of drinks and dancing. She was getting more exotic in her dancing by the hour and you could feel the tension between us building up. During our dance floor action I would lightly touched her great ass or pressed her against me, feeling her nipples stand out.

The bar was ready to close so we shared a taxi with her colleague and some other people back to the hotel. The other people were asking something at the reception about wake-up calls and airport transportation when we were already at the elevator. The elevator arrived and she told her colleague that she would see her up in the room. The two of us quickly slipped in the elevator together.

In the elevator I thanked her for the great evening and dancing with me. She said she also enjoyed it very much and asked if I would offer her a bedtime drink. I said: 'Sure, come on into my room'.

I got her a drink from the minibar and sat down on a chair with her being on the bed. We chatted for some minutes about something I don't remember and a silence fell. All of a sudden she says: 'You know, I have been incredibly horny all evening because of you. My pussy has been wet for the whole evening. I can't have sex with you because I have a boyfriend back home, but I would like for us to get naked and masturbate together. What do you think?'. I replied that I thought she had the best body I have ever seen and would love to see her naked.

She started to get undressed and I did the same. From this time on we haven't put a hand on each other at all - only for the dancing part. All my expectations came through when she was naked: this girl was just beautiful! Nice C cup breast, hard nipples, shaven pussy, hard ass. What more a guy could want?!

I got undressed and released my hard cock out of my pants. 'Mmmmmmm' she said. 'Sad I can't have that in my pussy'. She was still sitting on the bed and I across from her in the chair with both of us being naked (still no touching). She pulled back a little and spread her legs wide apart so I would get a full view of her pussy. She even spread her pussy lips apart. What a great view! I could see she was soaking wet. She put two fingers in her nice pussy and with the other hand started fingering her clit. Within 2 minutes she started moaning really hard and with 'yes, yes, yes' had her first orgasm. I hardly could take in anymore, but tried to hold my cum inside for a little bit longer.

'That one I needed really bad' she said. She turned around and got on hands and knee with her ass facing me. My god, what a horny girl this was! I still was sitting in a chair with my rocket ready to explode and dying to touch her, but decided to wait. In a doggy style position she again started to finger her clit and pussy. 'You like the view' she asked. Of course I said the best in the world. 'And now come over and use your fingers on me'. I got off the chair and dove in. Man, this girl was wet. I could easily slide 3 fingers in and she herself was massaging her clit. With my other hand I massaged her tits. Her pussy smelled great. 'Do you have any lube?' she asked after some minutes. I always have some in my bag since I like some anal play during masturbation myself. After getting the lube she asked me to continue to finger her pussy and with my other hand her ass. After applying some generous amount of lube on my finger and her ass I could easily slide my finger in. She said this would make her totally crazy so even if she started getting real loud just keep going. I said great, just don't disturb our neighbors... She put her head on a pillow so she could scream in that.

I was getting busy on her pussy and ass and she was heavily massaging her clit. Man this was a horny view (when I close my eyes I can still see it). She started to relax her ass muscles so I could add another finger. Now with 3 fingers in her pussy and 2 in her ass and herself getting on her clit, this was too much. She started screaming in the pillow and yelling 'keep going, keep going, yes, yes, yes, oh my god, oh my god...'. After some minutes her body started to contract and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. She just released animal sounds in the pillow and I could feel her pussy getting wetter from her juice. She had a huge orgasm and fell down on the bed.

I don't remember how long this all took place, but she still had not touched my cock. It was only playing with her great body. After coming back to her senses she thanked me and said this was in her top 3 of orgasms!! We started kissing and she reached for my throbbing cock. I just shaved it some days before so it was hard but also nice and soft. She asked me why I had lube with me and I told her I enjoy a little anal play during my masturbation sessions. 'I find a guy enjoying anal stimulation as well very very horny'. I cannot get close to my boyfriends ass. I laid down on the bed and she opened my legs. With one hand she was on my ass and the other stroking my hard cock. She said she would like to do other things to my cock as well, but we mutually decided to stick to manual labor.

She got the lube and put some on her finger and my ass. She was sitting next to me so I could touch her tits and pussy as well. I relaxed and she could slide her finger in. Oh, that felt great! I hardly could take it anymore so I told her slowly on my cock. 'No, I want you to cum so I can give you a second time as well this night'. She went in deep inside my ass and that was too much. I told her I was coming and she leaned over with her tits and I exploded on them. Cum just kept shooting and shooting, covering her tits with my juice. After laying there which seemed like an hour, she turned around to me and licked the cum off her finger. 'You like your own cum?' she asked and I said once and a while. She offered me her cum soaked nipple which I eagerly licked clean.

This was one of the horniest girls on the planet, with the best body on the planet!

We decided to take a shower together to get clean again. In the shower we could not keep our hands off each other. I cleaned her pussy and she rubbed my cock clean. The shower had a little seat in it so I sat her down on it with her legs wide open. Her pussy was still very wet so I started fingering her pussy and sucking on her nipples. Again she got an orgasm.

She got down on her knees and started to stroke my hard cock right next to her face. The sight down with her on her knees and my big cock in her hand was beautiful. I came on her tits the second time. She again licked her hands and gave me a big kiss, mingling my cum between the two of us.

I had to leave the next morning back home. I told her she could stay if she wanted which she did. She didn't have to leave until the evening. We fell asleep quickly naked against each other. After just 3 hours of sleep it was time to get out.

Just seeing her laying there naked in the bed just made me horny again. She was laying on her stomach so I got behind her and spread her legs apart. Slowly I started to massage her pussy and clit. This of course woke her up and without knowing she was wet again. She said turn around so in a 'laying down 69 position' I fingered her pussy with her stroking my cock. We came at the same time with me shooting my cum in her hair and forehead. She just spread the cum in her hair and said 'is very healthy for your hair'. What a woman!!

I took a shower and picked up my stuff. She dressed as well and went to her own room. We exchanged a long kiss goodbye at the elevator. We did not exchange phone numbers or emails. She did however send me an email which she got through the fair organization. She thanked me for one of the best nights she ever had and I did the same. These memories will last a long long time!!!!



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