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The Best Ever!

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Hey, my names ellie just thought i'd write a couple of stories to tell you people what i get up to! hehe (im 16 btw).
I hang out with this guy called Arran (that isn't his real name). This happened when i was about 13. We are like best friends. One time, i went over to his house, and the rest of his family were all going out for the day so we were alone in the house. We were just hanging out and watching tv in his bedroom. I was lying on his bed and then he said he was bored. So i was like thinking bout what we could do, and then he came over to me and started tickling me and i was gigglin but tryin to push him off, and then i ran away from him and he was chasing after me, and after we had been running round a while, i ran back up 2 his room and lay on his bad again coz i woz tired. Then he came over and pinned me, and then he leant down to me and we started makin out! His tongue was like right in my mouth, it was so good. Then i felt this bulge against my clit, i was like, wot the hell iz that?? Then i realised that he had a hard-on. That seriously turned me on, but soon we stopped making out, and that was that! I so wanted to go further but we didn't :(
hehe UNTIL, a couple of years later, i was 16 (this happened like a couple of weeks ago) and i went round to see him again. He's always said that he fancies me and stuff lol, and i fancy him too. So his family went out again (they usually went out when i came round, i dont know y lol) and it was just me in his bedroom. When i arrived he was just gettin out of his shower and when he came into his room, he saw me lying on his bed again. He said to me
'hey elle, i need to get changed'
i said 'i know', and i had a little devilish glint in ma eye! i wanted 2 see him naked!!
and then he woz like 'ok' and he started fumblin around for clothes. By this time i was really horny and i think he was too, coz i could see a little bulge poking through his towel. I got up and went over to him, and stood in front of him, and stuck my tongue right down his throat, and he started doin the same back. He was movin his hands over my tight ass, and up and down my back. He led me over to his bed and i fell onto it, still kissing him. He was layin on top of me, his arms up by my head, still makin out with me. He started to move his hands down to my waist, and started pullin my little tee shirt up over my head, revealing my 32C breasts (i didnt have a bra on). Then he started to kiss my neck, and my shoulders and then down to my breasts. He sucked them and kissed my nipples, and i started to moan and so did he. Then he started to unbuckle my jeans, and took them off, and started rubbin his hands up and down my slim, tanned legs, i woz so horny! i told him to take off his towel and he did and i saw his rock hard dick. he told me to take off my panties, and i did and he was just staring at my whole body. Then i told him to lie down and i got on top of him and straddled him, and im pretty sure he had a good view of my pussy. then he said to me
'can i rub ur cunt?'
i was like 'oh i dont about that' (i was teasing him and he knew it).
'cum on baby, let me rub it' he woz sayin. lol so i let him, he put a finger on my pussy and started to rub, oh my gawd, it felt so good.
'uhhh baby rub it there, mmmm my god that is so god, harder, cum on harder, do it faster!' i was just about to orgasm when he took his finger away and he knew he had done that on purpose, i was so fuckin horny, u hav no idea!
'can i rub ur dick now?'
'ur welcum to it baby' he said.
so i moved down and found his dick and started to rub it and then i started to suck it, arran was moaning so loud i thought that neighbours wood hear!! but i didnt suck him until he cummed, i woz savin that till later. hehe. then he told me to lie on the bed and he got on top of me and started movin his dick around my cunt, he was such a wee tease, my pussy was moaning and tinglin because i wanted his dick in me so bad.
'uhhh cum on, insert baby, cum onnn, im so horny, i want u 2 fuck me'
so he inserted, it felt SOOOOOOOOO good, i woz screamin and moaning with pleasure. he started moving up and down and up and down and humping me hard.
'ahhh uhhhh mmmmmmmmmm keep goin, harder harder!!!! keep goin, cum on baby faster faster'
the whole bed was shakin and moving because he was fuckin me so hard, and then he said to me
'i'm gonna cum! uhhh im gonna cum real soon!'
and he came rite in me, his body jerked a couple of times and i felt his cum inside me, and then i orgasmed, ohh i have never moaned so loudly before. then his head fell onto my chest and, with his hard dick still in me, we just lay there, still humping each other slightly. that day was the best day ever!!
hope ya liked ma stories!! xxx



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