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The Benefit of Friends

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When I was 17, I went to visit my friend Chris at his university halls of residence. We drank some beers and watched a few episodes of a TV show he had downloaded, and gradually it got late so we settled down to go to sleep. We had previously discussed the fact that his bed was a bit bigger than a normal single bed, so we'd be OK both sleeping in it as I had a sleeping bag with me.

It was a warm night so I lay with the sleeping bag unzipped as I faced the wall, wearing pajama bottoms and a vest top. I was getting close to falling asleep when I felt Chris turn onto his side and spoon me. I was surprised as although there was some sexual chemistry between us and we had kissed once before, we weren't really intimate in that way. I was curious as to what he would do next so I feigned sleep and waited.

I soon felt his hand, ever-so-gently smoothing over the swell of my hip and up my side, then inching inexorably forward to cup the breast that was closest. His light touch was so different from that of the other boys who'd felt me up, and I felt electric tingles radiating from my nipple as it came into slight contact with his palm.

I made 'sleep' noises and pretended to stir in my sleep and settle down again. For maybe ten minutes this delicious exploration continued, with him becoming a little bolder and sliding his hand up my top to feel my smooth skin.

Eventually I could no longer pretend to be asleep - I let out a tiny involuntary gasp when Chris's fingers ventured south of the waistband of my PJs. Still, no words were exchanged and I waited to see what he would do.

Undeterred, his exploratory hand worked downwards and through the soft hairs to my labia. By now I was shaking with arousal, and as he moved to spoon me more tightly, pressing his boxer-covered erection into my lower back, I opened my legs slightly to let his finger part my slippery lips.

At this, I turned onto my back and he dipped a finger in my wetness before deftly circling my clit. No one had ever touched me so knowledgeably, and this along with the infinitesimally slow build-up was giving me feelings I'd only previously managed to induce by myself. I was surprised to feel an orgasm building - a warm throbbing growing in my belly - and soon I shook and jerked as I came against his delicate fingers.

When my breathing slowed and I had recovered a bit, I turned and gently pushed Chris onto his back as I kissed him. He kissed back hungrily and I slowly trailed my hand from his shoulder, over his chest and down his belly to the twitching tent in his boxers.

I was amazed how big and hot his cock felt, and I soon found out why, as on the third squeeze of his bulge he let out a grunt and came explosively into the thin cotton fabric. The hot fluid soaked through to my hand but I made a point of continuing to hold his cock as it finished pumping and relaxed, while I went back to kissing him.

Eventually Chris said the first words of the whole episode, 'I'm.. er... going to the bathroom to clean up!' and we giggled together.



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