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The Beginning Of A Lifelong Passion

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The Beginning of a Lifelong Passion
I truly enjoy this website and decided it was time to add one of my own experiences. I don't remember how old I was when I first learned the joy of masturbation, but I think it was around 10 or 11. I was just playing with my cock when the feelings got more intense as I stroked myself faster. After a couple minutes I nearly passed out from the feelings of my first orgasm. Needless to say I was hooked. After I had been able to jerk off successfully a few times I told my best friend about it and proudly showed him how. We spent many an afternoon in my garage or basement looking at skin magazines jerking off together. We did experiment with doing each other, but being good Irish Catholic kids it seemed 'wrong' at the time. Too bad.
My first time with a girl was when I was 14 and went to spend 2 weeks at my aunt & uncle's house. Their daughters were 14 & 13 and had bigger tits than any girls I knew. Their house had a pool in the back, which had been the main attraction in going there, but that soon changed. On my second day there I was floating on a tube and I realized my cock was very visible through my suit and the girls were staring at it. I had my eyes closed but by squinting I could tell they were looking. This made me excited and that made my cock swell, eliciting a sharp breath from my younger cousin. My suit was what is now called a speedo type (it was 1972, ok?) and my hard-on was real obvious, tenting my suit. Although I was turned on I didn't know what to do next, but that was solved by the sound of the door opening and my aunt calling us.
After lunch we were back in the pool and my older cousin asked me if I still had that pickle in my suit like before lunch. I blushed but managed to say yes. She asked if they could see it. Deciding this was too good to be true I said ok. I sat on the edge of the pool with my back to the house and pulled the front of my suit down to expose my semi-erect cock. Danni, my younger cousin, wanted me to 'make it grow' so I slowly began to stroke myself. Kim, asked me if I was jerking off and I told I was. After a minute or two of silent stroking I realized both girls were breathing heavy and I could see their nipples poking through their bikini tops. Danni then asked if she could touch 'it' and of course I said yes. She started by just the tip of her fingers brushing the head of my cock. Looking at her sister I realized Kim had her right hand in her bikini bottoms and was playing with her pussy.
Even though between her suit and the water I couldn't really see anything, this and Danni now tentatively pulling on my cock sent me over the edge. I shot come on me, on Danni's hand and arm, gobs of it. Kim said Wow and then moaned, coming too. Kim got out and got some napkins off the table so Danni could clean up. The girls asked if I would do that again for them. I told them only if I could watch them too. I figured this was a chance at seeing a real pussy up close. I never really saw my younger sister at that point. She was 12 then and had just begun puberty. (More on her some other time)
That evening my cousins told my aunt we were going for a walk. Not too far from their house were some woods with a clearing were they had some logs and stones in a circle. Danni, the bolder of them as I would find out, told me she wanted to see 'it' again. I reminded them of the deal. Danni quickly pulled her top off and unhooked her bra. I was stunned at how nice her tits were. They reminded me of the tits from magazines. Danni stood and unsnapped her shorts and pushed them and her panties over her hips to reveal her pussy. As she sat down again I got my first real good look and couldn't stop looking. Motion made me look to see Kim taking her bra off. Although a little smaller, her tits were equally beautiful to me. She had darker nipples that I really liked.
Quickly we were all naked and my cock was again hard as a rock. I slid my hand slowly over the shaft waiting for them to start. Danni moved to sit next to me and reached over to touch my cock. This left Kim for me to focus on and the site of her fingers running up and down her slit, making circles around her clit and just dipping her finger tips in was burned into my brain. I can close my eyes and see it today and watching a woman masturbate has been something I have sought for years. From watching Kim and Danni stroking me I came quickly. Kim continued to play with her pussy and Danni continued to jerk my cock so I regained an erection quickly. Without any encouragement from me Danni leaned over and slid her mouth over my cock. I was amazed at how good that felt. Kim came before I did but it wasn't long after that that I shot my come into Danni's mouth.
During the next 12 days Danni and I fucked and sucked every conceivable way. Kim never let me fuck her that summer but I ate her pussy and Danni went down on Kim too.
From that summer on I eagerly looked forward to holidays and family get togethers. At Thanksgiving they stayed at my house and we resumed our activities and this time Kim let me fuck her too. We have stayed sexual partners on and off since that time. I rarely see Kim since she moved to the West coast but Danni and I now live in the same town. We manage to get together once or twice a month and Danni is always willing to indulge me and put on a show, masturbating for me. Some time she uses toys such as a dildo or vibrator or fruit. I also purchased a Sybian machine that she loves to ride to multiple orgasms. Once she tied my hands behind my back and masturbated and rode Sybian for over an hour, driving me nuts. I found it incredibly erotic. There must be something submissive in me. I better not tell her, she might whip me.



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