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The Beginning

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When I was a lot younger I was taught to masturbate by an older boy who was about three or four years older and certainly bigger.

I used to go over to his house (our parents were friends) when it was raining and we would play board games or stuff in his room.

One day I saw that he had a "thing" pressing against his trousers from inside so I asked what it was and he showed me.

Wow !! It was his peepee(as I called it then)and it was huge compared to mine and it was hard with a swollen head. He encouraged me to touch it and I did. He said "Show me yours" so I sheepishly did and it was soft and smaller than his. He very gently rubbed it with a moist couple of fingers and asked if I had ever had a "Wank". I replied that I didn't know what that was. So he showed me how to hold his "cock" (as he told me to call it) with my full hand and how to move my hand, slowly at first, up and down it and he did the same to me.

Then he said "Let me kiss your cock" so thought that would be Ok and he did and also took it into his mouth and gently sucked. It felt really good and I was enjoying it and starting to get harder and a little bigger. He said now you can kiss mine, so I thought that was fair and I did. As I was kissing it he said "Lick it like a lollipop" which made me laugh but I tried to,and then he said put it in your mouth.All this time he was quietly stroking my cock which was starting to throb and I was really enjoying this game.

I slowly put my lips around the head of his cock and sucked a little,and he gradually eased a little more into my mouth and slowly began slipping it in and out.

"Keep holding my cock and move your hand up and down " he said "This is what is called Wanking do you like it?"

" I really do" I said" And I like the taste of your cock"

"Well he said if you keep sucking and wanking me,while I wank you then you will get to taste something really creamy"

"Yes please"I said and immediately started to lick and suck and wank his cock,while he wanked and sucked mine,after a while he began to wank and suck me faster,so I did the same to him as it really pleased me.

Suddenly his body stiffened and he grunted so that I thought that I had hurt him "Are you OK " I asked.

"Yes " he replied "but keep on wanking and sucking"

I quickly did and suddenly a lot of salty stuff shot into my mouth and I had to pull away,but this stuff continued to shoot out of his cock."Have I hurt you?" I asked

"No.no " he said"in fact that was great.That is called "spunk" or "sperm" and is is so nice to taste.Did you like it?"

I said"It was a bit salty but ...yes I did like it.Can you make me do that?"

So he started on me again and after a little wanking and sucking of my cock,I too had some of this "spunk" shoot out of my cock and he licked it all off.

"Wow" I said"That was really great"

So from then on we played that game regularly and I obviously enjoyed wanking myself in my own bedroom,and to this day I regularly enjoy one.



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