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The Babysitter (Part 2)

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Well it felt so good to tell someone the last story that I have kept inside for so long that I just had to add to it. Let me assure you that everything I'm telling really happened. I can tell some of the stories here are made up and others are obvuiuosly true, even though they are amazing. For a complete history you have to read the earlier stories 'My earliest times' (Jan 11, 2003). 'How I have multiple back to back orgasms' (Jan 23,2003) and 'The babysitter' (Jan 20,2003) Here goes!


Ok, The next opportunity we had was when she was again, spending the night. She and my son were sleeping on the living room floor on a flat of quilts. My goal was to try and take it a bit further every time.
So After my wife was asleep I snuck out of the room and went to the living room and started feeling her up in the darkness. My son was asleep. Once again she faked being asleep. I think she thought that if she was asleep and got caught she could pretend that she didn't know what was going on. So I was fingering her clit and I could feel her tummy quivering with each stroke. She got so wet that it was almost like she had pissed. I was simply amazed and so turned on. Then I went further and stuck my head under the covers and started eating her. But in her attempt to fake sleep she didn't spread her legs, so my toungue coouldn't reach her clit. So I gave up and went back to fingering. Why didn't I spread her legs? I didn't know that I would never eat her again. If I knew that I would have been more assertive. Anyway she came really hard. I was so afraid my wife would wake up and catch me. So after she came I had her wank me and I came all over the covers.
The next time was around July 4th weekend. My wife went to her Mother's and I made some lame excuse to stay home, which she bought. As soon as she was gone guess who popped in. That's right. She wasted no time. She layed in the easy chair with me, grabbed my hand, moved it to my crotch, I pulled my shorts down and helped her masturbate me. Then I wantd to have her sit on me and rub her pussy up and down my shaft, which is what I had fantasized about for so long. I went to pull her pants down, but she protested. I reaassured her that I wouldn't put it in I just wanted her to sit on it. She said ok and I took her pants off and pulled mine down to my feet. She rolled on top of me and God was it great! Her sloppy wet pussy slid up and down my cock and it felt just like I was fucking her because she had all that extra flopppy pussy material that surrounded my cock. I came in no time and cum started oozing out of the top of her pussy. Damn that felt good! After awhile she rolled off and I cleaned her up (I forget how) and started fingering her again. First I put her pants back on because I could tell she felt self-concious. I fingered her for awhile and she began to get real excited like she was going to cum. She wimpered 'It feels good' I said 'Shh.. I know baby just relax and let it feel good.' Not long after that she came and clamped down on my fingers again. As she came I whispered 'There you go, baby. That's my girl.' Her body shuddered and quivered.
What I loved most about getting her off is that I felt special and honored to be allowed to do something for her that was so private, no body else would be allowed to do it. I would just look at her while I fingered her, while she had her eyes shut and this overwhelming feeling of love would wash over me and a smile would come to my face uncontrollably. I loved getting her off more than I liked getting off myself. As a matter of fact, there were many occaisions when all I did was get her off (and masturbate like hell later on).
After we finished, I was having post orgasmic guilt, as I heard someone put it, and went into another room. She came in with a big smile on her face and hugged me and laughed. I said 'I can't beleive we did that'. She laughed and said 'why?' I told her she better not tell anyone what we've been doing. She reassured me, but she lied. I'll tell you that one next. 'The babysitter brings a friend'



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