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The Babysitter

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Chelsea was my son's babysitter. She was 18 but looked about 14. Thin, dark hair and a vivacious personality. Very flirtatious. I had fantasized about her many times but the first time I knew something might happen with us was when we were on the way home froma a long trip. She had gone with us, siince she did just about everything with us. She was one of these girls who grew up without a father and was starved for male attention. Her mother was always working so she came over our house to hang out and became part of the family. Anyway, on the way back I reclined the seat and kind of half rolled over to try and sleep. My hand was gripping the side of the seat and she touched my hand and not long after, began sucking on my fingers. God was I turned on. Then once in a movie theatre she grabbed my hand, then she moved our hands together to the edge of my pants and began sticking her fingers in my pants.
She kept doing things like that. Once, the cat was in my lap and she knelt down and pet the cat, but she kept letting her wrist brush against my dick. I soon got a hard on and as she stroked the cat, she rubbed my hard cock as well. This was interspersed with sitting in my lap, pretending like it was no big deal. Once she came over in the morning and sat in my lap and flirted with me. Then she went swimming with my wife and the kids. I remained behind for some reason. After she left I found her panties on the floor in the room where she changed and they were absolutely saturated with pussy juice from where she sat on my hard on. I had long since stopped hiding my hard-ons from her and just enjoyed the feeling of her pussy and my dick grinding against each other.
We did all kinds of things far too many to mention that led up to what I considered crossing the line. Far too many to tell. So the first time we crossed the line, she was spending the night, which she often did, and my wife went to bed. I was really horny and couldn't take it anymore and I went over to her and sat down. After awhile I grabbed her hand and carressed it with mine. I gradually move her hand over to my crotch and then after awhile, I let her hand go. She left her hand on my crotch and kinda pretended like she was asleep, but we both knew what was happening. After awhile I pulled my shorts down a little and her hand dropped onto my dick. She just left it there, so I helped her by guiding her hand up and down, while she just sat there motionless with her eyes closed. But we both knew she was awake. It wasn't long before I came on her fingers and she rubbed her fingers together to feel my cum, then pulled them out of my pants and wiped her hand on my shirt. I can't remember if it was during that I started rubbing her clit through her sweat pants or if I waited till I finished. Anyway I was waiting for her to pull her pants down a liitle, giving me permission to go further. She never did so I stopped. Before I stopped though I noticed that she was beginning to rock her hips into my hand as I touched her. She was probably pissed that I stopped.
Well, needless to say, I was determined to go farther. I was sitting watching TV one evening and my wife said we should rent a movie. I told her she could go and I would stay. I don't remember what excuse I gave. Anyway she had not been gone two minutes when Chelsea walked through the door. She lived nearby and had been watching the goings on and saw my wife leave alone. I had been hoping that she would but didn't really think it would actually happen. She sat next to me just as before and grabbed mmy hand. Then she bounced our hands up onto my crotch. I knew what she wanted. I pulled the front of my hand down and helped her out again. This time I went into her pussy too. I started out by stroking her clit and moved to her vagina. She winced and I could feel that she was still a virgin. I couldn't beleive it. Anyway I said 'sorry. I'll just stay up here. And went back to her clit. God she was wet! It felt like I had my hand in a bowl of warm, wet noodles, because she has all this extra pussy lip material slosshing around and it was so wet I couldn't keep my hand on the clit. It kept sliding off and around. I kept hoping I was hitting the right spot for her. I came first and shot off on her fingers. Then I concentrated on her. She layed there with this pained look on her face, then she squeezed her legs together so tight I could hardly keep my fingers in her pussy and leaned forward and groaned 'Man, that feels good!' I later figured out the this was her cumming. Back then I had never pleasured anyone but my wife so I didn't have a well rounded idea of what different women looked and sounded like when they came.
Anyway we kept this up everywhere we went or everytime we found ourselves alone. In the car. In the basement. This went on for about 3-4 years until she got married. There were way too many times to mention. I'll tell more episodes on more occaisions.
God, I miss her. I'm still determined to have sex with her, even though she is on her second mairriage. What a pity. The guy's a real jerk and is real mean to her and I have to stand there and look at her and our eyes meet and I have to act like everything's cool. I want her body soo bad. Damn! Let me know if you want to hear more.



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