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The Awakening and the Massage

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I guess to start with I think i'm pretty much the normal housewife, normal family upbringing in the southern USA, married my high school sweetheart, had two kids, and had sex once a week with him usually on top, and seldom masturbated.

Then one day out of the blue my world crashes in on me when he comes home and tells me he's found someone new and is moving on.

Thanks to family and good friends I overcame and survived and true to form a year later was my 30th birthday and my four friends came through and arranged for my parents to pick up my kids and they took me out to eat and a few drinks afterwards.

And naturally each one brought a silly gift (yea even a cheap vibrator and sexy teddies to embarrass me). But after the laughs and embarrassment they also gave me a envelope containing a gift cert.to a massage that got great reviews from my friends.

My friends to say the least are a lot more outgoing than I, they think nothing of discussing their sex lives with one another, as for me it wasn't that I didn't like sex, first I really had nothing to share as of late but was maybe a little too shy to bring up such matters and I was always a little embarrassed or uncomfortable when the topic was brought up.

So anyway a few weeks pass and I make my appointment for my massage on a Saturday morning and probably my closest friend tells me she'll drive me there because the place was in a strip mall but was a big mall across the street and we would make an afternoon of it.

Well I am dropped off in front and walk and met by a smallish oriental woman, probably in her 50's in a white robe and barefoot who smiles and says..you 10 o'clock ?..to which I nod and she walks to the door and locks it and takes me back to a small room with the massage table as well as one chair, a full length mirror and a sink in it and points to the table and with broken English tells me to undress and lay there and says..I be wite back..lol, smiles and walks out. So I do as instructed and strip down to my bra and panties and lay face down and listen to the soft oriental music. Within a minute or two she returns, walks up to me on the table and pats me on the butt and says..we both woman, you remove these.

At this point I was thinking oh boy no one told me anything about this but I'm sure she knows what shes doing and I keep thinking back to my friends and the good reviews and slowly get out of my not so sexy undies.

Once nude I begin to lay back down on the table and she stops me and says.. sit first baby...god baby really I'm thinking lol. first we talk...she says..and she points to my undies laying on the chair with my clothes and says in an almost stern voice .. you much to beautiful ..you go to mall and buy you sexy things..and points her finger at me..not these things, then giggles and cracks a smile.

And then...get this..she takes her hand places it on my hair between my legs as I sit there and again points to me..you much to beautiful..you have too much hair !!!! My god I'm thinking ok maybe I've let things go down there a bit lately but it wasn't like I was expecting visitors.

Then she says first we trim...and I say..ummmm say what? and she instructs me to lay back. Well now I'm really uncomfortable and seriously thinking I should leave but she comes behind me an lightly pulls on my shoulders helping me lay down and I hear her fumbling with something and soon hear the sound of a small clippers. Oh my god..she's really going to trim me?

With that she leans over to look at me and says..you must relax..I be gentle you won't know I be down there..hahahahahha...and then asks..you maybe like bald or not?

I quickly respond and say.nooooo she giggles and says..ok..I do something most like..now relax.

And with that it's off to work she goes as I can feel the slight vibration of her clippers gently trimming me.

At this time I feel I have no dignity left and lay there as still as I can as I feel her soft hands giving my bush a makeover.

At one point I was even instructed to open my legs more and again hearing her say..you too tense..relax baby..

Finally the clippers stop and I feel her hand brush my clippings off of me there and about that quick she instructs me to stand and reaches out with a hand to help me off of the table.

With that she then says with a big smile..ok..you look..you will like and points to the mirror..I turn and I have to admit I'ts the nicest it's ever looked.

She looks at me and asks..you like good?..or I can do bald. and again sporting a big smile as if she was proud of her work. Again say..no bald..looks great..I wanting to say..can we just get to the friggin massage!!!

Then she takes a wet wash cloth and and wipes me down getting rid of the remaining clippings, at this point I was almost getting used to her being down there and just stood there while she finished her work.

Ok now that's over finally and she pats the table and I'm instructed back up on the table and she helps as I lay face down, and with a soft voice she says..ok..now pussy beautiful I make you feel beautiful now.

And finally the massage begins, I have no idea what my friends shelled out for this treatment but my god I was in heaven as she worked her magic on first my back and neck and even the back of my head. I think its the most relaxed I've even been laying there as she continued all over my naked body and then down to my butt to which at first was slightly uncomfortable but didn't take long and I was over that as she then worked on my legs and my ankles and feet.

Just when I couldn't get more relaxed she stops and says..ok..now we have tea and then we do front.

As she walks out to get our tea I'm sitting there and I happen to look at the mirror and get off the table and get another good look at my new trim and for the first time in my life I'm not sure what it was but I looked different, I actually felt sexy. I even took my hand and ran it through my trim and it felt so different, so nice.

It was right then when she comes back in with our tea and sees me posing in the mirror and smiles again and walks aside me as I stand there looking in the mirror reaches out and places her hand on her work and says..you such beautiful woman..beautiful skin..but you too tense baby, and then pats the table for me to sit and hands me my cup of tea, as she sits in a chair and asks me questions about myself while we sip our delightful tea.

As I explain I'm no longer married and what I do for work and my family and friends and on and on till finally our tea is gone and she then smiles and says..ok baby..now we do front and it's back to business for her.

I lay back and she starts at my neck and again as she gets closer to my breasts I get uncomfortable and sensing this she instructs me to relax..you too tense..and with her hands begin on my breasts.

I've always had sensitive breasts and I really tried to fight it but my god she was wonderful. Pressing and pulling and massaging them. She would lightly pinch my nipples and I was no longer uncomfortable, in fact quite the opposite, it felt great to have someone pay this much attention to me, and to be honest I was actually feeling a bit aroused.

She must have realized this and told me that most women like this because it makes them feel sexy and women should always feel sexy...well she was right as her hands lowered to my tummy and to my waist.

As her hands kept getting lower I couldn't help wondering what she would do down there but about then I hear her say..ok baby now to feet. To be honest I was almost a little disappointed that she skipped over the best part at this point but wondered if maybe there were laws or something that didn't permit that..hell I didn't know.

Once down at the feet I started getting my composure back and again enjoyed the massage as she slowly began working up my legs and now past my knees..now again I begin to wonder just how high she will take this.

Now shes at the upper legs and I'm feeling a bit flush again as she inches closer and closer to my pussy.

And finally its the moment of truth as I feel her hands on my hips, first the outside then closer and closer to the center, then she lifted each of my legs at the knees and began working the middles and getting so close to me there.

I know by now I was getting aroused and I was sure she had to know too and she places her hand on my small patch of hair and pushes down slightly and then stops and she leans over my face and looks me in the eyes and says..baby..all my customers leave with happy endings and with that I feel her fingers touch me, then she says..I teach you to have best orgasms and with both hands I feel her expose my clit and slowly rubbing it between her fingers, as I drew a deep breath and held it she tells me that no one can hear you, It is ok to enjoy. Hearing that I exhaled with a huge moan and she giggles and says yes baby like that..

For probably the next 15 minutes it wasn't how many orgasms I had but more like one continuous orgasm and at one point she opened her robe exposing her almost child like hairless body to me and assuring me it was ok to touch her if it helped. I never did touch her but now wished I had but it added to the adventure as wave after wave kept hitting me and I even started swearing which was something I never do.

When I finally had enough she knew just when to stop, and I laid there almost in Ecstasy looking at her small body she leans over me and kisses me on my forehead and then says..baby happy ending?

I couldn't help but hug her as she helped me off the table and over to the mirror and she then says..see baby...see how beautiful you are now.

You know what, she was right I looked fabulous even with my hair a bit of a mess.

As I dressed we talked and when I finally looked presentable she took me by the hand and walked me to the door and never did close her robe and as we are saying our goodbyes and thank you's she says..baby..you take care of you pussy you always orgasm..and you always feel better. She gets to the door and pulls her robe shut before unlocking it and as I walk out she points her little finger at me again and says..now go to mall and buy sexy things it make you feel good;

I met up with my friend at the mall and by now we find a place to sit and get a bite to eat and shes smiling as shes asking If I liked it and I wasn't sure she had actually been there or if it was the others and I just said it was great..and as I take a bite of food she looks at me with a smirk and says...happy ending? my food about came out of my nose! But you know what..we sat there for an hour and I told her all about what happened and it felt great to talk about it.

That night after the kids went to bed I found the gag gift vibrator, took some battery's out of a kids toy and went to work!!

Now remarried to a great guy but I still have a lot of happy endings alone and even had a few with my friends.



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