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The Awakening

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What I learned at the gyne.


I was 13 and having huge cramps with my monthly. So mom took me to the doctor and gave me a short exam. I had discovered myself and the good feelings of touching down there but it was taboo so I did not do it much. Just some rubbing once in a while and I really did not have much guidance on my changing body from my mother.

At the exam mother decided not to be in the room with me. No problem, I was prepared, and the doctor was a female. She was real nice and youngish. As her questions finished the exam started.
She said you need to get to know your body very well in detail. She started to open my gown and exposed my breasts and proceed to show me how to examine my breasts as they grow and how they should feel and to be on the lookout for bumps or clumps. Her hands were very gentle as she felt all around my breasts making my nipples hard. I like the touch. I had a good b cup and I was to grow more. Ok she said let's look at your pelvic area.

She pulled up my robe, ok relax put up your knees good, here is a mirror you can watch, I was already wet from the breast exam and nervous, "its ok relax" she said.

She had me hold the mirror as she pointed out my anatomy. You should become well acquainted with your parts and so you check here for any swelling or sudden changes. All this time she is carefully moving my lips apart . I must have been leaking a lot I could feel the liquid flowing to my rear. She placed a towel there without saying a word.

Ok I have to do an internal due to your cramping, I could feel her place something inside me. "relax" I heard as it entered, sort of uncomfortable and ok that was fast. "I just took a sample" she said.

One more exam and "relax and I am going to feel your pelvis inside and out ok"? I felt something in me once again, "relax" as I now knew she had a finger in me deep as she felt around and pushed down on my pelvis with the other hand. I was trying to breathe and relax. "Almost done relax" as she somehow by accident hit that little ball and I had this huge eruption and lost control. "It's ok, it's ok" she said as I lay there not knowing what had just happened.

Ooohhhh ummmm. I I I I I was at a Loss for words.

"It's ok, you just had an orgasm, it happens sometimes. It's natural its ok". I was so embarrassed. "No no" she said "it is a wonderful feeling you will have more".

I was given the pill but for only 6 months to control my cycle per month.

I was now exposed to a new feeling and it was calling me like a drug. I had tasted a new euphoric experience that went from my toes to the very hair follicle on my head.

I, in the most quiet of night would try to recreate my exam but no orgasm. In the shower as I examined myself very aroused but no orgasm.

I looked back and felt something was missing, penetration, so I tried my finger but still no orgasm.

One day as I was walking around the house I found a cigar holder. This tube seemed to call my name Father had plenty of them I did not think he would miss one.

That night as everyone was dead asleep I could not sleep as I was so hot and waiting to try the tube.

Finally it was 1:00am. And I felt safe all my covers off caressing my breasts and nipples, going down I raised my knees and slowly placed the tube finding my canal.

I tried to push it in, it seemed bigger than I thought, I pushed in a finger ok, it was good and I was wet. Again I tried some pressure as I pushed a little more, I was breathing hard with excitement and trying to keep very quiet.

Finally I felt something give and yes yes it was sliding in oooooimmmmm. Yeah slowly I pushed. How far to go? I did not go far and with my other hand rubbed my button and pay dirt.

I had my second orgasm causing the tube to be pushed out.

More I wanted more of this drug, after I calmed down I started again each time the tube went in deeper and deeper and I finally held it in as I soaked my sheets in sweat and cum.

My mother found the tube in my drawer one day and asked me about it, I blamed it on my younger brother he was always going through my things, she bought it. I needed a better hiding spot.

Me and my new friend had many positions of adventure together so much that when I did get a boyfriend I would always go home and go back to a long long long session with my toy.



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