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The Apartment

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When I was 26 I moved out of my parents house into a one bedroom apartment. It was a nice size place and only had six apartments. I was on the top floor and had an older woman living under me. After I had everything in place I started to buy movies of women masturbating. I would strip naked and put on my robe, put on my headphones and plug it into the tv and then sit in my recliner and watch the movie and jerk off. The first one I bought was a woman she had a very hairy bush and nice size breasts. She did exercise and things around the house. She read a sexy story in her hottest voice and at the end masturbated with a nice close up of her pussy. I used to time it right and cum when she had her orgasms.

The woman under me past away and the new tenant was a 23 year old girl. She was very nice and always had a smile. We would run into each other in the laundry room. One day when I came in to do my laundry she was just putting in hers. She told me she would be done later and when she turned to get her quarters a thong fell out. I told her and she asked me to pick it up. I did and she looked at me and said these small things always give me trouble. She then threw it in the wash and started her load. I walked up with her and said good bye. I went in to my place and stripped and jerked off. About an hour later I went back down and she was switching her laundry. She asked if I had a good time. I asked her about what. She stood right in front of me and said was my jerking off good. I turned red and asked how she knew. She told me my bed makes noises and she hears the noise every night. I tell her I have no girlfriend so I do that a lot. She laughed and said she does too and thinks it cool. The next day I bought something to make the noise stop. In about four months she moved away.

I then had a new neighbor next door move in. She is 22 and just out of college. Her name is Lori and she is about six feet tall. Lori knocks on my door and introduces herself and we hit it off. She is from the area and needed to get away from her parents. She found a job in the city and the trains are about two blocks from us. I invite Lori to dinner and ask if she likes Chinese Food. We eat at my place and we talk about ourselves. When we go to the couch Lori tells me she is big in all places. I tell her I can see and that I like all the places she is big in. She laughs and tells me thanks for dinner.

We see each other everyday and when Lori had to go away on a business trip I drove her to the airport. She tells me she will make it up to me. While she is gone she asks me to water her plants. I go into her place and water her plants. In her bedroom I notice her dirty clothes and I see a pair of her panties. I pick them up and sniff them. They smell like her. I then see on the floor where the underwear was is a vibrator. I pick it up and smell it and get nice and hard. I put it back down and leave her place. I strip and sit in my chair and jerk off thinking about Lori using it on herself and have a nice good cum. I water her plants when she told me to and on Friday when I am watering them Lori comes in. I am watering her big plant in her bedroom and she coughs and I jump. I turn around and Lori says thanks for doing that. I go to leave and when I get to the door she asks if everything was okay. I tell her her bedroom is a mess but no. Lori smiles and asks if I saw her dirty underwear. I said yes and I have also seen them in the laundry room. She smiles and tells me she will see me tomorrow.

I go back to my place and pull out a video, strip and am watching it while masturbating. I forgot Lori had a key and she must have knocked and when I didn't answer she opened it. She came in with me naked with my eyes closed and when I opened my eyes Lori was in my place. I jumped again and covered myself up and took off the headphones. Lori said sorry but she had never watched a guy do that before. I told her it was okay and asked what she wanted. She was at a loss for words and asked if she could watch me masturbate. I opened my robe and said only if she gets naked. Lori thought for a minute and said okay. I asked if she was sure and Lori took off her shoes, shirt, pants, bra and then panties. She had big breasts, a nice size ass, and a big hairy bush of pubic hair. I asked her to turn around and she did. I told her I thinks she is so hot looking. I ask her to stand in front of me. I lean back and slowly rub my dick. Lori asks if it hurts and I say no. Lori rubs her breasts and turns and bends over. I moan and tell her how hot that pose is. Lori then gets in front of me and tells me to stroke myself. I lose it and tell her I am going to cum and squirt of a load of cum that lands on my neck and then down my stomach, and above my dick. Lori has a shocked look on her face and then tells me how cool that was. I use a towel to wipe the cum off me and Lori is still between my legs. She gets up and tells me how wet she is. I sit her in the chair and tell her to masturbate while I watch. I get between her legs and start to slowly slide a finger inside her. Lori tells me how good it is and when I attack her clit she bucks and holds my head where she wants it and I rub away. I feel her orgasm coming and she clamps her legs on my hand and moans so loud and then drops onto the pillows. I see she has a big smile on her face. She tells me that was the most intense orgasm she has had in a long time.

I ask her to stay with me and she answers where else am I going. We cuddle and fall asleep. In a few months we moved in together into a bigger place. We still buy the videos and masturbate with each other and then have earth shaking sex.



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