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The Angel of Death

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This story is quite long, so I'll add an arrow where the good stuff starts if that's all you care about, but I wanted to tell the whole story.


One morning, I woke up, walked out to the kitchen, and found my mom crying. I asked her what was wrong. She said that last night, my grandfather died in his sleep and we were flying to Colorado for his funeral the following morning and we'd be staying with my uncle and aunt. I was excited at first because my uncle and aunt were quite wealthy and always spoiled me rotten (the whole 'what else are uncles/aunts/grandparents for?' saying), but then I remembered my cousin Angie would be there. Angie bullied me every chance she got when I was younger. Mainly teasing, but sometimes she would slap me and the adults were usually too busy to notice.

We got to the airport late in the afternoon and my uncle was there to pick us up. I was excited for the long ride to come to peace with the fact I would have to spend the next week and a half with the "Angel of Death", but she was in my uncle's SUV and I was told to sit in the third row of seats with her.

The teasing immediately began with her pinching my leg and whispering "The Fat should insulate the pain. You wont feel a thing, fatass." in my ear. But then, I noticed something; being 15, she had grown some boobs (and by boobs, I mean BIG OL' TITTIES!). During the ride, I got a few looks down her shirt and the early pubescent thoughts immediately rolled in. At one point, she noticed me sneaking looks and dug her acrylic nails into my leg and whispered "one peep, and I DESTROY your fertility" in layman's terms, she would smash my nuts.

When we got to the house, Angie and I helped bring the luggage into the guest house. My cousin kept glaring at me. Once all the luggage was brought in, it was time to prep for funeral visitation. After which we returned home. I think I'll just skip to night.

The guest house had one bed and a couch (obviously where I had to sleep). I was trying to get to sleep, when I heard the lock on the front door click and the door opened. There, stood the Angel of Death herself. I pretended to be asleep and she slapped me upside the head. "Everyone knows, you're awake, fatass" I just looked at her. "What, did I wake the poor butterball up?" she taunted. "What are you gonna do about it? You gonna fight me? After all these years, are you gonna stand up to your cousin?" Then, an idea popped into my head, what if I did fight her? Worst case scenario, I win and she tells my aunt and uncle that I beat her up. Best case, I have some evidence that she had been bullying me. No, best, she wont fight at all. "Fine, I'll fight you."

She led me into a woodland behind the house to a clearing where there was a fallen tree and a fire pit. "Welcome to my sanctuary, so, let's do this" She said. "Rules, no nut busting, no hair pulling, no trying to break limbs" I said. She nodded in agreement.

------> Then, she threw a punch and missed. I was astonished, I had no idea she would actually go through with it. I lunged at her, trying to tackle her, but she dodged my attack. And tackled me while I tried to get myself back up. "YOU BITCH!" I cried. "Uh, ugh, you're my bitch, and you always will be" she said. I squirmed, struggling to get back up. Then, I noticed that all too familiar tingling in my crotch. Then, it stiffened and I guess she felt it.

"Oh my god, staring at my tits is one thing, but this, this is unacceptable. I'm your cousin you sick FUCK!" She then pulled my cheeks until I screamed until I yelped in pain. Then, I pushed her as hard as I could and she fell back. I heard her yelp, then noticed one of her tits had fallen out of her tank top. I immediately averted my eyes. "What, they seemed okay for you in the car" she barked. I opened my eyes and she still hadn't put her tit away. "Show me yours" she demanded. "What!" I cried. "Come on, you could have easily kicked my ass but you didn't because you didn't want to hit a girl. Now since you were gentlemanly enough to throw the fight, you have to expose yourself like I did"

I reluctantly pulled down my PJ bottoms and boxers, revealing my stiff dick. She looked at it for a moment and to my surprise, she walked over and grabbed it, making it so hard, it hurt! "Very nice, Edwina, didn't know you were packin' this much heat" she said. Then, she started to jack me! I couldn't BELIEVE it! My bitch cousin, the Angel of Death, was giving me a handjob! It didn't take long for me to cum. It sprayed all over her face and in her mouth and SHE SWALLOWED SOME! I almost fell over from the pleasure.

"Now, it's my turn" She said. She pulled down her sweatpants, revealing a pair of ruffled rainbow panties which she slipped off, revealing her shaved slit. She put two fingers in her mouth then stuck them inside herself. "All nice and wet, you ever eat out a girl before? Wait, of course not." That, she was right about. She was not my first, but usually, it's just Jack and Jill going up the hill (if you know what I'm saying). I had read plenty on here and watched porn often so, I just did what they did there.

I started rubbing her vulva with my fingers and licking her clit with my tongue. She moaned in pleasure. Then, I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go and started licking the "roof" of her pussy. She grabbed my hands and put them over her tits and told me to fondle them. I did as I was told. We both knew we had to keep quiet but she was moaning VERY loudly and then, she arched her back and squirted into my mouth. "Sw- swallow- it" she gasped.

After she recovered, she put on her sweatpants without panties and walked back toward the house. Her panties were by the fallen tree. I picked them up and sniffed them and encountered the sweetest smell I have EVER smelled! I had an idea, 'WHAT IF... I put them on' and did just that, then walked back toward the house.

The following morning my mom woke me up and told me to take a shower, then go to the house for breakfast. I stripped off (my PJs and ladies' delicates) and hopped in the guest house shower. I put shampoo in my hair and closed my eyes to wash it out. While my eyes were closed, I felt someone pinch my nipples. I opened my eyes to find guess who? She saw the panties on the floor "Oh my god, you wore these, didn't you!" She burst out laughing. "Did it feel natural? Right? Did you sniff them before putting them on?" she teased. I blushed and she giggled. "I want you to wear these to the next visitation" she said.

"NO WAY, THAT'S JUST DOWN-RIGHT DISRESPECTFUL TO GRANDAD!" I shouted. "Yeah, and sneaking peeks at by boobs is disrespectful to me. But fine, just meet me at the sanctuary tonight. I want to do this right. And bring those"

But this story is long enough, so maybe for another part. Please don't judge, we've all had at least thoughts about at least one family member.

Eddie Wong



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