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The Amazing Clitoris

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Hello! I have been a lurker on this site for a couple years now, and I am finally going to post a masturbation story. I read the stories here almost daily and I get so hot, then I go and make myself cum and it is so wonderful.
I am constantly amazed by the amount of pleasure I can bring myself. My clit is just my most favorite body part ever. About 7 months ago I started doing sex toy parties in people's homes. Like Tupperware, but so much more fun! Anyway, I have plenty of toys of my own, but I have found my fingers do the job best. Why? That would be because it is easier to hold off, and that makes it even hotter when I finally do cum. With the toys, it all just happens so fast, which can be good....sometimes.....but not all the time.
I usually begin like I said by reading some stories here. I begin to feel my pussy getting wet, and I want to start rubbing on my clit, but I hold off. I take off my bra (if I have one on :) and I start to roll my nipples thru my shirt so they stick out and I can see them. Now my pussy is really wet, and I slide a finger in it to see just how wet for myself. Ahh....how nice.
Pretty soon I take off my shirt so I can see my beautiful 36C tits. I continue to play with my nipples and lick them. They are barely big enough to lick, but it can be done. Occasionally I revisit my pussy and rub some of my juices into my thong, which I will wear all day and feel the wetness later to remember how much fun I had making myself cum.
I am getting so hot just writing this!! Next I remove my jeans, but I leave my thong on. I love rubbing through the material. Not only so I can feel the moistness later today, but because I will last longer if I don't touch my clit directly for now. Now and then, I will plunge my finger deep inside my vagina, sometimes two fingers. This feels awesome, and also makes me even wetter.
When enough is enough, I can't read anymore because I need to take care of the throbbing in my clit, I move to the bedroom. I lay on the bed, still with my thong on, and again tease and lick my nipples. I keep my left hand busy pinching my nipples while with my right hand I very gently begin stroking my clit through the thong, and under the thong. Not so much directly, but I rub on the side and on my inner labia to tease myself, occasionally dipping a finger inside. Next I add some lubricant. One of my products is this really silky lube that feels amazing as my finger rubs against my clit. Now, I am SO wet and I am SO hot. Still, I keep my stroking very slow and gentle, in an up-and-down motion. Wow! This just feels so amazing!! As I stroke faster, I feel myself getting closer to cumming, and it is not time yet, so I back off and go back to my vagina or my inner labia. I do this a few times, probably 3 or 4 times, then I get to the point where I can't hold back any more. I start rubbing faster and faster.....and it feels so good!! Faster and faster and finally I explode all over my hand. Wow! If I am still hot and bothered after that, I will take a vibe and put it over my thong and thrust my hips into it so it touches my clit over and over and I can cum again. By this time I am tired and rest for a few minutes before getting up and going on with my day, wearing my same thong all day.
OK now I have to go do all of that because I am so hot! I hope you enjoyed this...I sure did!



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