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The Aggresive Lesbian

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University is about far more than the degree. I wonder if every hall of residence has some self-righteous lesbian bitch in it? Mine certainly did.


Anna was so full of herself. She thought that merely because she had come out at the age of 16, and now as a 19 year old thought she had life taped and anyone who disagreed with her lifestyle was 'sick' in some way. She was also a confirmed man-hater which didn't sit well with those of us who had discovered, and rather liked cock at university. If one of us brought a boy back and got shagged, Anna would complain to the authorities. She was, all in all, an insufferable prig.

So, as you can imagine, the tension was building. None of us in that particular floor had gotten laid recently owing to the fact we all had 'Deans Letters' informing us of the rules about room sharing and another infraction would see us either sent down for the term or worse, having to pay the extortionate rents the local landlords charged.

So, 11 rooms, with 11 very frustrated girls. And me, WAY beyond frustrated, I was fucking angry. One night when Anna had caught a man on our floor again and was about to pick up the internal phone to the Dean's office, I lost the plot.

I grabbed her, and pushed her into her room and slammed the door behind us. And holy shit, did I let rip at her. I got to the yelling stage in two seconds flat. 'You selfish, sanctimonious fucking BITCH.' And that was only the start. Before I knew it I was slapping her across the face! Totally unlike me as I am the world's biggest coward when it comes to fighting. But not today. Anna didn't seem to be putting up much of a fight. 'Like most bullies' I thought to myself. So I went on, slapping her face and even a few across her tits. She fell backwards on the floor and I was straddling her tummy still yelling and still hitting.

Then, Anna shoved her hand right between my legs, but she didnt aim for my pussy, instead, she had shoved her hand into her own panties and managed to murmer 'PLEASE!! Don't stop' Here she was under me, plainly masturbating. I stopped hitting her, but I carried on verbally abusing her and calling her all kinds of demeaning names. Then, I actually felt her orgasm. She shuddered underneath me and her mouth formed a perfect 'O'. A sex flush spread across her neck and upper chest and I knew this had been a big one!

What happened next was a total surprise to me. I got up and took her hand and helped her to stand up. Then, I laid back on her bed, spread my legs and pulled my panties to one side and said 'Finger me, bitch!'. I realised that I was soaked too! Anna knelt between my legs and fingered me, including a finger in my ass, to three crushing orgasms.

Anna is now my bitch, one may say. But I have tamed her. She no longer reports the other girls, and when I want a cock, (which is more than ever now) sometimes, I make her watch. (NEVER do I let her join in.) I like teasing her. Sometimes, I go to bed with her, sometimes I leave her frustrated.

I love my new-found bi-sexuality, and Anna is much better for the other girls. As far as I am concerned, strange as it sounds, I still don't like her. She is in my opinion, a selfish bitch who is still learning her place as far as I am concerned.



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