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The Age of Boy Girl Discovery

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This is my first Solo Touch submission. I have read stories here for years and enjoyed most of them immensely. It is time to give back.

The story is true although artistically embellished with dialog. I don't remember exactly what was said.


When I was thirteen I moved across the road from who would become my best friend. We lived in the country and it was about a two minute walk down the hill to his house. At night you could see in to his second floor where he and his twin sister Kari's bedrooms were. I spent many a night on that hill waiting for his sister to go to bed, but those stories will have to be shared another time.

On this occasion, it was a few months after I had moved, and probably only days or weeks after I discovered I could rub my dick and have an orgasm. I jerked off at least twice a day ever since that discovery and up until this night.

Todd and I were having a sleep over and his sister had a friend over for the night too. His parents left around seven-thirty for a party and must have felt that we were too young to do anything crazy, yet old enough we didn't need supervision. We normally didn't interact with his sister much and early this evening started the same.

When his parents left, he and I flipped on a movie. When we got hungry we headed to the kitchen where his sister and her friend were sitting at the table. They looked bored so I asked them if they wanted to watch the movie. Kari gave a resigned no, but her friend Tracy suggested we could do something else together. Hell, I was game. I suggested we go for a walk. I was pretty bored too.

The girls got up and grabbed hoodies to put over their t-shirts. The four of us headed out the front door up the path to the road. I let the girls go first and playfully pushed Tracy out the door and she banged in to Kari. Tracy giggled and Kari glared a look at her like only a teenage girl can.

I had no idea how Kari felt about me, but Tracy was very smiley from the moment I came in to the kitchen. Kari was moody. I decided I was going to tease the shit out of her until she lightened up. We weren't 50 feet from the house when I poked her the first time.

'What's wrong?' Poke. 'What's wrong?' Poke. 'What's wrong?' Poke.

She glared at me, so I grabbed her and picked her up. I was already 5'8' and well built at thirteen, so I had no trouble controlling a spindly little girl. She started kicking and swearing at me.

'Put me down!' Kari yelled.

I told the other two to grab her and tickle her. They did and eventually we were all laughing and rolling around on the ground. When it ended, I was straddling Kari and Todd was on top of Tracy. Being the dumb boys we were, we reveled in beating the girls until 'it' was noticed.

As Todd and I are high fiving our victory Tracy let out a girlish shriek and said 'Oh my god! He has a boner!'

All four of us immediately dart our eyes to Todd's crotch and sure enough his sweat pants are sticking out like there is a tent pole in them. A short tent pole, but no mistaking he clearly had a hard on. I fell off Kari laughing my ass off and the two girls pinned their eyes on Todd's wood, then on each other, then as if planned, rolled over on us and pinned us to ground. They had wicked evil grins and I knew exactly why before they even said 'We want to see it.'

Todd was really hesitant and kept looking to me for support. He looked scared. I finally got the brilliant idea that we need something in return.

'What are you going to show us?' I asked.

'Nothing. We want to see it.' Tracy said.

'If you're not showing anything, then we aren't either.' Done. Todd was out of his predicament.

Without paying attention to my own situation, soon both girls were on me and pulling my sweat pants down. I was clawing like hell to keep them up but they got them and my underwear down to my knees. There it was, my half mast hard on with a light bush of hair. Both girls realized I had stopped fighting back and started staring at it. I sat up. Todd stopped laughing now too. We were all just staring at it grow. It took all of thirty seconds to get to raging, pulsating and red. Oh my god I was so fucking horny. I wanted to beat off right then but was embarrassed they would call me a fag or tell everyone at school.

I stood up, pants still down and lifted my shirt and stared at my own hard on like no one was there. I think I could have come without touching it. Luckily, I didn't have to...yet. With only a moments hesitation, Kari put it between her thumb and pointer finger and gently pinched it. Oh my god it felt fucking amazing to have my penis touched by someone else, never mind a girl that made a regular appearance in my jerk off sessions. She just kept pinching it, like she was testing a grape at the grocery store.

I don't know how long she did that, but the silence was broken when Tracy said 'I heard that guys jerk off.'

I told her some do and looked to see where Todd was. He was obviously still erect and looking for me to lead. I started stroking my dick and semi-chasing the girls, but it was my intention to get Kari to touch it again. I couldn't run much and after a few moments I asked them if they wanted to see me 'jerk off'. I was so horny, the embarrassment was out the window.

All three rushed close and intently watched while I beat myself to orgasm in under two minutes. When cum came flying out the girls screamed again. I guess they didn't know that was going to happen. After a minute, I pulled up my underwear and pants and said.

'Now you show me yours.'

....to be continued.



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