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The Accident

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The phone call came in the middle of the night, followed almost immediately by two police officers knocking on the door. There had been a motorcycle accident and would we come to the hospital. My mum and I dressed in a hurry and we were driven there in the police car, blue lights all the way. My younger brother Mikey was, and still is, easily led. He fell in with a crowd of older boys from school and was always coming off worse. Underneath it all, though he is a nice kid with no malice in him. So in a way it was no surprise to find he had been fooling around with his mates motorcycle, and no surprise to find they had gone for an evening ride. (No license or insurance, naturally.)

When we got there, the doctors told us that it was, quite literally, touch and go. He was in theatre, multiple fractures and concussion.

It seemed like months, but in fact was only a few weeks before he was out of intensive care and into a side room. His arms and legs were in plaster and traction and his face was still dreadfully swollen, but there was a change in him. This brush with death, (his friend, the driver did die) had finally brought it home to him how stupid and thoughtless he had been.

I spent every moment I could with him after work. I would read to him or just talk, or sometimes, just be there. I noticed that he would doze off and that sometimes he would sport a very impressive looking erection under the single sheet that covered him. I guess there was no way he could take care of himself like he was.

One night, he got hard while we were just chatting. I glanced at it and said something dumb like 'Guess it's been a while huh?' (DUH.. like six months!) To my intense surprise and shock, he started to cry. I leaned over him and held him. I think all the emotion of the events had suddenly become too much. He felt, he told me months later, like a total failure and worthless. So, I held him while he cried and then, as his sobs subsided, I reached under the sheet. I grasped his hard cock and started to jack him off slowly. He couldn't hold me back or do anything, but that wasn't the point. I kept my head close to his and just started talking dirty to him. 'Ohh Mikey. Your cock feels so hard. I want you to spunk all over my hand. I'm getting wet and I will have to jill off when I get home.' stuff like that.

I pushed the sheet off him and lay my head on his chest. It didn't take long, but then I didn't think it would. A few more strokes and my little brother shot the hugest load I have ever seen. (Before OR since) It arched up real high and hit my face. Jet after jet. When he subsided, my face had taken at least three hits, and the rest was on his belly. For a moment I didn't move. I just lay there feeling it run down my cheek. I even licked my lips a little and tasted it. Then as I felt his erection subside I cleaned him up.

I did that for him a couple more times before he left hospital.

Oh, but my nights though after that first time. I was consumed by erotic dreams of jacking my brother off, sucking him off and even fucking him. When I masturbated, I imagined him fucking me and at the exact moment before my orgasm, I would say 'Oh Mikey. Do it inside me' and I would have the most crushing orgasm. A couple of times, I even masturbated in his bed.

So, when he got home, I used to help him out until he was able to do it for himself again. However things did progress a little and I would let him finger me to orgasm sometimes too. He never tried to fuck me, and I never suggested it, but I ached to have him inside me, and I would have wanted it to be rough and nasty too.

Incestuous? Yes, of course. Wrong? That is a matter of judgement.



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