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The Absolute Best for Guys

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You have to try this! I would defy any guy to say this can be beat!


A little background before I start in on this true story for a great web site. I have always enjoyed heterosexual sex. The solo kind is ok too, but nothing beats being with an attractive woman who will do just about anything for you. I am also very clean and like to shave down under, as they say. After a shower and a little after-shave and I look and smell good enough to eat.

About 5 years ago I dated a remarkable woman who had never known a good orgasm, even though she was married twice and had made love to three different men. She was about five feet tall with blonde hair, blue eyes, a B cup that contained the perkiest nipples and a small waist. She had the kind of eyes that could penetrate you! We were very prim and proper, as older adults usually are, but now and again we would get to feel randy, so she would let me undress and finger her and I would let her masterbate me with lotion. Neither of us wanted more kids and for me to use a rubber never worked, as I lost my erection as soon as I put it on.

One night I was rubbing her clit and had one finger in her when she asked to insert a second one. Now this woman was small and very tight, so I was concerned about hurting her, but I silently obeyed as I watched her face. Her eyes were shut tight; her face was wincing and has gone very red. Her breathing was becoming more laboured and soon she breathlessly asked me to insert a third finger!

I now had to break my silence and ask, 'Are you sure, won't I hurt you?'

In a deep husky voice she commanded me, 'No, just do it!'

After about another five minutes of this her body started to convulse and she actually did a neck bridge. She came with such force that I could hardly keep my three fingers in her. When her orgasm subsided she rolled over into my arms and burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said, 'All the years I have been with men, I have never had an orgasm that intense in my life. It felt so good!'

I was thunderstruck. At that point we had not had oral sex and I wanted it badly. I kind of thought for a moment and said, 'There is no way that could feel better than if you let me go down on you and put my mouth on you.'

She kind of glared at me and laughed, so I knew I was getting blown off, so to speak, on that idea.

After she sobered up she asked me, 'That was so awesome, what you did for me a moment ago, now what can I do for you?'

I explained to her that what I would like borders on oral sex and I really did not want to push the issue and piss her off, but for her to give me the most powerful orgasm, she would have to do something my ex wife used to do for me. She asked me what it was and I said to her 'I lay on my back and masterbate with a lotion and you suck my balls as I do so.' She asked me what the lotion consisted of and I told her it was a mixture of butter, sugar and cinnamon.

My lady thought for a while, smiled and said, 'Well, I guess you are right. That would not be oral sex, however, it does sound fattening.' We both laughed as she then agreed to oblige me and we headed for the kitchen to make the potion.

After a microwave of the butter and a mix of my home brew, we were back in my bed with a towel under us in just 5 minutes!

At first I felt awkward as I began to masterbate in front of this woman who was still kind of a stranger. The lotion felt good and warm though, so I soon closed my eyes to block out some of the visual distractions.

Soon I felt my lady's warm breath around my scrotum as she began to first lick and then suck on one ball, followed by the other. I raised my ass off of the bed a little to give her a better angle on the task at hand.

From time-to-time I would feel her tongue venture north, grazing my hands and fingers, at other times she would move down to my butt hole. Most of the time she was content to suck the potion running down my balls.

With all of this activity it did not take long before I blasted off into the orgasmic space my lady had been in 30 minutes prior. I behaved as shamelessly as she just had, as control was totally lost. Blast after blast of my jism flew into the air, landing on my groin and tummy areas. My lady never let my right ball out of her mouth throughout all my tossing and turning.

What concluded this experience was as unexpected and pleasant as my orgasm itself. My lady without a word soon began to lick up every drop of my semen, proceeding to take my entire 7 inches into her mouth and lick that clean as well.

Knowing I was stunned and staring she concluded and curled up in my arms, saying, 'It has been 20 years since I tasted a man's cock, but I guarantee you now, it won't be another 20.'

That was the start of experiences from which future stories may follow. I hope every guy reading this can find a gal willing to aid him as my lady did me. I am now all wet just having relived myself as I wrote it!



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