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The 10 Dollar Bet / Fun With Ex-girlfriends

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This happened in the same year. The 10 Dollar bet happened in July and the Ex-girlfriends happened in November. In 2002.


I'm a 15 year old male and I masturbate about twice a week but three times on those days. My Fav. Tech. is to stop and go. Stop before you cum. Wait a minute or two and continue. Some times I can pinch off some cum but not orgasm. I showed this to a girl when I was 12 on a dare.
But on with the stories.
Ok, I liked this one girl Amanda and she had a boyfriend. I won't mention his name. Well I was talking to Amanda in the park(her hang out after school cause she doesn't get a ride home till 6:00) and she just sat on my lap. Little did she know I had a fucking boner. She was shocked but she didn't move. Amanda started to grinded me and moving faster. I started to dry hump her back. We did this for 20 minutes. She had a giant orgasm. Shaking and moaning. After she recovered she got off and sat next to me. 'Chris' 'yes, Amanda.' 'Did you cum?' 'NO' She had the dumbest look on her face. 'Why' 'I don't know.' Amanda then invited me to the movies with her boyfriend. I agreed. Not expecting anything. Well we went to a movie. I can't remember the title cause it was a horible movie. Half way though Amanda left. I notice at the time that we were the only ones in the theater at the time. (We sat in the front). The Boyfriend then turned to me and stated to unzip my pants I fucking freaked pushing him off and everything. But when he got a hold my cock. I didn't budge.
I was wondering what to do. I was now get hard and horny. So he started to slowy stroke me. slowy. I went to unzip him but he grabed my hand and said 'let me finish you first.' He stroked a little faster now. Amanda came back but I didn't notice till I heard from her let me join. So she got on her nees and began to lick my ball. It was the best expireance I've had to that time. Then after like 5mins after Amanda joined in the boyfriends watch began to go off with the stupid beeping. He stoped and Amanda Stoped. The boyfriend gave Amanda 10 Dollars and saying 'ok,I couldn't get him to cum in 10 minutes.' Nothing esle happened but when I got home I jerked off right when I got to the bed.
Now the Two Ex-girlfriends.
I was invited to a sleepover with guys and girls. The funny thing is I was the only guy there. My two ex-girlfriends were throwing the party. Kira/ Carly. Kira was slim and was about 5 foot. Blue eyes size 36ds. Carly was built having a small tummy. 5 foot 5. and she had about c cups. (Could find out her size.) Well we sat on the couch and no ones home but me and them. So Carly put on the Simpsons. (her fav. show.) and they both draged my arm over them. We watched about 3 episodes before kira took my fingers and slipped them in her warm pussy. Carly sucked on my fingers. I began to feel up Carly while getting my 4th finger in kira. kira took my hand out and carly go up.
Both girls standing in front of me. They started to kiss each other and striped off the shirts and shorts. Kira snaped off Carlys bra. Carly snapped off Kiras. I got up and striped their panties with my teeth. One inch at a time. I was still completely clothed. Carly rolled my shirt off and I undid my belt. Kira took off my pants and boxers in on swift motion. She then stood up and kissed me. Carly pushed me down to the couch. She sat on my shoulder as I wiped my tongue up and down her clit. Kira started to give me a nice deepthroat. Carly was easy. I inserted my tongue and tasted her juices as if I was drinking her. She began to shift and shake. Kira moved and Carly lended back a screamed with pleasure. She slowy got off my shoulder when Kira laid down, I went stright to bissness. Carly got under me and gave me a hand job. It was ok but it gets better. I started to insert my hand in Kira while licking her clit. Kira was a dirty whore cause I was fisting her in and out as fast as I could go. Kira came and her jucies went all over the couch. Carly got out from under me as I started to stand Carly jumped on me knocking me to the floor. She was like a wild banshee. But oh my god she was the better fucker out of the two. She was riding me faster and faster cause me to tense up. She screamed cum in me cum in me. I pulled my head back and tried to reach in her as far as I could go. I Came and she was dripping with cum. Kira came over and said 'My turn.'
Kira started to lower her body to my cock when out of no where she get my cock and quicky sits on it with her ass.
She was so tight. She didn't go up and down. She moved back and forethe. After like 5 mins I came in her ass.
Carly kissed me and Kira kissed me. We then got dressed and went to bed where every hour or so one of them would have me fuck them in the ass. I didn't get any sleep.
I don't talk to Amanda and her boyfriend cause they are in rehab. For Carly and Kira we fuck once a month. These were the best sexual encounters yet.



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