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That's It Baby...She Says

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kinda... just read


It was about 20 minuets before my girlfriend had to go to work. I was on the computer checking my myspace and e-mail and she gets on my lap. She straddles me and starts to kiss me, which is kind of unusual for her, I usually make the move. She was kissing me and nibbling on my neck. She started to feel all over my body. It felt amazing, moving her hands all over my gentle curves.

I started to caress her. This happened for about 15 minuets and then she had to get ready. After she got ready for work, she came back into the bedroom and she grabbed my crotch over my jeans. We started making out again.

I asked her when she got so naughty, she said since her girlfriend liked it. Personally, I have always liked it. She asked me what I was going to do while she was at work. I told her I would think of her and me naked, and her insides, not her organs ;).

She had to leave and after I shut and locked the door I ran for the bedroom cupboard which contained my vibrator. I quickly stripped off my pants and button up and removed my briefs. Standing up, I inserted the vibrator into my steaming hot wet pussy, my knees almost gave out so I decided to sit in the computer chair. I was pumping the vibrator in and out of me while rubbing my clit. Then I started to IM her... it went a little something like this:

me: im so wet for you

her: Me 2. 4 u

That really turned me on and I started pumping faster and harder and moaning a little.

me:i wish you were my vibrator...

her:Me 2 baby

me:inside my wet pussy... I want to feel you in me

Talking dirty turns me on too no matter whose doing the talking.

her:Oh baby...I want 2 be in u.

At this point I am sooo hot for her I start moaning louder

me: my clit is throbbing 4 u

And it was!

her:Oh baby...U want 2 [*edit*] me?

Of course I did. she's all I can think about

me:yesssss..... I wish u could hear me screaming ur name

And I was... loud...

her:Oh sunshine. Ur so fucking hot

me:oh babyyyyyy... I wanna eat u out till your screaming for more

And I have never made a more true statement

i inform her

me:i've already had 2 orgasms just thinking of your naked body against mine, and your wet pussy screaming my name

her:It is screaming 4 u...

That turned me on unbelievably and I could feel my body building up inside,

me:ohhhhbabyyyy immm commmiiinnnn 4444 uuuuuuuuu

My back begun to arch and my toes curled, my head went back and then I had a muscle spasm, in my entire body, I had one of the most intense orgasms I think I have ever had.



her: thats it baby...

And that's how it happend. Actually thinking about it...I'm kinda turned on again...well, ladies, gentlemen...hope you enjoyed it




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