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That's 10,220 Orgasms!

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I'm 40 years old and have been masturbating since I was 11. That's 29 years. Let's honestly figure that once I'd started, and when I was a teenager, it was at least a once-a-day thing, often twice a day. And a few times, three, four or five times. Seven was my record one rainy Saturday when I was 17. Afterwards I was uncomfortably raw, for a couple of days, even though I'd used lube.

After that, through college and my 20's it was pretty much a once-a-day thing. In my late 20's into my early thirties, still mostly once-a-day, maybe skipping a day here and there. But once I had my own place, I'd sometimes masturbate two or three times over an hour or two, early Saturday or Sunday morning...about the only time I wasn't doing something else. After getting married in my mid-thirties, I dropped off to about two or maybe three times per week...as much because I had almost no time alone as having sex with my wife two or three times per week.

So let's call it once a day for 29 years. That's 365 x 29 = 10,585. And let's subtract a year, just for those days I missed, -365. That's 10,220. Over ten thousand self administered orgasms!

You think I'd have lots of intersting and wild things to say after all this experience, but I'll be damned if I can remember more than a handful of particular intances when I masturbated. I don't know if my memory is fading, or if it had just become so routine (not boring or unpleasant of course) that it didn't usually leave an impression on me, after I'd recovered from my 'O' that is. Honestly, I lived in several different apartments in my twenties for a year or two, and I have no memory of masturbating at all in a couple of them. Having sex there? Sure, in pretty vivid detail, but masturbating? I don't remember brushing my teeth or showering, or eating dinner either, and I did that at least as often.

So, what's there to talk about? Most of the times I've masturbated, I've lain on my bed, naked on my back, gotten a little hand lotion, oil, or liquid lube and gently stroked myself with a full fisted grip, giving my hand a little twist at the top of the stroke, as my palm covers my glans. This is the way I do it now, and this is how I did it when I had my own apartments, when I shared apartments with friends, back when I was in college, and in my last year of highschool. It's usually about a ten or fifteen minute ride from the time I put hand to penis until I orgasm.

Before that, from the time I was 11 until I was 17, my main way to do it was between my legs. I think a couple of other guys had mentioned doing it like this. I think it works when you're young because your erection naturally pulls itself out from between them, to try to lay up against your belly, pointing up towards your head instead of down towards your feet. I'd put lotion on the insides of my thighs and my penis, then push my penis down between my thighs, and let it spring back up, and repeat until I orgasmed. Which usualy took only about five minutes. I also found this a great way to do it in the shower, standing up. If I leaned forward slightly against the wall, I could f-k my thighs without using my hands and quickly bring myself to orgasm. I also used to lay in the tub, when I took baths when I was 11-12, and I'd put my feet up on the edge of tub by the faucet, cross my legs at the ankles, and slip my penis between my thighs. I'd make myself orgasm using my hand to work my penis between my thighs, or just by clenching and unclenching my legs. I got a little too excited a couple of times when I was orgasming, and bucked my hips so hard I sent water over the side of the tub and my father (their bedroom was next to the bathroom)came and knocked on the door to ask me what all the splashing was about!

After I started taking showers instead of baths I did myself between my legs countless times in the mornings before going to school, with my parents and my sister right outside the bathroom passing through the hall, and apparently none the wiser. One time, I was sixteen, I'd just started my thing and my mother had asked to come in to get something from the medicine cabinet. The shower curtain was completely opaque, so she couldn't see me at all (not that I would have cared if she'd just seen me showering-she was my mother so what would it matter?) but she started talking to me about something while I was thrusting away and then my little sister was in the door and she was talking to her, and I just kept going and had a really good orgasm with the two of them still standing there and talking.

That, fortunately, was the closest any of my family members were ever involved with anything to do with me having an orgasm!

One thing I did occasionally as a teenager was I would masturbate with a bottle or jar. I don't remember how I first got started on this, but I liked it and I did it more than a few times. I would have done it more, but it was always hard to find a bottle with a mouth and neck of the right diameter, that didn't have a sharp edge that would pinch at me when I moved in and out of it. When I'd get one of these small bottles or jars that had a neck that was a snug fit around my erection, but didn't pinch, I'd get off with it off and on for some time until I got bored with it...maybe weeks or a month or more. With a good amount of lube I'd insert myself into it and stroke back and forth. I didn't have to go in all the way, so the jar or bottle didn't have to be very big, just enough so that I could get a couple of inches of my shaft into it, so that partiularly sensitive part just below the head would be caressed by the neck as I pumped in and out. I liked to do this sprawled out on my bean bag chair in my room, or sitting on the floor with my back against my bed. I'd work the bottle up and down on my erection, or gently thrust in and out of it as I tried to hold it still. I liked watching myself going in and out; the head of my penis would swell and turn a reddish-purple. Sometimes the sensations were really exquisite and I'd almost want to stop before I was ready to orgasm...but I didn't. I'd cum and when I'd squirt my semen would act as lube and the neck of the bottle would get even slicker and I'd go and out easier and faster just as I was in the middle of cumming. I had really intense orgasms this way.

I didn't really try anything else in the way of other techniques or home-made toys at that time. And I pretty much did it in my bedroom, or in the shower. I never masturbated at school. Or at work. Or outside. The only other thing I did a few times was masturbate on an ottoman or tuffet or some thing which I don't know the name of that my grandparents had at their beach cottage. This was a sort of leather covered stool or seat, with a leather cushion on a frame that was also covered in leather. There was a space between the top of the frame and the bottom of the cushion, which I found was the right size for you-know- what. The height wasn't perfect, and being out in the living room, I had few opportunites to use it during the few weeks each summer we were at the cottage. I had to get down pretty low, spreading my legs wide as I knelt, or had to sort of hover over it putting my weight on my knees or toes and hands, and then tip it over slightly so the edge would be angled up towards my belly so I could enter the space between cushion and frame, and then manage to balance the thing and myself as I basically mated with it. Being covered with leather, though, all I needed for lube was a liberal dose of saliva. And once I was in and thrusting, it sure felt good. So I did nail that thing when I could, usually when everyone else was out, or sometimes after everyone else had gone to sleep. With my erecion out the fly of my shorts, or my bathing suit down around my calves, I'd mount it and thrust for a few minutes until I inevitably orgasmed. I learned quickly, and painfully, not to thrust too fast or hard when I had it balanced on edge and I was up over it. I got carried away once on only my second or third time with it, toppled over mid-hump while I was in to the hilt and thought I damn near broke my erection off. That unfortunate incident aside, which put me off masturbating for about a week while I worried that I'd need to see a doctor, and had maybe irreversibly damaged myslelf (which turned out not to be the case), I enjoyed the ride it afforded...another different way to have an orgasm. After I finished each time I tried to clean it up with tissue paper, but it was hard to reach all the way in there, and I think I may have left some evidence of my amorous encounters with it over the years.



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