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That Weekend With Ron (Part 2)

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Carrying on from Part 1.


As I said in Part 1, Ron and I went to bed quite early on the Saturday night of our weekend together and we watched TV, though I fell asleep. In the early hours of the morning, I awoke to find Ron slowly stroking my bare stomach. As I relaxed, his hand went slowly down between my legs and he started to stroke my cock. In a very short time, I was hard. Ron slid down the bed and began to do for me what I had done for him the previous afternoon, though I cannot describe it here. He kept on until I was trembling on the brink, and then, coming back up the bed, he took my throbbing cock into his hand.

Slowly, he began to stroke me, slipping my foreskin backwards and forwards. As my excitement grew, so he stroked faster. Very soon, I was moaning and writhing, so Ron knelt across me and really began to rub hard. I was thrusting into his hand as fast as I could go, and it suddenly struck me that my cock, which had been tender when we got into bed, wasn't causing me any discomfort. The Vaseline Ron had used on us had certainly worked a miracle. But I didn't have time to think much about that because my cock started to pulse and in only seconds, I was spraying cum all over my chest and stomach, and I was almost screaming with the joy it was giving me.

When I at last finished spurting, Ron reached for tissues, wiped me dry, and took me in his arms. I didn't lie quietly beside him for long though, because I could feel his hard dick pressing against my leg, so as soon as I'd got my breath back, I sat across his thighs and grabbed his cock. He began squirming just as I had minutes earlier, and so I asked, Do you want it hard and quick? and he replied, As hard and as quick as you can do it. Tossing you off has left me longing for it.

Holding his balls in my left hand, and gently squeezing them, I really went for it with my right hand. Ron stretched himself out between my legs and began pushing back and forth. His cock felt like an iron rod. Soon, I was belting away as fast as I could go, my hand just flashing up and down. Suddenly, with a long Ohhhhhh!, Ron stopped pushing. He arched his back, lifted his bum off the bed and gasped, Yes, yes, yes!, and then he exploded. He actually hit me under the chin with his first spurt, and then the rest went on to his chest. I pumped him until his cock started to relax and he fell back on to the bed. Slowly, I brought him down to earth and then, as he'd done for me, I wiped him dry.

We made ourselves comfortable in each other's arms and kissed gently and slowly. I have to admit that I really enjoy kissing Ron. Gradually, we began to feel sleepy and, with our arms around each other, we fell asleep.

We didn't wake until 8-00am and then we began kissing. Doing that, we were unaware of the turn of events we were to have later that afternoon. We at last got out of bed and decided to go for a shower. There's a separate shower room in Ron's house, but there's also a shower over the bath in the main bathroom. We decided to use that one so that we could shower together.

We were already naked of course, so once inside, we turned the water on, and as soon as it was warm, we both stepped into the bath and pulled the plastic curtain around us. Ron was up near the shower head, with me behind him. That reminded me of my very first mutual wank with Lewis in Blackpool in the summer. I moved very close to Ron therefore and wrapped my arms around him from behind. He relaxed against me, and that was all I needed to get me hard. I placed my cock, pointing upwards, in his bum-crack, and reaching right round him with my left hand, I placed it on his right nipple and started to tweak it. My right hand went on to his stomach, just above his belly-button, and then I slid it downwards. I heard him draw in his breath sharply, so my hand went further downwards. I found that his cock was still soft and small, so I took it between my thumb and fingers and began to stretch it gently. As soon as I felt some hardness there, I cupped both his dick and his balls in my hand and began to sort of roll them round. Ron turned the shower off and began to breath heavily and to move his hips in rhythm with my right hand. My own cock was hard and I let it slip between his legs. I was tempted to explore with it, if you see what I mean, but I wasn't sure Ron would have liked that. And if I'd been successful, I couldn't have described it here anyway.

Soon Ron was really hard. He stood on his toes and tightened his legs, gripping my cock firmly. I held him against me and started to wank his cock. As I did, Ron kept rising up and down on his toes and, as his legs were gripping me hard, it did wonders for my cock. We managed to get a sort of rhythm going between us and within a very short time, we were moving like a steam engine.

Ron soon started to grunt in time with our rubbing and thrusting, and I knew his climax was building. That was enough to push me over the brink and, with a yell, I exploded between his legs. Although I was gasping, I managed to keep tossing Ron off and, as I think I have said before, we take about the same time to cum. Perhaps it was Ron realising I was cumming that helped too, but he started to shoot, and I heard his semen hit the plastic shower curtain.

As soon as our peaks had passed, we turned to face each other and, each grabbing the other's cock, we began rubbing. (We once each managed another climax almost immediately by doing this.) We rubbed hard, but it was too late and too uncomfortable, so we stopped tossing each other and just cuddled for a minute or two. Then, turning on the water, Ron picked up the soap and washed me, and then I took it and washed him.

After wiping each other dry, we went downstairs, still of course in the nude, and went through into the kitchen where we made ourselves some breakfast. Because Ron was frying bacon, he put on his mother's flowered apron to protect himself from the hot fat. He looked quite odd standing there with his bare bum exposed and the outline of his package showing through the daffodil and tulip pattern on the front of the apron.

It was a clear, fresh morning so after breakfast we decided to get dressed and go for a walk. We were out a good two hours enjoying the great Wolds scenery and didn't get back until lunchtime. We were hungry so Ron microwaved two pre-cooked meals and we sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and ate them. Looking at Ron as we ate, I began to feel horny; and so did Ron evidently because, as soon as we'd finished he said, Come on, Ben. Let's go through into the lounge and strip off!

We almost ran into the room and there we undressed each other, even taking off our shoes and socks. Putting the box of tissue nearby, I flopped down on the settee and Ron knelt across me and wrapped his arms around me.

And at that moment, the front door bell rang. We sprang apart as though we'd had an electric shock, and our hard-ons went down as though they'd been punctured.

Quick, where are the track suits? I gasped, and Ron said, They're upstairs! so I said, Well, let's just put our shirts and trousers on!, and this we did in super-quick time. As Ron went to the front door, I picked up our remaining clothes and things and pushed them behind the large armchair in the corner of the lounge, and then I sat down on it.

I heard Ron open the door and, by the tone of his voice, I realised it was someone he knew. A moment later, Ron appeared at the lounge door and said, Ben, it's Sammy who wants help with his maths homework.

Sammy is a boy in our year at school. He's a fairly short lad with blonde hair. He's not exactly a friend, but he hangs around Ron and me. He's not the brightest pupil in the school and often asks for our help, though I think he does that partly as an excuse to hang around us.

As he came in, he looked around and, with a sly grin on his face, he asked, Why aren't you two wearing shoes and sock then? to which Ron replied, We've been out for a walk this morning and we're just easing our feet.

Are you sure it's not one of your other parts that you're easing, he asked with that same grin on his face. He'd clearly guessed we'd been doing something more than just walking.

Sit down and don't be bloody nosey, Ron replied, and we'll go and make some coffee. Ron signalled me to follow him, and when we reached the kitchen, I said, He's guessed, and it'll be all over the school by tomorrow afternoon.

Not if we get him involved in something now, Ron said, because in that case he couldn't say anything with implicating himself. When we've finished the coffee, just follow my lead.

Back in the lounge, with Sammy still grinning knowingly, we started to drink our coffee. Ron asked, Well, Sam, what is is you want to know? Sammy took a notebook out of his pocket and showed Ron his problem. Ron, who's good at maths, had it sorted in a couple of minutes.

As we finished drinking, Ron collected the empty cups and put them on the sideboard. Then, standing in front of Sammy, he said, If you want to know what we've been doing, then we'd better show you! and he unfastened his belt and dropped his trousers! He nodded at me to do the same. Realising now what the plan was, I also stood up, whipped off my shirt and dropped my trousers. Sammy's face was a picture because he hadn't expected that reaction.

Do you like what you're seeing? Ron asked. I think you'd better show us what you've got now, don't you? We sat down, one on either side of Sammy, Ron on his left and me on his right. Between us, we'd got his arms trapped so he couldn't resist. I put my hand between his legs and stroked his package and he immediately began to struggle but he couldn't stop us.

Oh, come off it, Sam. You know it's what you want. You've followed us around long enough! said Ron, and with that, he unfastened Sammy's belt, flipped his trousers open and began to unzip him. I reached into his jockey shorts and fondled his cock which was already more than a little hard! Sammy stopped struggling as soon as I touched him and, looking at him, I said, I think you're happy to co-operate, Sammy, aren't you?

He nodded, stopped struggling and relaxed. We had his trousers and pants round his ankles in a trice and I began to slide his foreskin up and down, and soon he was rigid. I took a firmer grip of his dick and began to rub hard; but straight away he croaked, Oh, no, Ben. Don't do that or I'll cum, and I always cum a lot, so it'll go everywhere!

I told him that wasn't a problem. I reached for a paper tissue, opened it fully out and then folded it in two. This I wrapped it round his dick, with an inch or more of it loose beyond his cock end. (This is a technique I use myself if I don't want to make a mess.)

There you are. You can cum into that with no problem, I told him. Ron was fondling his balls, and I started to rub hard and fast. Sammy was soon twisting and turning with pleasure, and his eyes were closed and his mouth open. As I rubbed him, I thought what an attractive body he had, something I'd never noticed before. He was sort of compact and doll-like. His cock wasn't especially big, but it looked quite big against his slight body. I was also amazed that I was actually tossing him off. That was something I'd never have dreamed of doing only six months before.

I felt his cock harden and I asked, Is it cumming, Sam? He nodded, and as he did, I felt his cock start to throb regularly and I knew he was cumming. I kept going until he relaxed back on to the settee, and then I removed the paper tissue. It was certainly full! I used another one to wipe him dry.

He just laid there for some time and we watched him. Then, he opened his eyes and smiled, so Ron said, I can see you enjoyed that, so it's your turn now to toss Ben and me off. With that, we laid down, side be side, on the carpet, and Sammy knelt between us. He took Ron's cock in his right hand and mine in his left and he went into action. Doing two at once, though, he found tricky. He was clearly finding it easier with Ron because he was using his right hand, but he was all over the place with me. I had to stop him because it was really uncomfortable.

Being able to concentrate on Ron, he brought him to climax in a couple of minutes, and while Ron was getting his breath back, Sammy turned to me and started to toss me. He'd quite a good technique and soon had me gasping and thrusting. I soon felt the rapture rising and began pushing into his hand. He was clearly enjoying what he was doing so, with a cry of, It's cumming! I blew, covering my chest and belly, and even landing a drop or two on Ron who was sitting beside us offering encouragement.

When I'd had a couple of minutes to recover, and Sammy had used tissues to wipe me dry, Ron turned to Sammy and said, As a reward, Sam, we'll do you again. Don't bother about cumming. I'll make sure there's no mess.

I knelt behind Sammy, supporting his back against my chest, and Ron knelt across his thighs. (I must admit that it felt quite exciting having Sammy naked against me.) Ron started very slowly, but soon built up and had Sammy on the edge. Then he slowed down and let the passion seep away, and then he built it up again. Ron was good at this as I know, and dangled Sammy over the precipice half a dozen times until, at last, Sammy asked to be pushed over. Ron held his dick firmly in his hand and close to Sammy's body, and he said, Go on Sam, while I hold your cock steady, shag my hand! That's exactly what he did and after only half a dozen pushes, quickly and smoothly, Sammy went over the edge. With a groan, he exploded, cumming all over his chest and stomach. He was right in saying he blew a lot. There was more than mine and Ron's together!

After this, all three of us felt satisfied and after Sammy had had time to come down to earth, we all got up and went into the bathroom where we washed each other. Sammy then said he'd better go off home for tea and began to put on his clothes. As he was doing this, Ron said to him, I don't expect news of what we've done this afternoon to be spread around the school, Sam, and Sammy replied, Don't worry, it won't be! Ron said he was glad to hear it and added that if Sammy was a 'good lad' he'd perhaps be allowed to join us again. His face showed his pleasure at that idea.

Still naked, we took Sammy to the door where he said goodbye, got on his bike, and rode away. Ron and I went back into the lounge and sat down. We put our arms around each other and just relaxed. We stayed there for half an hour, almost asleep part of the time, and then the telephone rang. It was Ron's mum to say that they'd decided to come home earlier because, according to the weather forecast, there might be snow later, so they'd be back in about an hour. Ron and I dressed and cleared up the place and, almost exactly on the hour, Ron's parents arrived back.

Ron's dad came into the lounge where we were sitting and smiled at us. He said, Hello, lads. Have you had a good weekend together? (He placed just a little stress on the word 'together' and it made me think, as I've thought before, that he has a good idea of what Ron and I do together, but it doesn't seem to throw him.) I like Ron's dad and often wish he was my dad, or that I had a dad just like him. He and Ron get on so well together and I'd like someone to get on with me like that.

Yes, we told him, the weekend had been good, and we asked how their weekend had been. He turned up his nose and said, Well, a bit boring really.

Ron's mum had gone through into the kitchen and soon had tea ready. As we sat eating it, Ron said, We've both slept in the spare room, by the way. We wanted to watch something late on TV and it's a bigger set in there than in my room.

Ron's dad replied, Oh, I expected you'd both use that room. After all, there's not much point in having a sleepover with a mate if you're in different rooms, is there? And with that, he smiled that certain smile again. I was sure he DID know what we'd been up to. But perhaps he remembers being a teenager himself.

As we finished tea, I said I'd better get my things together and go off home. Ron's dad asked, Has your mother still got her visitors, Ben? and I replied that, yes, she had and they would be with us until Tuesday. To my surprise, Ron's dad replied, that, well, if she wasn't going to be on her own, why didn't I pop back home, collect my uniform and everything else I needed for school and stay the night? He had a late start himself the next day, he said, so he could give us a lift in to school. After all, he said to me, I might as well have the complete weekend with Ron; and he added, And you can both still sleep in the spare double room.(I was now sure he knew about Ron and me.) So it was agreed I'd stay. Ron's dad actually drove me across the village to pick up my things and to explain to my mum what we'd arranged.

Ron and I went to bed about 9-30pm, and when we were lying there together, I said to Ron, I think your dad knows that we toss each other off. What do you think? Ron nodded and said he thought so too, but that his dad would see it as no big deal. With that thought in mind, I took hold of Ron's cock and he took hold of mine and, very gently, we brought each other to a good but easy climax. After using the usual tissues, we went to sleep in each other's arms.

With a very hard cock between my legs, I awoke Ron about 6 o'clock the next morning, and I soon had him in the same state. Again, we laid side by side and began to toss each other off. It took us over twenty minutes, but we both had a gentle but satisfying cum, almost together. We dozed again until it was time to get up, and then we went into the bathroom and showered together. We didn't do it again, but as we washed each other, we agreed that it had been a fabulous weekend and that we had to find a time when we could do it again. After kissing each other for one last time, we went down for breakfast and then off in Ron's dad's car into another new week, cocks still throbbing at the memory of what we'd done together that weekend.



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