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That Weekend With Ron (Part 1)

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This was a wonderful chance to be together on our own for a good period of time.


The second weekend in the New Year, Ron's parents were planning to spend with an elderly relative in Gainsborough, but Ron didn't fancy the idea and asked if he could stay at home. They agreed he could stay if I would stay with him because they think me a 'sensible and reliable boy'. We too had visitors that weekend, so my mum would not be left alone, so it was agreed I could stay with Ron. When I told Ron the news on the phone, he said, 'Good, but bring a track suit with you,' but he refused to say why.

Ron's folks left about 9-00am on the Saturday morning and about the same time I went into Louth with my mother. We returned about 11-30am, so it was almost lunch time when I reached Ron's house. He was waiting for me and almost pulled me inside and said, 'Have you brought a track suit?' and when I said I had he replied 'Get your anorak off!'

As I was doing that he undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. I asked what he was doing, and he replied, 'I want us to spend this weekend naked as much as we can. If somebody comes, we can put on our track suits before we answer the door. That is why I told you to bring one.'

Though at first surprised, I liked the idea, so there, in the hall I stripped naked and so did he. (It amazes me how quickly we have got used to the idea of being nude together. Only weeks ago, we would not have dreamed of it.) He picked up my clothes and rucksack and said, 'Come on, let's put these in the spare room where mum and dad say you can sleep.'

'But I thought we should be sleeping together,' I said, 'not in separate rooms.' Ron grinned and said, 'We are, you twit! We are BOTH sleeping in the spare room. There's a double bed there. I've only got a single in mine.'

I caught on and hurried up the stairs. As soon as we were in the spare room, he dropped my things on the floor and started to kiss me, and as we kissed, we moved over to the bed and dropped down on to it. I started to rub my hands up and down Ron's bare thighs (which I know he likes) and he was stroking my bum, and all the time we were kissing. I reached for his cock which was stiff and started to rub it. He reached for mine which was also hard. It is easy for us to lie side by side and wank each other because Ron is left handed, so if I am on the right and he is on the left, we are in a perfect position.

The excitement quickly built up and we were almost screaming for it. In no time, my orgasm was climbing, and I tried to slow Ron down, but he gasped, 'No, Ben, just go for it. We've got all weekend, so we have time to build up again if we cum quick!'

So we went for it but it didn't last long. I was the first to cum. I could feel that tenderness mounting in my cock but I just let it happen and I kept rubbing Ron hard as the feeling in my dick grew. Then, with a yell, I shot into the air and then it landed back in my body and his hand. Just as I was fading, Ron groaned loudly and gasped, 'Here it comes!' and he too shot high in the air and then on to both of us.

We kept going until we both dried, and then, breathless, we gradually stopped, and it felt great. Our cocks had that tender but contented feeling that cocks have when they have had a good cum. I said, 'I have only been in the house minutes and we have both already cum hard. What is it going to be like by Sunday evening?'

'Great,' Ron said, 'and we can do it any time we like if we stay naked all the time,' and with that, he kissed me again. We stayed together on the bed for maybe ten minutes and then wiped each other dry. Completely naked, we went downstairs and Ron put two of those pre-cooked lunches into the microwave and while they were cooking, we went into the lounge. With our arms round each other we kissed and caressed on the settee while we waited for the meal. I remember thinking how far we had come since that first night in my bed. I hadn't been sure then how Ron would feel, but he had been as eager for it as me.

After the meal, we went back into the bedroom. Ron spread a large towel on it (so we made no mess) and we flopped down side by side. I had my arm around Ron's shoulders and started to rub my hand up and down his thighs and them onto his belly. I could see his cock hardening and mine did the same. I began to slip his foreskin up and down and he moved his cock in time with me. After about ten minutes, I could tell he was getting ready to cum, so I slowed down until he cooled off. Once he had, I did something with his throbbing cock which I am not able to describe here, and it was something I had never done before. Ron gasped and began to build up again. Once he was on the edge, I stopped and let him calm down again, and then I rubbed him again until he was on a high, and then I let him down again. I did this about four times, and by that time, Ron was almost hysterical, so I grasped his throbbing dick and rubbed hard. He gasped and moaned and wriggled and then, with a yell, his cock erupted. It went everywhere, on him, on me and on the towel we were lying on, and all the time, Ron was groaning.

By the time he had finished, I was as hysterical as he was. I got on top of him and started to hump away. Ron put his arms around me and held me as I worked myself up. It only took two minutes at the most, and I came hard. I was in raptures as I felt it pulsing out of me. Here I was, with this boy I had wanted so long, and he was holding me while I shot all over him. It nearly blew my mind.

When it was over, I lay gasping on top of Ron, and he just held me, rubbing his lips against my left ear. Once I was calm, Ron rolled me on to my back and kissed me, and then we settled side by side and fell asleep!

I woke up about an hour later to find Ron kneeling across my thighs, and he had both our cocks in his hand. He was hard again, but I was still soft. Well, I was for about two minutes, and then he had two rigid dicks in his hand. He told me to lie still and leave every thing to him. He grasped both our dicks in his left hand, and began to rub slowly. Each stroke down pulled our foreskins back, and each stroke up covered them again. This began to turn me on, and I started to rock slightly, but Ron said, 'No, Ben. Just leave it to me.' So I did.

Very gradually, he speeded up. (I can still feel it as I am writing.) It felt great, and I let him do it. Soon he was rubbing hard. I looked up and saw his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily through his open mouth and I thought he was going to cum. He didn't though, and neither did I. Our two previous cums had blunted the edge a bit. He was able to rub us for a good while before we began to feel like cumming.

But at last we did. I was just about to tell Ron it was building up in me when he suddenly, cried out, 'Here it comes, Ben!' and he started to cum. He didn't produce much and it didn't shoot but trickled down his hand, but the way he jerked up and down on my thighs showed he enjoyed the feeling.

He kept rubbing himself and I told him I was coming now. (Ron and I take about the same time to cum I've noticed.) My body went rigid between Ron's legs and my cock started to throb. I closed my eyes and croaked, 'Now, now!' and then I blew. I don't think much came, but the feeling was still good, though not as good as the time before.

Ron kept pumping away until I stopped him, and then he released us both and dropped down beside me. I put my arm round him and cuddled him. After a time, he asked, 'Do you want it again, Ben?' No, definitely not, I was feeling quite sore! I told Ron and he grinned, and said so was he! So for quite some time, we just laid together, hot, breathless, sticky and quite tender. After a time, Ron said, 'Shall we go into the bath? I think warm water might be quite soothing.'

We filled the bath with warm water and Ron climbed in. I followed and sat in front of him between his legs. VERY gently, he splashed the water onto my tender and very limp penis. (It was little more than an inch long!) After some minutes of this, we changed places and I did the same thing for him, and then he settled back against my chest and relaxed. I kept my arms around him and kissed his neck. It felt wonderful to have him like that in my arms.

We stayed there for about half an hour, but then the water started to go cold so we got out and, very gently, we wiped each other dry. Still naked, we went into the kitchen and made sandwiches for tea which we ate side by side on the large settee in the lounge.

You will not be surprised to hear that we did not wank each other again during the evening. We watched TV for a time and we played some computer games, and we sat and talked quite a bit, especially about what we felt for each other and about what we had done together lately. We both admitted that we were rather surprised how things had gone and how easy we were with each other. Six months before, we agreed, neither of us would have believed we could do such things.

We kept touching each other, but never went further than that. By round about 10-00pm, we were ready for bed. We went into the bathroom where Ron produced some Vaseline skin cream and suggested we put some on our cocks. We agreed to do each other and I thought this might turn us on again, but it didn't. Though I gave Ron a good but gentle massage, his cock remained a soft couple of inches, and when he dealt with me, my cock also stayed soft and small. After that, we climbed into the double bed in the spare room and, in each other's arms, we watched TV until we both fell asleep. Ron woke up some time after midnight and turned it off it seems, but I slept on. I must admit that the time we spent together before going to sleep was almost as enjoyable as the sex we had had earlier.

It is now 8-42pm on Friday night (Jan.27) and it has taken more writing than I expected to tell the story so far of this weekend, so I shall have to end now and write a Part 2. In about an hour and a half, I shall go to bed and remember with pleasure all that I have written here. Tomorrow, after checking it, I shall post this adventure.



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