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'That Thing We Do'

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This story happened last Thursday. So about a week after me and Corey had jacked off, neither of us had brought it up or really talked about it. And because I wanted to do it again, I decided to ask him about it one night while Corey was driving me home. As he was driving I said 'hey dude, so... what did you think about... uhm... jacking off with me?'

Corey- 'it was cool'

me- 'so... would you like to do it again? because... I know this sounds weird but... I really liked it... and was wondering if you and me could make it a regular thing... I'm not saying everyday or anything but-'

Corey- 'you mean like, whenever we get a chance?'

a little taken back, I said 'Yeah!' because I didn't figure he even liked it that much, but with him suggesting it we do it whenever we had a chance, made me VERY excited. he then dropped me off at my house and went home.

A week after this (last week) I decided I would ask him if he wanted to do it with me again, so I got on instant messenger and told him 'hey... there's something I wanna ask u' but before I could ask, he told me he had to get off line, and for me to text him, so I got my phone and texted 'OK, cause I was wondering if you would be up to jacking off with me?' then I very nervously waited for a response. after about a minute he texted me back 'sure'.

Still amazed by his answer I told him since we were hanging out tomorrow already, Id come by his house early and pick him up, so we'd have the house to ourselves while my mom was at work. Then after we finished we would go hang out with our other friends. He told me that sounded good, and he was up for it.

The next morning (Last Thursday) at around 11am I went by his house, picked him up, and we went back to my house.

After we walked in he said 'give me a second, I need to pee' and he went in my bathroom connected to my bedroom, and I laid on my bed and started fucking around on my computer. When he came out I was sitting on my bed and I called him over to my computer to see a funny screen saver I had on my screen. He looked at it, laughed, and pulled off his shirt. now only wearing his white wife beater and his blue jeans and socks. I was wearing the same, but my beater was grey.

I logged on my laptop and asked him 'so... where do you wanna do this at?' Corey looked at me and said 'dude... it doesn't matter...' Because Corey has a nasty habit of not REALLY answering my questions, I kind of gave him a dirty look and he said 'Zach... for real... I don't care' Then I looked at him and smiled and said 'well since the computers already here in my room, let's just do it here' (which I wanted to in the first place) He smiled and got in my queen size bed with me, took my computer and logged on a porn site and started watching these two hot black chicks dance on a pole and make out and fuck each other.

After maybe seven minutes, Corey put the computer in my lap, and stood up. I just kinda sat there dumbfounded, then he took off his pants, and started pulling his beater over his head. I took this as my que, put the computer in the middle of the bed, stood up and pulled off my jeans and beater. While I was doing that I looked over at Corey and could see his hard-on through the dark blue basketball shorts he was wearing as his underwear. Seeing this made me hard, we then both laid back beside each other in the bed with the computer between us, wearing only our socks and me in my light blue plain boxers and him in his dark blue basketball shorts, with his hands in them, and me with my hand in mine.

Then I looked at him and told him to look in the top drawer of my night stand (where I keep my lube, some paper towels, and a pair of boxers covered in my jizz from one night where I didn't have a towel)

He reached in and pulled out the baby oil. 'So this is where u keep your stash?' I laughed and said yeah. He pulled his shorts down to his ankles and out popped his 7 1/2 inch curved dick. (it's curved in the middle of his dick to the right... if your... like on top of him. not sure if I ever mentioned it) then he poured some lube on his hand, and passed it to me, I poured some of it in my hand, and grabbed his dick and started jacking, then he grabbed mine and jacked it while we both watched the porno. After this I told him to stand up, that I wanted to show him something. I then walked walked over to him with my hard dick, and showed him that my dick had a curve too. (mine's just in the base and isn't noticeable like his is, mine going to the left, if your on top of me) in case I may have some how offended him the first time I saw his, and acted so shocked. he looked at it and said

'oh... I see, yours is just going in the other direction, and it's not as noticeable'

Then he grabbed my dick and started jacking. I told him to get back in the bed and we should finish up there. and we laid back in the bed watching the porn beside each other. He was jacking mine while I was jacking his.

After a while I said 'hey dude, ease up and let me jack you.' he let go of my cock and I started to really jack him. After a few minutes he started to moan quietly and told me 'just work on the tip' and I did. that's how I like to jack too. I told him I didn't mind if he came on my hand, just give me a little bit of a heads up before hand. He said OK, and I kept on jacking him. his body was twitching and he seemed like he was holding back, so I told him 'dude, it's ok. it's just you and me here, you can let it out, be as loud as you want to' or something like that

After jacking him for a while, he grabbed my dick and started to jack me. it was ok for a while, but I started to get close and had to tell him to stop again, and he let go. I asked him how I was doing and he moaned and said 'real good...' while his eyes closed laying on his back. I could tell he was really enjoying it from the way he was moaning, whimpering, and his legs were twitching and moving around alot. after a few more minutes he grabbed my balls and started playing with them while I was jacking him. it felt incredible. Then he let go of my balls and said 'dude... stop, I'm started to get light headed' so I did. '... dude, Ive never felt like this before...' I just kinda smiled and started playing with my dick while he recovered. (he later told me he had a dry orgasm) After a minute he started jacking himself, I moved his hand and took over for him. Then I looked at him and asked if it was anything else I could do, (by this time both of us had lost intrest in the porno, and I had put the computer on the floor) and if he wanted me to do... 'something' he looked at me and said


me- 'but dude... I don't mind'

Corey- 'yeah, but if anything, I'd have to do it to you too...'

me- 'ha, damn straight you would'

and after a while, Corey looked at me and said 'yeah... do it' I looked up and him and said '... are you sure... I've never done this before' and he nodded his head yes, (I was kind of hoping he'd say no... but if he wanted me to, I would) and I did. After about 10 seconds I had to stop. I grabbed his dick and started jacking. about 30 seconds later, he sighed and said 'Damn...' then his eyes rolled in the back of his head, his legs went back to twitching he started moaning and his cum started cumming out of his dick. He wasn't really a shooter like me and most of it got right above his belly button, and on my hand. After I gave him a few minutes to recover

After laying and breathing heavily he grabbed my dick and started jacking it for me. then Corey told me 'don't judge me for this' and did the same 'something' I did for him. It felt amazing. I had to stop him after 20 seconds, and he went back to jacking my dick. I asked him if he mind if I nutted on his hand and he told me 'no' and kept on jacking. After 5 minutes I couldn't hold back anymore and I said 'fuck, dude I'm about to nut' and then I just started grunting and shot my cum all over his hand, my chest and my stomach. We then both laid there spent for a minute. Corey sat up and handed me some paper towels, and took some for himself. When he went to stand up he almost fell over and said 'ha sorry, my whole body's kinda numb...' and wiped the cum off his hand and stomach, while I did then same.

After getting dressed, we went in the kitchen, I offered him a drink and a donut, and we sat down and watched Maury. like nothing had happened, then went to go see our other friends. After hanging out with them, on our way home, I told him 'thanks for doing that thing with me' (I'm still uncomfortable with saying 'jacking off' like that, just like I am asking him to do it with me... so instead I say 'that thing that we do' stupid... I know) and he said 'you're welcome'

me- 'so... did you like it?'

Corey- 'dude, there's only two people who've made my entire body go numb, Jane (a girl he'd fucked or blew him or gave him a hand job or something... I dunno), and you... and you did a better job'

me- *laughing* 'Really? so... you did like it?'

Corey- *laughs* 'YES! ... how did I do?'

me- 'Legit, I haven't cum that hard since the last time I got a blow job in fucking February.' (which is the truth)

Corey- 'yay'

then we talked some more about that, and some other stuff and I dropped him off at his house and went home. I'm glad he's still my best friend, and now my jack off buddy. :)

We plan to do it again, but we haven't set an exact date, but probably sometime next week maybe. I kind of hope he'll ask me, because it takes a toll on my nerves for me to ask him. I probably won't write about our future times unless you guys want me to.

any questions, or if you guys wanna hear about things we do in the future, leave me a comment or whatever.



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