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That Summer Evening

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Pubescent curiosity culminates on an August eve. Names altered.


It was late August before grade eight. I was thirteen at the time, and my best friend of the same age (who I'll call Josh) had invited me to come up along with his dad to his summer cabin for a week. I was in for an unforgettable experience, but at the time, I wouldn't have anticipated it at all.

Our cabin was situated next to a rocky beach on one of the more secluded Salt Spring Islands of the Pacific Northwest. Of course, most of our vacation was spent outside, either on the beach cove in front of our home, in the mini-plaza down the road, or on the local BMX course. For us, this was our last week before high school, so naturally we bombarded each other with questions about school, girls, music, ad nauseum. You know, the typical stuff.

On the last evening after supper, we went out to the cove for one last swim. The water was rather chilly, however, so we just stayed on one of the rocks. The landscape bent around in such a way that it formed a 'stone couch,' which was suprisingly comfortable, granted it was made of, well, stone. It faced the sea, and had very high walls on each side so that we weren't visible to anyone, even though no one else was strolling along the beach at this time. With this natural barrier, we were inclined to talk about subjects on a more personal nature.

It started off with asking girls on dates, who we would go out with, and who we thought the hottest was. Pretty soon, it moved to masturbation, and how long we had been doing it. Both of us had been jerking solo for about a year. We then began talking about styles of masturbation, whether rubbed or stroked, etc. All this talk had given me a massive boner, which was blatantly visible through my shorts. I'm sure it was no different with Josh.

Interesting thing is, all this time, the rock formation had us angled more or less back to back, so we couldn't see each other all that well. In retrospect, I think this eased the tension, because it was at this time that both of us started stroking ourselves. Mutually, we slowly turned around so that finally, we were face to face, cross-legged. I'll never forget that. Josh and I were rather equal, both with a fair amount of hair around the base, some underneath the arms, and a little running under the crotch. Years ago, both of us had seen each other naked, but we knew nothing about sex, nor had we matured. We looked at each other for a moment, both rather speechless, until I finally broke the ice. 'Might as well jack each other off, seeing as we're both here.'

Josh responded with a yes, and said, 'I'll start off.' We both spread our legs in a V and then overlapped them, so that our pounding cocks were inches away from each other. Slowly, he enveloped his warm palm around my uncut shaft, and an electric surge shot through me. I looked at his face, but he was intently focused on my lower half. He moved his palm up and started stroking with his thumb underneath my magenta head and his forefinger atop. At a medium pace he began, but it soon picked up. I was in heaven; after months of self-service, this was a godsend. Josh was mesmerised on my now screaming dick, and I was about to burst forth. The sweat on the underside of my legs caused my calves to slip over his slightly hairy shins. Less than a minute in, I was thrusting to the point of no return when I blurted out, 'Stop!' and pushed him back. I wanted to save a bit for later. It was now his turn.

I was about to lower my hand around his dick when he told me not to move. By this time, we were wrapped up in the experience. He stood up naked, cock sticking out straight, and positioned himself behind me. I asked him what he was doing, to which he replied, 'Just wait.' He moved me over, lowered himself onto his haunches and pressed his cock flat against my back and began oscillating up and down. His warm column of flesh was a completely different sensation altogether, but I don't think this was doing it for him.

We decided to sit back together, this time face to face, and moved our legs under each other's armpits. We started jacking each other, throbbing shaft with throbbing shaft. His circumsised boner was unbelievable, and I realized I couldn't keep going much longer. I remember staring at our teenage pricks, magnetically drawn together, and the feel of the fur on his crotch. Finally, I shot about a foot in the air for at least ten seconds straight. Josh was soon to follow. We sat there for a second, until I finally rolled over and stood up. I washed myself off in the frigid ocean water.

That's about all I remember that night, but some time in the next year, I finally convinced myself I was bi. Josh moved away a few months into the year, and that was that.



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