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That Night, the Beginning of Summer

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Some summers change your life forever.

Before I start this story, I should mention that we never talked about sex in my family, and I'm an only child, so I never had older brothers or sisters who could explain things to me. Everything I knew about sex I had read about in books or learned from my classmates. I look back and can't believe how naive I was about so many things. Celine changed all of that. I was fifteen years old and sleeping over at her house because her parents were away for the weekend. We wanted to go down to the beach with some guys from school without having to worry about a curfew or humiliating breath-smelling of beer or not being allowed to ride our bikes there. I wanted to impress her, because she was a girl I'd stared at all throughout freshman year, thinking that she was too beautiful and smart and popular to ever want to hang out with me.

When the night was over and we returned back to Celine's house, we changed into our pajamas and got into her bed. I can still remember her eyes shining as she clutched the covers to her chest and turned to me. 'Well? What base did you get to?'

'Third,' I said. 'Again.'

'Me too!' she squealed. 'Did you come?'

Did I come? I didn't know what she was talking about. 'What do you mean?' I asked her. 'We were all down by the beach. Where would I have gone?'

Celine rolled her eyes at me like I was playing a stupid joke on her. 'You know what I mean, Lise. Did you have an orgasm?'

'Oh. I ...' I thought about it. 'I might have. Maybe I did.' I had read about orgasms. And what he had been doing over my underwear definitely felt nice and kind of tingly.

'Oh my God!' Celine sat up straight, total disbelief on her face. 'You've never had an orgasm, have you?'

'I, I don't' I stammered and then, hating myself for being such a baby, felt tears stinging my eyes.

Contrary to my expectations, Celine did not laugh at me and end our newly-formed friendship right then and there. Instead, she began stroking my back, over my nightgown. 'Lisa, Lisa, relax, it's OK,' she said soothingly. 'If I didn't have Ann-Marie [her older sister], I wouldn't know how to do it, either. It's just ... it feels soooooo good. And guys don't really know how to make you feel that good unless you show them, but even if you show them, they still can't, not until they're older. That's what Ann-Marie said. You want to try?' I hesitated. I wasn't sure. What if I made a fool out of myself and she didn't want to be friends anymore? Or what if this was some kind of set-up so she could tell all of her more popular friends, away at summer camp, what a freak I was when sophomore year began?

'How about I start by showing you and then you just do what I'm doing, but to yourself?' she asked. 'Once you come, you'll know. You will definitely know. Anyway, Joey got me so hot that I need to finish the job.' She laughed, easing the tension somewhat. 'I bet Andrew did the same, right? He's soooo cute.' I nodded, my heart racing. I was glad she was going to show me first and sat up on my hands staring down at her while she threw the covers off, pulled down her pajama pants and panties and tossed them aside. She had a small tuft of hair between her legs like me, which she pushed aside to show me her clitoris. 'You see that, right there?' she asked. 'Right in the middle?' I nodded again. I'd examined my own closely before, the first time I was fingered, wanting to see what Andrew had felt.

'That's where you rub to make yourself feel good.' Transfixed, I watched Celine move her index finger in slow circles over it, the room absolutely silent aside from her wet squishing sounds and an occasional 'mmmmmmhhhhhmmmm' and 'uhhhhhhhh' escaping quietly from her throat. I felt frozen. I suddenly noticed that my nipples were hard, straining against the T-shirt I was wearing, and that I had that electric weighted feeling down there, the kind I associated with watching certain movie scenes or making out with guys. Her finger sped up and she half closed her eyes. 'I like to think about Joey when I do it ... like how he kissed me and rubbed up against me and I could feel how hard his cock was ...' She groaned and looked up, slowing the movements of her finger. 'Oh, fuck, I'm close already. Now you start.' Her breath was ragged, little gasps punctuating each word.

I laid down next to her, on the edge of the bed, and pulled off my bottoms. My finger found my clit easily; it felt harder and bigger than it had before. I circled it slowly, like I'd watched Celine do at first. And then a little faster. But I wasn't thinking about Andrew. I had my eyes open, watching Celine's face as she sighed and moaned, staring at the way her body moved up and down, thinking about her finger rapidly stroking her clit in small little circles. She was right, it felt so good, so much better than I ever thought my body could feel. A couple of times, I felt this wave building inside of me, and my legs felt frozen, and my whole groin area felt like it was going to be paralyzed. I didn't know what that meant or what would happen if I kept going so I made myself stop and watched her for a little while, my finger just resting on my clit or lightly stroking it.

Suddenly, Celine took a sharp breath inward and whimpered. Laying right next to her, I could see her finger moving furiously before her back arched and she moaned deeply, her body shaking and her breath leaving her throat in little ragged cries. I had started to move my own finger even faster, watching her, and knowing that I'd just seen her have an orgasm was the most sexually exciting thing I'd ever experienced in my entire life. I got that paralyzed feeling again and made myself stop.

'Mmmm, that was good,' she sighed moments later, licking clear liquid off her finger. She looked over at me and I felt exposed and thrilled at the same time. 'How's it going over there?'

'I don't know, I keep getting this feeling in my stomach and my body feels like it's paralyzed but not, which I know totally doesn't make sense, and I keep stopping but every time I stop it's like it happens even sooner when I start again.' My words poured out in a torrent as I took my finger off my clit and sat up. 'Maybe I just can't do it.' Celine pushed me back down, gently. 'That's what it feels like, right before, Lisa. Keep going and you'll feel what I just felt.' I sat up on my elbows, trying to find some kind of acceptable excuse. What I'd just seen was ... beautiful. She was beautiful. What if I did come and it wasn't beautiful and she was there to see it? 'I'm kind of, I don't know, I'm kind of nervous! Maybe we should just go to sleep and try again some other time. Like, maybe if I drink a lot or something, I'll be able to do it.' I tried not to think about how I'd probably be awake all night with my cunt throbbing like I'd never felt it throb before.

I was shocked when she just casually put her finger on my clit and began moving it in circles, smiling that knowing smile. I didn't try to stop her, didn't want to stop her, so I put my head back down on the pillow and let myself feel what she was doing to me. 'Oh,' I cried out. It was the same, but not. It was better. I didn't close my eyes as she masturbated me but stared into her face, thinking about how the finger that had just been touching her was now touching me, watching her satisfied expression as I made the same kind of whimpering moans I'd heard her make, moments ago, as the wave in my lower body approached and approached and I didn't do anything to stop it, just rocked my body back and forth against that finger, gasping at how good it felt. Celine shifted her weight sideways to better accommodate her hand and I felt her damp pubic hair and her wet pussy lips slide against my thigh.

And that did it.

I arched my back in the air and felt my cunt pulsating, the rest of my body completely numb. It was like I was just my cunt and nothing else. It felt like it continued forever. It felt like time had stopped. Pleasure was literally pounding through my clit. I never wanted it to end. When I opened my eyes, I hadn't even realized I'd closed them, my legs started to jerk and thrash as a few final shudders passed through me. 'Oh, shit,' I gasped as Celine's fingers slowed down and eventually stopped. She was practically gleeful. 'Told you!' she squealed. 'Right? I mean, was I right or what?'

That night, I never could have imagined what we'd just started, how masturbating with Celine would become the most constant activity of the remainder of the summer, or how we'd be regularly masturbating each other by the time summer ended.

All I knew that night was that this was better than anything else in the whole world.



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