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That Little Jiggle Got To Me

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Spring came and the temperatures went up and so did Carol's hem line. This was how it all started.


I was either 14 or 15 when this happened. I was riding a school bus to and from school back then and had gotten to know and sat with this girl name Carol. We were friends but this was as far as it went. Then, the weather warmed up with the approach of Spring. When this happened, Carol started dressing more and more in shorts or short skirts.

This was when things happened. One day I was sitting next to her and she was wearing shorts. As she sat down, her shorts crept up a little higher exposing that much more of her legs. We were moving and on a bumpy road when I glanced down at Carol's legs. It was then that I noticed it. As we hit the bumps I'd notice the little jiggles in her thighs. Seeing this got to me. It really turned me on. I immediately started getting an erection. I'd always wanted to feel a girl there ever since I started noticing girls in a sexual way when I turned 11 or 12. Seeing this just made this urge that much more stronger.

Everytime the road got a little bumpy, I'd go to looking at her legs. Carol finally noticed this and asked 'Lloyd, what are you staring at'? I apologized to her and told her 'your legs look so good especially when we hit bumps'. She answered 'silly boy'.

That afternoon as we were riding home, I again was intrigued by the little jiggles when we hit bumps. Carol again noticed me looking again. She said 'what's that doing to you'? I told her 'I don't know what it is. It sure gives me the urge to feel them'. Carol answered 'is that what you want to do'? I answered her 'I'd sure like to'. She said 'I don't mind if you really want to'.

As the bus emptied, we ended up nearly alone and our stop was coming up. I asked her 'are you sure it's alright to touch you there'? She said 'go ahead. I know you want to'. I reached over real quick putting my hand on her left thigh and I squeezed it. I then went up and in a little and felt them there. It felt like heaven under my hand. The feel was even more soft than I imagined it would be. I again got an immediate erection from it.

Our bus stop came up and I covered my front with my books and got off. Carol asked 'well, was it what you expected'? I answered 'oh yes! It felt fantastic'. We parted to go to our homes. As soon as I got home I headed straight for my room still with the same erection. It wouldn't go down. I quickly dropped my pants, laid on my bed and wrapped my hand around my dick. I no more than started with the motions and I came. I was so aroused from seeing those little giggles and then getting to finally actually feel a girl's leg. I was instantly an in love 15 year old boy! I couldn't wait until tomorrow and once again getting to see Carol and her legs again.

Starting that next morning things got different between Carol and I and we soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. Months later, Carol finally did get to see and feel what she did to me as we became sexually active with each other by giving each other our different forms of hand jobs. And this all started with those sexy little giggles in her legs that one morning.



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