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That First Time

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Something a boy never forgets.


Reading these stories sure gets me to thinking back and remembering my first time. At the time I was 14 or maybe 15 years old. Anyway, those male hormones had really hit me hard what ever age it was.

Across the street from me lived a girl around my age named Lupe. She and I had been neighbors for years and had often played together. When this all happened I was in my driveway shooting some loops with my basketball when Lupe came over to join me. It was Spring or Summer as it was warm. Lupe was wearing this little tank top but above all she had on these very short cutoff shorts made from an old pair of bluejeans. And had those female hormones ever done a job on her! I could see her tits bouncing around in her little top but above all was seeing those rounded cheeks of her butt out the bottom of those cutoffs and that little giggle of her beautiful brown thighs. At the time the sight went stright from my eyes to that thing down between my legs. I had no control over this at all and I got a hard on from hell in my shorts.

I also couldn't help myself and my eyes stayed on her body and I hardly ever looked at her face. Lupe saw this and there was no way that she could had missed that big thing in my shorts. It really stood out and I couldn't help it. Mother nature's thing. Next thing I knew she and I were standing in my driveway staring at each other's body. We were seeing each other in a different way for the first time and it was so exciting.

We put the ball down and I went into our garage which had these big sliding doors. Lupe followed me in. If she hadn't come in I was going to jack myself off. But she was there with me. We looked at each other in this different way than ever before and Lupe then asked 'did I do that to you' pointing at my shorts. I told her 'yes. You look so good'. Lupe was against the wall behind the closed sliding door. She then asked 'can I see it'? I was so excited standing there with this girl with this very obvious bulge in my shorts. I walked over in front of her and said 'if you want to'. I opened the front of my shorts and lowered them. The sensation of showing a girl my dick for the first time was unbelievable. Lupe then reached down and touched it. This sent a tingle all through my body when she did this. She wrapped her hand around it and I showed her the stroking motion. I then reached around her and put my hand on one of the cheeks of her butt at the bottom of her shorts. The feeling was out of this world and I could feel the orgasmic sensation really start to build. In just a few moments I went off squirting cum and it hit Lupy's thigh. I had never come so quick or so hard in all my life.

Lupy then let go and rubbed on the cum telling me how gooey it felt. I got her a rag and she wiped it off. I stayed hard and wondered if it would ever go down again. Lupe and I sat and talked awhile about what we had just done and how exciting it was. The rest of the Summer it became a daily thing with us and I also brought her lots of orgasmic joy too using my fingers. It was a very educational experience for both of us.

Although it was kind of looked down on back then (the interracial thing)we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We stayed this way until she moved to another side of town. We couldn't see each other very often and with both of us being sexually active we both ended up with new mates. Good thing too as we were getting so close to having intercourse with each other. It had become an overwhelming urge toward the end. She and I still cross trails with each other once in a while and we both still have this special thing for each other being that she was my first and I was her first.



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