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That First Memorable Experience

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I was so naive about sex and this was my first lesson.


I still vividly remember that Summer day more than 20 years ago when I was introduced to the pleasures of masturbation.. To say that I was sexually naïve would be a gross understatement. Although I was well into puberty, I was totally unaware of sex and sexuality. All that changed the week that my cousin who was a couple of years older than I visited me that summer. We had often spent time together over the years but it had been several years since we had stayed for an extended period with each other. The memories of that week still make my cock grow very hard and many times these past years since have those pleasant memories helped me achieve very powerful orgasms.

My education began that first night he spent with me. As we lay in bed in the dark the conversation centered on girls and those 'special' parts of their bodies that I had begun to really notice the last couple of years. He quickly realized my naivety and during the next hour or so, I received an education about sex, intercourse and its pleasures and the mysteries of the female body. Also, I learned about my own body, details I had no idea about. Looking back, I can't imagine how we both went to sleep without an orgasm to relieve the sexual tension that filled both our bodies. But we did and the conversation was forgotten until we were walking deep in the woods behind my house the next afternoon.

Sitting on a fallen log, resting, we resumed the conversation of the previous night. Actually, I had thought a lot about it and had a number of questions I wanted to ask about things that I didn't understand. So I asked question after question about how guys fucked girls, what it felt like and how one went about doing it. The answers included a mention of masturbation which I had never heard of so, I received a detailed explanation of how a guy could masturbate himself and produce the same feelings that he would get when he fucked a girl. I was very interested. I asked question after question about masturbation, which I quickly learned was called many names, jerking off, jacking off, beating your meat, fucking your fist and I grew even more curious as well as sexually aroused. He told me about how he learned, how long he had done it, described how it felt, how his cock would shoot off cum when he stroked it to orgasm.

Surprised that another guy had taught him and actually masturbated him, I questioned that and he explained how universal masturbation is and how common it is for guys to masturbate together and each other. He also told about homosexuals and explained the difference between homosexual sex and the sexual enjoyment guys could enjoy in the absence of available females to have sex with. He did admit that he thought the guy who introduced him to sex was gay but that he had never had any feelings that made him think he was gay. It was just fun learning about sex and enjoying it together and seeing how much pleasure they could give each other. He still had never experienced sex with a girl but looked forward to it and enhanced his masturbation sessions by fantasizing about girls he would fuck. Of course we were aware that each of us had massive erections and made no attempt to hide the fact from each other. It didn't take much urging from me to get him to show me his cock and soon we both stood naked, staring at each others hard cock.

I doubt he was as fascinated by my cock as I was his. He was huge, I had not imagined that a cock could swell to such a size. Of course mine was very hard and erect and swollen to a size I had never experienced before. He was very complimentary of mine, saying it was far larger than his had been when he was my age. I wanted him to show me how he beat his meat and he did a few strokes then wanted me to try it on myself which I did and quickly found it felt new, strange yet I liked it very much. He told me to stop lest I make myself cum and suggested that if we held off for a while, it would feel even better when we did shoot off. He reached for my cock and suggested that I feel his. I felt an intense curiosity as I reached out and clasped the hot, heavy hardness in my hand, surprised to feel the slick wetness that had spread over his cock head. He explained about cock juice and how it made your cock slippery so that the orgasm felt better.

Then he surprised me by showing me that my cock also was oozing that clear, thick and slippery fluid. I was pleasantly surprised. As we fondled and stroked each other and talked about masturbation and how good it felt, I noticed a new, exciting feeling of pleasure grow in intensity in my cock. I wanted to take it further but he suggested that I do it to him and watch and see how it was to have an orgasm. I was very willing so I sat on the log while he stood in front of me, his very large cock standing at attention in just the right position for me to reach out and wrap my hand around it. He directed me as to how I should stroke it, how fast and how deep the strokes should be. I would slide my hand back against his belly then forward until it slid all the way up, over his cock head.

This continued for a minute or so then he told me to go really fast from just behind his head to his belly and to watch him cum. He grunted and rocked his hips forward while I concentrated on keeping a fast motion back and forth on his cock. His grunts grew more pronounced and his hips jerked and thrust while I struggled to keep up the stroking action as he moved. Then it happened, there was a small white drop that came from his cock followed by jet after jet of this thick, white stuff. It shot several feet from his body and fell onto the leaves, making thick globs of white stuff. I was so startled that I stopped stroking his cock and he quickly grabbed his hand over mine and his cock and helped me give him the last strokes until he could stand it no more.

I was curious, excited and aroused as he stood panting, his cock rapidly deflating, cum and cock juice dripping from it. It was a deep red color that I hadn't seen before. He kept saying how good it felt, what a good job I had done. Several minutes passed before he recovered enough to return the favor to me. We switched positions and he, much more expertly, took my dripping cock in his hand and began to stroke. Immediately, I felt a new sensation, very pleasant and exciting. The feeling quickly grew in intensity and in a short time my cock also shot jet after jet of thick white cum that fell onto the leaves below joining the puddles he had left. I almost fainted from the overpowering feeling of my first orgasm and had to sit down on the log while I watched my cock soften, dripping juices and noticed the same deep shade of red.

Many other masturbation sessions together followed over the next few years but none were as exciting and arousing as that first time.



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