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That Feeling

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I read here a lot, but haven't contributed before. I don't know why today seems to be the day.


I woke this morning with THAT feeling. So hard to describe, yet absolutely obvious that it is there. Not 'horny' as such, perhaps more sensuous and even more subtle than that. Just a warmth in my lower tummy, and a raised consciousness in certain areas. I felt my sleep T on the nipples of my pathetically small breasts. I became aware of my knickers between my legs. I would like to tell you they were soaking wet, but they weren't. Just the usual warm and a little moist. Either way, that overall feeling was there. I spread my legs and just lay there for a moment or two. I love the feeling of my knickers tight against me like that, and I love the knowledge that they are all that is between my sex and the world. I imagined myself lying on the grass in a park on a hot summer day in my favourite white cheesecloth dress. I imagined someone looking. Oh, how they stared...willing me to expose myself to them. Hmm, but who were they? Male, or female? I am definitely hetro sexual, well, maybe a tad bi-curious, but I have learned to wait. My mind will tell me what I need.

Sure enough, it was a 'him'. He stares at me and I reach between my legs to tug the material to one side. (I do this for real in the safety of my bedroom...everything I describe from now on, I do to myself)

He walks over to me. He is so much older than me. Easily old enough to be my father. I can see the bulge in this pants as he looks at my exposed and now very wet vagina. He kneels between my legs and reaches out his hand. I feel him touch my clit. Ohhh but he is good at this. He circles, teases, almost slips a finger inside me until I am practically begging to feel it. Then, when I am about to plead with him he slowly, oh so very slowly pushes a long finger deep in me. I arch my back and push down on it. He curls his finger to find my g spot. That special place that presses against so many areas. I get the familiar feeling of needing to urinate, but it merely compounds the rising pleasure HE is giving me. I lay there, innocent and virgin-like. He reaches forward with his other hand and tugs my dress down exposing my breasts. It is then he speaks. 'You look like a 14 year old'. (Yes, I love pretending to be!) Then he reaches to his zipper.

I feel my orgasm rise from almost deep within my soul as he finger fucks me in that park. He fills me, stretches me, almost tearing me, but I love it. I whimper, move, and cry out under him. He raises my knees high in the air and it gives him the angle right on my g-spot. I feel the orgasm unleash, and despite myself, I cum and unrinate in short stabbing blissfully painful bursts. I feel him swell in me with one more finger even as I cum and I feel the warmth deep inside as I spurt my juice onto him.

Back in my bed in my flat, I have cum. My knickers now are very wet as is the sheet under me. I ease my fingers from my still trembling vagina and I raise them to my face. They are slick with my wetness. I lick the fingers that were inside me clean. I don't lick the other hand though. The one that was in my knickers from behind and had buried a finger deep into my anus. Not because of where that finger was, but becuase I know that as I came when my fantasy climaxed, I did wet myself.

I get up, change the bed, still wearing my wet knickers, and then I go to the bathroom. I stand in my shower without the water running and live out the end of my favourite fantasy. After all, in it, I am only 14 and have just beeh fingered by a stranger in a park. My friends tell me that it is exciting to pee into your knickers in public. So, in the shower, I squat and let it go into my knickers. It's naughty doing that, and I feel the sharp spike of desire again. So squatting there, when I have finished, I masturbate again to orgasm. Then I shower, knickers on and all for a while.

Then I dress, and once more I am the 23 year old graduate that I am in real life. Educated, erudite and sophisticated. If only people knew what went on in my head.



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