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That Day

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This happened when I was in grade eight.


I had been bugging my mom for about two months to buy me a pair of 'Chic' jeans as they were the ones to have. We made a deal that if I got a certain average on my report card I got the jeans. I worked my ass off and she came through with her end.

The first time I wore them to school I felt like I was a beauty queen. I recall walking a certain way to rock my hips back and forth thinking I was so sexy.

I took the bus home as usual but got off one stop early so that I could walk home for a few blocks in front of some boys and show off my ass.

When I got home I flopped on the sofa and was watching TV as usual. I was a bit hot and sweaty from the walk and felt my panties bunched up between my legs, in my crack.

Even today, I can replay what happened next in my mind like it was a video. I looked around for a second to make sure I was alone and unzipped my new jeans and stuck my hands into my underwear to pull them out and un-bunch them. To my surprise they were soaking wet. I panicked to a moment, thinking my period had started early or something and quickly pulled my jeans and underwear down around my knees.

I stuck my fingers into my vagina and was relieved not to see blood, but they were covered with a slimy fluid I had never seen before. I began to touch myself and push two, then three fingers deep into my vagina.

The feeling was incredible, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. My clit was hard and sticking out as I rubbed it.

The climax came fast, I arched my back, with my butt off the sofa and when I came I actually fell onto the floor, gasping for breath.

I had been masturbating for at least two years but I had never had an orgasm as powerful as this.

I was terrified. I looked around and realized that here I was, with my pants down, on the floor in the family room. My mother was making dinner in the kitchen, my dad could have come home at any moment (the door to the garage was in the family room) and my older brother and sister could have been anywhere.

I pulled my pants up and ran to my room. I got undressed and put my nightgown on and crawled into bed and cried for a while before falling asleep. My mom came in later and called me for supper but I said I was not feeling well as I had cramps, and went back to sleep.

That night I awoke some time after midnight and thought about what had happened. Although nobody saw me I was still ashamed of myself. I could not sleep and ended up masturbating several times. I never really got back to sleep and looked like hell in the morning. Without me having to say anything, my mom sent me back to bed thinking I was ill.

I slept for a few hours and masturbated again when I awoke. I knew my parents had a copy of 'The Joy of Sex' hidden in their bedroom. Curious about what I had experienced I went to their room and took the book. I was amazed to find a vibrator, an open jar of Vaseline and some other sex toys with the book. I was too frightened to use the toys but I read the book from cover to cover and masturbated again and again while fantasizing I was having sex with the bearded man in the book.

By the end of the day I was sore, exhausted and happy.

I never wore the jeans again.



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