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That Beach

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When I was 17, almost 18, my parents took my sister and me on a March break trip to St. Martins. It was during my senior year and I had really wanted to go on a camping trip with my buddies from High School.

My dad's boss had arranged the trip. He felt my father had worked very hard the previous year but times were tough and there was no cash for bonuses. Instead, he used all of his airline miles to book us on the trip.

Now, my parents are not prudes or anything but they were kind of shocked to discover that the beach directly in front of the hotel was a topless beach.

The first day my mother told me I was not allowed to go onto the beach but had to stay on the hotel property by the pool. My sister, Sandra, who was 15, was allowed onto the beach as the 'topless part was for girls' but they made her leave her top on. This made no sense whatsoever. I argued with her and my father but they had made their decision.

What they did not realize that most of the women going to the beach from the hotel walked past the pool topless. I picked out a good spot and spent most of the day watching women of all ages walk past with their boobs hanging out. At one point three French girls, not much older than I sat down across from me to sunbathe. I almost came in my pants when the three of them all took off their tops and took turns rubbing oil and lotion on each other. I had to take a quick dip in the pool and later when they had packed up and left, I ran upstairs to the room and jerked off using some suntan lotion as lube.

I was back at the pool, standing in line at the bar to get a drink when my parents and sister returned from the beach. I had not noticed but directly behind me in line was a woman with Dolly Parton sized boobs. My mom freaked out and I was told to come upstairs with them.

The following day we went to a 'private beach' the hotel had told my mom about. They arranged a large picnic lunch and a cooler full of beer. The hotel driver dropped us off at 10 am telling us he would be back at 5 that afternoon.

The beach was empty except for a few other people, far down the beach. We set up on the sand with an umbrella and towels. I soon got bored and spend most of the morning just walking on the beach.

There was another other family down the beach about 100 yards. When I walked past the first time I was amazed to see the mother, in her 20s was completely nude, her pussy shaved clean, visible to anybody passing by. I went past, walked about 100 yards before returning for another look. It was almost certainly the first vagina I had ever seen.

When I returned to where my family was things began to get weird. My mother had realized that there were no soft drinks in the cooler, just two dozen or so cans of Heineken. I already knew this and had snuck a beer already. My mom does not drink and after having a beer with lunch began to get tipsy.

My sister and I then walked down the beach, past the lady with the shaved pussy. As we approached, her husband was in the water with a little girl, perhaps 3 years old. The girl ran up to my sister and hugged her leg. Without thinking, my sister picked up the girl was going taking her back to her father. She cried out for her mother, so Sandra carried her up the beach to where her mother was.

As we approached, the lady sat up, with her legs open and called out to the toddler, who as soon as Sandra put her down, ran over to her.

I stood behind Sandra as they chatted for a moment. I had a perfect view of her vagina. I could even see some sand that had stuck to her lips.

As we walked back towards our parents, Sandra looked at me and said 'Nice boner, Bro'. I was embarrassed and said what did she expect.

Sandra said 'I wish I could do that'.

'Do what?' I asked

'Shave my pussy like that' was her reply. The thought of my sister shaving her pussy did not help with my boner situation.

I ended up taking yet another walk down the beach, past the lady with the shaved pussy, around a rocky point to be alone and able to get some relief.

As I passed the woman with the baby, she was rubbing some lotion on her tummy as if to cover some stretch marks. As I passed, looking directly between her legs, she just smiled.

It was the thought of that smile I kept in my mind as I jerked off on the rocks. I would like to say it was an amazing mind-blowing, life changing orgasm but it was not. It was just a quick wank, taking about 90 seconds, but I needed it.

Afterwards I climbed down the rocks and wanted to wash up in a tide pool but fell into the water when a wave washed over my feet. It took me some time to get back onto the rocks and I was quite tired, scared and scratched up when I got out.

When I got back to my family, both my mom and my sister were drunk and topless. My father was a bit buzzed and was pretending not to know them.

That night, my mom crashed early and Sandra offered to stay in with her. Dad and I went out on the town and ate some of the best seafood I have ever had; washed down with a few more Heinekens.

The next morning, mom was hungover but not hungover enough not to notice that Sandra had shaved her pussy the night before. For some reason this really freaked her out and they had a huge cat-fight.

This allowed me to escape the hotel for the pleasures of the beach.

When I returned all was well between the women. Later that night, when I was in bed, Sandra came in to the room we were sharing after taking a shower, wearing a hotel bathrobe. She asked if I wanted to 'see it'. Confused, I asked 'see what?'

Sandra opened the robe and showed me her pussy. I can remember it clearly to this day, the shape of her lips, the tip of her clit, just protruding between them. She then sat on the bed, covered partly with the robe, just enough so I could not see and plucked hairs from deep between her legs with some tweezers.

As she did, I slowly jerked off under the covers, coming onto the sheets. I don't think she realized I was doing it.

Sandra and I never shared any sexual experiences, but from that day on we were much closer, more like trusted friends, than brother and sister.

When I lost my virginity with one of her girlfriends, she knew all about it and told me that her friend thought I had a 'big cock' and was a 'great lover'.

When she got laid for the first time, she came into my room, late at night, to tell me. When the guy she slept with bragged about it to his friends, calling her a slut, I beat the tar out of him under the bleachers after school, getting in so much trouble I almost did not graduate. Sandra was very pissed at first but later admitted it needed to be done.

My wife and I went on our honeymoon to the same hotel. I had plans to take her to 'that beach' and make love under the stars but there is a huge resort there now.




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