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Thanksgiving Fun

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Hopefully more to follow!


I'm a freshman at college this year and I've been talking to this guy (Kris) back home for a few weeks. He was a year older in high school and everyone knew he was gay. This summer he found out that I am as well and started talking to me. When I went home last week, he wanted to meet up with me so that we could hang out some...

He picked me up from a friend's house since my family doesn't know and we went back to his place. His parents were out of town for the weekend after Thanksgiving, so we wouldn't be interrupted. We just hung out for a few hours watching some gay-themed movies I had brought (non-pornos) and just talking. I had convinced my dad to let me spend the night, just saying that he was friend and blah blah blah... One of the movies was rather explicit sexually with hot actors and at the end we saw that we both had boners...

We had talked about before hand what we wanted to do or what we would be fine with, so we were kind of like, 'What the hell.' I hadn't done anything with anyone else since I was younger, so I was nervous, but I was also so horny!

We started making out for like half an hour and occasionally feeling each through our clothing. At this point, I wanted a little more, so I asked if he had any good porn in his room. Kris said he did, so we moved onto his bed and he put a porno. For a while, we just watched it, but continued to feel each other's boners through our clothes. We started making out again and removed each other's shirts. I slowly worked my hand from his chest down to his crouch and unbuttoned his jeans. I pulled them off slowly and began kissing his chest and stomach. He told me to take off the rest of our clothes, so I did. I returned to laying next to him on his bed. His cock is about seven inches and uncut. Mine is almost eight inches and thick. I'm cut, but I still have a lot of foreskin, so I never bother with lube when I jack off... We started to stroke each other's cocks while we watched the porno. Occasionally, we would turn and look at each other and kiss. Gradually, we both started to speed up. I straddled his legs, so that we could see each other directly and so that we could join hands to stroke both cocks together. We did this for about fifteen minutes and we were both moaning in rhythm with our movements. We moaned louder, stroked and moved faster. We both groan loudly and shoot our loads together. It was amazing to not only feel my cum go through my shaft, but also to feel his going through his cock since our dicks were so close together. Our loads combined in mid-air. We shot so far that it hit his face, some in his mouth. His chest and stomach were covered though. I laid down on top of him so that I could feel our cum on me and we kissed... He passed some of the cum into my mouth and we played with it, back and forth until we each swallowed half... We laid there for a while until we both got hard again.

We advanced from there, but I thought I'd share that first part with you. I hope you enjoyed that! I know I sure did!!! Hopefully more stories will follow!



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