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Thanksgiving, a New Thing to be Thankful For

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All good things cum to those that wait.


I went back home with my boyfriend to visit his family over Thanksgiving. We have been childhood sweethearts forever and exclusively dating for 10 years. We both went on for advanced degrees after testing the job market. We became practising Christians during our college years. That means we forgo sex until marriage. That change back to celibacy was particularly hard on me. We went to the same school, and if either of us had "tested the water"� the other surely would have found out. This celibacy has been seven years after a year of being VERY active, I often wonder if we will ever become engaged or marry. He says he wants to get school loans under control before we get married. We live separately. Both with apartment mates so there would be no savings in marring. We both owe multiples of our annual income for college. So it is, and will be for the foreseeable future. So anyway we are back home. I in the guest room he in is old room. On black Friday I woke to take a shower. The hot water felt good between shaving my privates (don't ask why hope springs eternal, one must be ready) and the hand sprayer, I was doing quite well at reading myself for the masturbation session that was to follow. His parents were at work, and I knew he would sleep till noon on his day off. As I went to wash my hair and found no shampoo left in the bottle. Wondering what jerk left an empty bottle in the shower. I threw on my house coat. I was still dripping wet and went to the main bath, which was the one my boyfriend used. He had some man soap stuff that was for body, hair, and shaving, and stunk for sandal wood and cedar. There was no way that was going to work. Then a light went on perhaps I could use this opportunity to remind him of the pleasures we had both been missing. I turned on my bedroom voice and went to knock on his door. No answer, I cracked the door and seductively called his name. It's hard to be seductive yelling through the door; Still no response. I walked over to the bed and tapped him on the shoulder, he sleeps nude and I could see he had significant morning wood going on under the sheet. It took all my strength not to just climb in with him, without an invitation. When I tapped him on the shoulder he woke with a start. He shuffled to cover up, and asked what I was doing in his room. So much for getin some. I told him that guest bath had no shampoo; he said go in his parents bath and grab my mom's. I was kind of afraid so I asked him if he would go, he looks at me like I was daft. "I have no clothes on"� he said. "Well it was worth a try"�, I said "go back to sleep."� The frustration of the rejection steeled my courage and I headed off to the master bed & bath. The bed was not made, and it was clear that at least his mom had a busy morning, and left in a hurry. There was a thick glass dildo and two plug in type vibes lying on the bed. My head was a whirlwind of what may have gone on that morning, I was so jealous I might well have been green. I went in the bath and my jaw dropped. It was as big as the bedroom. There was a two person shower that had controls for a steam bath. There was a hot tub with a long arching spout that was positioned just right. There was and room beyond the edge of the tub, to rest ones legs, on the deck. I turned on the water just to see" it was the most singular tube of water I had ever seen outside of a fountain. I was dripping with anticipation what it must feel like on ones clit. I took all my strength not to climb in and try it out. I worried that he might find me there or worse his mom might come home early, as she said was a possibility. The sinks were his and hers with a make up table between. I could spend a whole day easily in this room, but I knew that would be a huge overreach. I grabbed the shampoo. As I went back through the bed room, the light was brighter through the window. The freshness of the scene became more apparent. As I stood there, I more completely drank in the scene. The dildo was slick with cunt juice. The vibes were both warm to the touch. The bed linens were no longer warm but cool and musky. The activity solo or duo was athletic and perspiration producing. The air was thick with pheromones. I came to the realization that I NEEDED attention, juice was dripping down my thigh. Inspecting one of the vibes I knew I had to try it. It looked like a brown electric tooth brush but the attachment was clearly for clitoral stimulation. I snapped it on and off for just an instant. I realized two things immediately; it was powerful, and nearly silent. I had to turn it on again. I did and fiddled with the four position switch. What I thought was powerful was a mid range speed. It had teasing and knocks your socks off speeds as well. I raised it to my cheek to feel its gentle tickle on the lowest speed. As it touched me two realizations hit me at the same time, it was moist and had the smell of aroused pussy. I snapped to, aroused and repulsed at the same time. I had never thought of his mom that way! Yet could feel my own arousal let down and the prior drip became a stream of cunt juice down my leg. It was as if my hands and minds of their own. They brought the tip of the vibe still steeped in his mother's juice, directly to my clit. A few seconds in I heard a sound that turned out to be the dog entering the room. I felt busted and could not go on, thoughts ran through my head, what if it had been my boyfriend, or worse his mom, or heaven forbid his dad. I had to stop; but I couldn't. I unplugged the vibe and ran to my room. I plugged it in and spread my legs as far as they would go. The tension across my clit was amazing. I diddled myself to a thunderous orgasm and just kept the vibe in place. My personal vibrating dildo (gift from a married girlfriend) is too strong to use on my clit after I cum, I just go numb if I try to continue after cumming, but this was far more gentle. I even switched it up a notch and continued. I came again in less than 30 seconds, I drew back from direct contact and turned it on high, it took a while of riding the roller coaster before my next orgasm came. It seemed to go on forever. I think I actually blacked out. I don't even remember turning the thing off, but I must have, because I woke more than an hour later. I finished my shower and prepared to return the vibe. I was more relaxed and energized than I can ever remember being. As I passed the kitchen his Mom says "hi, join me for a cup of tea." Their room was at the end of that hall. Nothing else was down there, a stashed the vibe. On a dining room chair and entered the kitchen undoubtedly crimson red. She remarked that I was glowing, did I have some news to share. She like I was anxious for her son to pop the question, but all I could think about was that she knew about the vibe. We sat and had a very pleasant conversation. Then she asked me if I would help make the beds, I said mine was made, "then the others" she said. My boyfriend was out shovelling, as we went to his room. There was the unmistakable smell of cum. I tried to ignore it, but as we pulled back the top covering the fitted sheet had a huge wet spot. His mom remarked he used to wet his bed when he was little. When we got a new mattress, we put a water proof cover on it; I guess it's a good thing we did not take it off. We both laughed. "Boys will be boys"� she said. I was more than a little embarrassed but it did not faze her in the least, then she headed for their room. I trailed at a distance. She encouraged me on. I asked if she did not want to straighten up first. To which she replied, "Already did"�, "apparently not early enough though"�, she chuckled. I could feel the color rush from my face, and I felt light headed. I have never fainted in my life, at least not until earlier that day in orgasmic climax. I came to in the hall with a cool washcloth on my head. She said if I did not know better I say you were pregnant, again chuckling. I proceeded to apologize, and explained about the shampoo, and how her son would not help, and that I was really sorry! She just smiled and said "am I safe to assume what you would most appreciate for Christmas, other than an engagement ring."� She told me I could have use of it for the rest of my stay, and gave me a big hug and said "girls will be girls"�.



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