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All on one Thanksgiving night. It was both of our first times to do anything like this.


It was Thanksgiving and we had family over. They made the trip from a far off state, so they were all staying over at our house. I was 14 at the time and one of my cousins, Katie, was 13. Since they lived so far away we weren't REAL close, but the times we did see each other we would hang out a lot, as well as the rest of our family.

We had just finished our Thanksgiving dinner and the sun had gone down. We all went outside to play 'hide and go seek' in the dark. There were a few of us outside so we decided to play in teams. Katie and I were on one team and it was our turn to hide. We found a hiding spot way out in some bushes, so far out that no one could see us until you got close. We thought it would be perfect since you could see anyone coming up on you long before they could see you. It was also cold outside so we were kind of huddled together.

After hiding for a couple of minutes I had the urge to take a leak and without even thinking about it I just said 'Man I gotta whiz'(Even though we don't see each other much, we had pretty much grown up together, so saying this wasn't awkward or anything). 'Go ahead' she said. I gave her a baffled kinda look. 'Hey, you're in nature!' she said. 'You mean, you don't mind?' I asked. 'Nah, that kind of stuff doesn't bother me'. I started to get some ideas, and said 'Well, ok'. I unzipped my jeans and pulled my boxers down just a bit and started to take a leak. We were still hunched down behind a bush so I poked my head up to see if anyone was coming. No one. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Katie staring directly at my penis. I imagine she hasn't seen that sort of thing much at her age. Up until this point I was doing pretty good, but once she started staring, I started getting hard. I finished whizzing and zipped back up. Katie began to ask me a question. 'Have you ever...' 'What?' I asked. 'You know, had .... sex?' 'No, have you?' I asked in response. 'No' she said. A couple seconds went by then she asked 'Have you ever masturbated?' 'Yeah, all the time. Though, I haven't had the chance the past couple days.' 'I masturbate too.' she said. 'But I haven't since we got here.' By this time I was already hard as a rock. We both knew what each other wanted to do, but she asked anyway. 'Do you, want... you know, since we both haven't in awhile, do you want to ... masturbate?' I sat there stunned with excitement. 'You know, just as a non-sexual type thing.' 'Yeah right' I thought.

'OK' I said. She took off her jeans and laid them on the cold ground then sat on them. She looked at me as if to say 'Your turn'. I did the same. It was dark outside, but the glow from the moon was enough to illuminate the tent that had formed in my boxers. She positioned her hands on her panties and got ready to take them off. I did the same, and we both took off our underwear at the same time. We sat there staring at each other for a while. Then Katie broke the silence, 'How about you do me, and I'll do you?' 'OK' I said. My heart was racing. Our hands passed each other in the air as we reached for each other. I watched as her hand got closer and closer to my penis. Right as I touched her vagina, her hand came to rest on my penis. We both let out gasps. She then showed my how she liked to be masturbated, and I showed her how to move her hand up and down on my penis. It felt SO GOOD I couldn't believe it was happening. And by the look on her face, she was feeling pretty good too. Neither of us were going to last long, not feeling this good. Fearing the others would find us hiding soon, we began to both whisper each other names. 'Ooh Katie' I said. 'Ooh Ryan' she whispered. It was only about two minutes into it I started whispering 'Ooh Katie, I'm going to come!' 'Me too' she said. Right after that I started ejaculating all over the grass. Katie started thrusting her hips as she orgasmed. After we came back down to earth, we grabbed some leaves nearby and cleaned each other up. After we put our pants back on I kissed her and said 'We'll have to do this again Katie, before you leave'. We sat there a few more minutes holding hands until our other cousins found us.

Suffice it to say, we moved on to 'other' things before she went back home. Perhaps I'll post that story some other time.



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