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Thanks to Nurse

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great site! too bad - there isn't a link where ppl can contact each other and swap stuff yet. I know if there was, i'd put my addy on it!!


HI, i am a teenager of just barely 15 yrs old and enjoy solo (this ste) & solo fun as much as sex. I enjoyed all the postings were people talked about hospital stays and their masturbation fun during their stays alot. I 2 had a couple hot experiences with masturbation during a stay in the hospital. So, i will share it with you now!
*background (lead into why i ended up in the hospital).....
a few yrs ago - my mommy & i were in a car accident. The front passenger side of mom's car was hit by a guy who came through a stop sign. Anyway - guess with the force of the hit - the door & fender got pushed in & my right leg was pushed into a funny position. We managed to get out of the car and mom confronted the guy. Then the cops & ambulance ppl showed up. They took me & mom to the hospital to get checked out. All seemed fine and we were sent home. A few months past - and then i was getting severe pain in my knee & it was very stiff after sittin crossed legged for a long time. So mom took me to a sports medice clinic & we saw a DR. He sent me 4 xray scan and an MRI a month after that. We went back and he gave us the results and brought in a surgeon. That Dr looked at all the stuff, my knee and said; 'surgery it is!'
A few months later -- i had knee surgery. Was supposed to be day surgery - but it turned into a 5 day stay in hospital due to an infection. Had to be treated for it b4 being allowed to go home.
But - the morning of the operation .. the dr said:'it is very routine, doesn't take more then 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to do and hopefully you will be home by 4 o'clock. Well, after the operation....... i was laying there in recovery, my legs & abdomen frozen. Once the freezing was going away, i was wheeled back to day-surgery ward. A bit later - the frozeness had gone away and i was able to lift my leftleg & bend the knee. But my right leg was stiff & my knee had started to swell more then it did (as a result of the op). the nurse came and saw it & called the dr in. He looked and said; 'oh, thats not good - xray!' Had an xray done and a needle to - which showed the infection.
So - now i was taken upstairs 2 a room where i stayed for 4 more days and was on IV's to kill the infection.
I was lucky however - in that i got a room all to myself and didn't do much the 1st day cept rest. By the second day - i was feelin better and had my left leg bent up & was reading a book my mom had brought me. Well - there was a sorta discriptive sex scene in it and i could feel my pussy had gotten wet & i was feelin tingly all over too. So, i reached under the blanket and slipped my hand into my panty and began rubbin & fingerin myself. Oh my god........it was like i was in heaven, the rush of hormones or whatever - but it just felt great. I heard the door open and the nurse pushed the curtain back. I whipped my hand out so fast - but i think she knew i had been doing something...cuz she gave me a lil grin & said;'you seem flushed are you ok!' I said i was and took the pain meds she brought me. She left and i resummed playing!
Later that night - i was laying in bed watching tv and she came in again. As she was checking the IV drip - she said;' did i interupt you doing something earlier, just wanted to know - i have a daughter bout your age and i accidently walked in on her masturbating once.' Well - i almost died and went totally red and admitted that i had been doing that b4 she walked in.
She headed for the door and said; 'so i was right - you were doing something. GO ahead and do it whenever you need 2......a girl has got to have as much fun as boys do!'
Let's just say - after that, i'd masturbate right there in my room whenever i needed too and Linda (the evening / night nurse) would come in and find me in the middle of it.
The last 3 days (eneded up stayin an extra day) she'd come by each night and lock the door and we'd masturbate together. OOOOOOOOO - the last night i was there, she even masturbated me with her hand & a weird looking medal object. I rubbed her pussy too. She put her uniform back on and left - i went to sleep.
I got up the next morning and my mom picked me up shortly after the discharge time. I have never seen nurse Linda again - but becuase of her using the funny lookin thing on (in) me that night.. it has led into me using alot of different stuff to get off with.
hope ya like this story. any others out there - that have had same sorta thing (masturbating while in the hospital)
happen.. i'd love to hear about it!h



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