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Thanks Jason!

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I really wish I could see him again...


A little bit of brief history about Jason and me; we met in school and always told each other we were nothing but friends, until one night...*

Jason was also a bad student in school and never showed up to class and this is why I believe he got kicked out of school and never came back.

I wouldn't say that I'm an ugly girl; but I'm definately not what guys would consider hot. I'm 5'10' and 125 lbs, with black hair and hazel eyes. I possess an A-cup and one really good ass (or so I'm told)

I'm 19 and I've never had a boyfriend. That sucks, but what can you do? I've been pleasuring myself ever since I can remember! I believe I discovered the art, when I was 13 of crossing my legs and squeezing pretty hard.

Anyway, back to the story!

Jason and I decided to go out with some friends one night and overall, the night was pretty boring since other people decided to leave with other people they'd met at the bar.

Jason and I decided to take a cab home. During the cab ride, Jay kept mentioning that I had looked really good at the club and that he was very horny.

When we got in we decided to play a sexy guessing game with his Blackberry... and when I lost this game I let him feel me up because he had said he wanted that to be his prize. I didn't give it a second thought until his hands came under the waistband of my pjs. I was a little surprised seeing as this guy, my best friend, was feeling me up and liking every minute of it. And part of me was thrilled and a low ache started settling into my 'fun' region.

We decided then we would watch some t.v and I was tired so I put my head on his shoulder. A few minutes later, I was cold, so he got us a blanket. He then caught my hand and realized that I was in fact cold and he shifted his weight in order to warm me up. Then the hair playing action began and suddenly he kissed me. I'd always fantasied what that would feel like and it thrilled me.

Before, I could protest, his hands were unhooking my bra and he was gently playing with my nipples which are highly sensitive to begin with. His hands are really rough so I was turned on within seconds. I could feel my g-string getting wet and knew that I could not turn back.

He took off his shirt and he took off mine after some time. He laid me back onto the couch and began pulling at my pj bottoms. Once he managed to get those, he pulled off my g-sring and placed his two fingers on my clit and began rubbing ever so gently. I blacked out for a few seconds and once I regained my composure; I decided to give him some relief and pull out his 8' cock. I gave him a handjob after which he squirted all that gorgeous cum onto my stomach. We fooled around more that night and finally we got tired and this is when he told me he'd always loved me and wasn't sure if I felt the same way. I told him yes and we went to bed in each others arms.

Two school days later; after sending me a text message asking if our class was cancelled, I never saw my friend again. I tried calling him a few times and he never answered. I went to see him the other day at work and they told me he did not want to see me so I had to give up the pursuit. I wonder what he's up to and if you're reading Jay, I love you and I miss you. Come by for coffee and we'll talk. Then hopefully, we'll play some more.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if this wasn't everything you were expecting.



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