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Thanks for the Wanks!

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My friend Arlen is 16 and kind of small, almost girlish in some of the way he looks, with long blond hair too. For a long time I wanted to see what the rest of his body looked like, but never got a chance. He is very shy but I talked about wanking a few times and I would sometimes say things to hint it would be fun to do with a friend, but he always seemed to get scared when I said something like that so I would back away.

One day we were talking about if girls wanked themselves and I told him about Solo Touch and that he could read stories by girls telling what they did and how. After that we would sometimes share it when we found a hot female story. Once I was at his house and said we should look at the site and read the new stuff. He said ok but made me wait outside his room while he got the computer up to the page. I guessed why. When I went into the room finally, it was set up to just show the female stories for the month.

I could see some of the hyperlinks were lit up red showing he had already read them of course. I said I wanted to look at all the stories, and he fought me on it and didn't want to give me control of the mouse. I told him, 'You don't want me to know what you've been looking at, and I know why!' I teased him and he was so embarrassed and could hardly get his words out and he turned red.

I grabbed the mouse and clicked to see all the stories for the month and sure enough, nearly all the male to male stories had been read along with the female stories. I kept teasing him that he wanted to jerk off with guys. Finally he was suffering so much I took mercy on him and told him I did too and that we should have a go at it. Since I was a little older I thought I should start.

I was standing up, so without waiting I undid my pants and let them fall down to my ankles and pulled my hard dick out of my boxers. He was sitting, and at eye level to my crotch and I could see he was enjoying looking at it. I reached down and undid his belt and fly, and reached in and held his hard dick and balls. He relaxed some and I felt the shaft get to where I could feel the pulse and then I pulled it out. I put his hand on my dick and we only had to stroke each other a few times till we both came. I squirted all over, but he being younger only put out a few drops. That was the first time. We now do it about two or three times a week, but now we are comfortable about it and it is a lot more relaxed how we do it. Thanks to the Solo Touch hyperlinks lighting up. Otherwise I don;t think this would have ever happened and we both would have missed out on something real nice.



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