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Thanks Everybody!

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Appreciate your contributions!


My wife and I are getting close to our 48th anniversary, but because my wife has not consented to let me 'come in' for eight years, I have really appreciated Solo Touch. Pornography does nothing for me because it is flat. I much prefer rounded shoulders, rounded breasts, rounded buttocks, rounded thighs, and yes, of course, rounded love lips! My wife does let me stroke her body and I enjoy her wisps of light colored, fuzzy pubic hair. She will let me play with her breasts, love them, squeeze them, fondle them, kiss them, suck them, and lick them. She will let me stroke her entire body and cup her love mound in the palm of my hand. She will let me spread her love lips to enjoy the most intimate part of her body.

When she lets me play with the upper part of her slit and pull up on the hood covering her clit, I enjoy having her squeeze my erection. When she lets me rub her clit to make it enlarge, I enjoy the feelings of feeling her clit engorging between my fingers. I call her breasts my 'all day suckers' but she would be bored and makes me stop after a while. She's given up on reaching climax. She never discovered self-pleasure as a girl. Not until we were married a year and bought a book did she discover that females can experience intense pleasure. A person would think that a nurse would know. Yes, she knew the body parts, but not the function of her clit. Sad. I especially enjoyed watching her hips lift up off the bed as her body arched in pleasure!

Okay, now for the stories I read on Solo Touch. As I wrote earlier, pornography does nothing for me because it is flat and I can't touch bare skin. So I enjoy Solo Touch because it puts me right into the middle of the action. I seem to become one with the writer, whether M or F and enjoy the feelings! I always read F, FM, FF, and MF, seldom M. I never read MM because I had a negative experience in grade school. Early in my seventh grade year, an eighth grade boy showed me how to enjoy my body. We would both pump until our arms ached and trade hands repeatedly until the explosion hit. He was old enough and experienced enough that precious white 'love juice' would pour out after a long while. With only five in school, two boys and three lower grade girls, we could not even play ball, so we 'played ball' under the school in fall and spring and up in the attic in winter. We also played ball in the outhouse. We peeled out a long sliver of wood so we could look out through it and watch the girls do cartwheels. Their skirts would drop down and we could see their panties through the slit in the outhouse wall. We'd pump until the bell rang for school to resume.

When I finally got a single drop of precious white 'love juice' to ooze out, I thought I had just become a man! He commented that now I could impregnate a female. From then on until now, I have always awaited the moment when my love juice would ooze out as a boy, shoot out as a mature male, and now in my senior years simply pour out. I've always been fascinated by the quantity that erupts and have measured it with kitchen measuring spoons. I used to produce a full teaspoon, but in more recent years do not produce that much anymore, so am content with less and enjoy the feelings of the explosion all over my body as the sparklers zip through my body clear to my brain. I've read that orgasms and ejaculation are not the same. Yes, since then I've noticed that my orgasm hits my brain before my love juice starts flowing. Ah! Wonderful feelings! More! More! More! As often as I can!

Back to school days, up in the school attic one time, the eighth grade boy suggested that we pump each other. When he reached for my love wand, he commented, 'It's so small.' That negative comment still turns me off nearly 60 years later and I don't read MM. Sorry guys.

Up in the attic were tons of old text books scattered deep all over. Dust covered everything, but no worse than 'playing ball' under the school house. One time he invited his younger sister to come up into the attic and told her to pull her jeans down and her panties so we could see her 'crack.' I didn't see anything special. In fact, I felt sorry for her because she didn't have anything to play with. He really got excited seeing her 'crack' and pumped his prick so fast that his hands were a blur. I simply pumped and looked, but not as excited as he was, just because pumping felt good. She looked at both of us as though 'What's the big deal?' I felt sorry for her because she was not having fun. I still feel sorry for females who do not know what the big deal is when a guy impregnates them without them enjoying the feelings of orgasm.

It's been a few years since I've posted anything on Solo Touch. I was on Whispering Lily for a while and posted some there. I also posted lots of stories when it was still Pro-Axis after I found it while searching for sexy stories. I do not like all the other websites because of the porn. I'll stick to Solo Touch and enjoy your stories. Today I read the one by an 85 year old man and appreciated his story. At 70, I've wondered how long I could continue enjoying the pleasures my body gives me. Now I have a great clue. So I'll continue enjoying orgasms as long as I can and hope to enjoy them as long as he does.

Our neighbor died at 75. He complained once how his manhood was shrinking and his wife confirmed that he had almost nothing left. Ah, 'use it or lose it.' That's the way it is with any skill, from riding bicycle to welding. USE IT OR LOSE IT. I most certainly intend to 'use it' for enjoyment and for health. I've read that ejaculating five or more times a week is better for males than only two or less times per week. So when my wife is working, I can take my time playing. I've learned that by pumping slowly, I can make it take an hour or two before exploding. Ah, I love the feelings of being full and I love the feelings of fullness in either hand. Ah, I love long build-ups. When needing to get going, I'll pump quickly and can get my 'love juice' to pour out in 15 minutes or less. I read 20 or more years ago in Reader's Digest that there is a certain chemical in a male's ejaculate that is a cancer inhibitor, so I always eat my ejaculate because I most definitely do not want cancer.

When my wife is home, she does not mind if I play with myself, either on a Saturday morning when we have some 'skin time' or on a Sunday afternoon after I awaken from a nap with a 'corn cob' in my shorts. Usually however, I will go to the computer while she's taking a nap so I can read Solo Touch stories that I've downloaded. While she's napping, I pump excitedly so I'm done by the time she awakens because I have not shown her Solo Touch. She has an aversion to anything sexy and trashes any incoming mail that says 'Sex Related Material.'

I've gone on long enough, but want you all to know that I enjoy your sexy stories, the longer the better so I can finish while reading. I don't really like having to read a bunch of short stories because my love wand tends to droop in between. I like him full and hard and big and purple! He measures two inches across the head and two and a quarter inches at the base. He's seven and a quarter inches long. He curves only slightly upwards. I love him! Females, if you want to know what he feels like, find a big cucumber. A banana doesn't come close to his diameter. I think he's beautiful and would like to show the world, but know I don't dare because I don't want my fun to become public knowledge perchance someone would report me to authorities. So keep writing so I can keep pumping! Enjoy your bodies!

One last comment, I poured out my love juice yesterday so am not frantic to do so today, although I have cum recently three times in less than 24 hours just to prove to myself that I still can. After downloading your stories to a floppy or flash drive, I take the liberty to highlight, underline, bold, and color the really exciting parts of your stories so I can re-read certain parts over and over until my brains starts sparking like a fourth of July sparkler and my body tingles all over and my love juice gushes!

Happy jacking and jilling everybody! Oh, yes, I finally figured out why pleasuring ourselves is called jacking and jilling. I think the terms jacking and jilling must come (no pun) from the old nursery rhyme about Jack and Jill going up the hill to fetch a pail of water. 'Jack fell down and broke his crown' from a sexy side means that he scratched the head of his love wand. When he got up and went to Old Dame Dob who patched his 'knob' would mean that she played with his love wand and after he ejaculated, she rubbed it with 'vinegar' to make it continue to tingle and 'wrapped his knob with brown paper' to make it feel the touch of something around it. I'm the kind of guy who likes to read meaning into various things and actually wrote a long poem about Jack and Jill.

Again, HAPPY jacking and jilling everybody and don't forget to give our Creator special thanks for every good feeling, every erection, every cum because of the way our Creator created our bodies so marvellously.




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