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Thank's Dad

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This happened to me when I was 16 years of age. I grew up in a rather liberated environment; I mean I would say that my family is sexually liberated. Its not that we are perverts, but sex is definitely not something that is thought of as dirty, or that is not supposed to be talked about freely. We grew up with the idea that no thought is dirty and we were naturally entitled to share this with our parents and discuss it freely.
Therefore I would say I developed normally, that is to say, was interested and experimented with the same stuff most of the people contributing to this site are interested and experimented with.
I have had experiences on both sides of the line, both female and male, of which I think is totally normal. I must say I find it very funny when reading an article on this site to hear somebody say that they are not gay, but they do fantasize about a man, or the other way around. What is sad about this is that this person does not realize that it's totally natural to be inquisitive, and the 'But I'm not gay' is just a conditioned statement out of fear for societies fears and restrictions.
Anyway, having said that, my whole family was pretty good-looking. That includes my mom, sister, father and myself. I'm not saying this to brag about it but because it has reference to my story. We were all fitness conscious and had a healthy lifestyle, with the results of being naturally well built.
Now like I said, nothing was 'off limits' for us as long as there were no harm in it for myself and the other person involved, and as long as it was of everybody's own free will. I therefore new about masturbation from the time I first asked my dad about it, when I heard about it from my friends. This must have been around the age of 10 - 11. So there were the initial experiments with my friends and later on there were girls involved - strictly masturbatory.
But I had this one fantasy of which I was a little bit embarrassed even though we grew up to be so sexually open with our parents. And this was to have a masturbation session with my dad. Now let me tell you, my dad is really attractive. Although my dad was 41 at the time, he was still in very good shape, seeing that he and my mom went to the gym 3-4 times a week to keep fit. Not that he was the bodybuilder type; no he was just firm and naturally well build. Now to visualize this a bit further, he is rather hairy - again just in the right places - well to explain this shortly, he would have been the ALPHA MALE if he were to be a lion. Now at this stage you must start thinking that there is something seriously wrong with me - think again. Have you not all wondered about your dads or moms, not in a pervert way, but in a naturally inquisitive kind of way? I love my dad; I'm was not in love with him. I've seen my dad naked lots of times and when I was younger I sometimes showered with him. So it was not that I was wondering what he looked like naked, but I was however wondering what he would look like with a full boner and how he would 'perform' when masturbating. I already new that he still masturbated alone and with my mom as he explained it to me by the time I asked him about it.
So I decided that the best way to handle this is the direct way. I therefore went to my dad's study where he was busy doing some work. He often worked after hours, being a corporate lawyer. I asked him whether it was a suitable time to talk to him. He said it is fine and that I should join him. He put down everything and gave me his full attention. I told him I'm kind of embarrassed to talk to him about it. He said I should not be embarrassed and could share anything with him, and I should know that by now. I said it's kind of personal and it also involves him. He did not indicate any sign of discomfort and said I must continue. I then said, 'Well I was wondering what it looks like when you masturbate'. I saw a small smile developing at the corners of his mouth. 'Do you fantasize about other sexual things as well?' he asked. 'Yes sure, I definitely fantasize about having intercourse with Genna (she was my girlfriend at the time, and my wife today), but as we discussed, I'm not feeling responsible enough for what the consequences of that may hold yet'.
He then asked me. 'How would you seeing me masturbate satisfy your curiosity?' I then told him I think it is natural to be wondering this, and that it will naturally satisfy my curiosity. He then told me he understand, and did not think that there was anything wrong with it. After pondering for a while, he then said, 'Well then me and you should have a jack-off session, so that we can satisfy your curiosity'. 'You are also still jacking-off, I suppose?' After which he just laughed. He then told me that we need to find a suitable time for this as he does not just have quick jack-off session, but he tend to make the most of his sessions alone. I asked him, what he meant by this. He said that he practices edging, which involves experience and more time. I then asked him what 'edging' was. He just smiled and said 'Seeing that you don't know yet, I'll show you at our session'.
It then game about that my dad and me went away for a weekend alone to our summer home down by a lake to have a 'father and son' weekend, now don't think this was just for the 'session' we had weekends like this about twice a year when just me and my dad went away for a weekend, although I was pretty excited about the possibility. At these weekends we usually caught up with each other's lives in more detail, as he was usually very busy during the week. We arrived early the Saturday morning, unpacked and settled in. Seeing that it was still pretty early we decided to go fishing. We got together all our gear and set off in the boat to find a nice spot. We are talking about quite a big lake here, and I must say it must be one of the most beautiful places on the planet, that I have seen so far. We casted in our lines and sat back to just enjoy the quiet, peace and each other's company. My father was the first to catch a fish at around 10:30 in the morning, and I think this provided the excitement and break that lead to my father's suggestion of making full use of the nice weather and to get a nice full body tan. He said it was getting pretty hot and he thinks he is going to strip.
I first thought he was just going to take of his shirt and keep on his shorts. To may surprise, he, without even a wink undressed completely. And there my father stood in front of me completely naked. I must say, I was proud, what a body, in perfect shape, the sun was glistening on his thick chest and pubic hair. Seeing that it was rather hot by this time his penis and balls were completely relaxed and hanging rather low. He was uncut and I was again amazed by the similarities between our members. I also realized that I was catching up with my dad pretty fast now. I also had quite a lot of hair on my legs under my arms and in my groin area. The only difference was that the hair on my chest was not as think and dark yet, but was actually just starting to emerge, much lighter and softer than my dads. What really made me proud was the fact that I was finally also catching up in the size department. Seeing his well developed smooth skin dick hanging so nice and lose right in front of me made me realize that he was only bigger than me by about half an inch.
Now, all of this visual stimuli aroused me some what, and although I was tempted to follow suit immediately and undress myself I decided to 'go and get us another drink', hoping that this will allow my raising member to subside first. While pouring the drinks I relaxed and went back to join my father, by now sitting back and relaxing in his chair. I handed him his drink, put mine down next to my chair and decided that it was time for me to get undressed as well. I turned around and took of my shirt, and then my shorts and tossed them aside, realizing I'm a bit tensed and had to turn around now to sit in my chair. I don't know why I was tensed, like I said we have both seen each other naked before. I think I was also growing up and was more aware of myself. Another factor may be that it was quite a while ago that we were actually naked in each other's presence. My own body has developed a lot since, and seeing that I'm participating in a lot of sports at school, I was quite well build for my age. I also think that some of us inherit a naturally well build body - its in the genes, as compared to most of my friends at school who also participated at the same sports, but were not that well build.
Well eventually, after what seemed to be a very long time, but must have been no more than 2 - 3 seconds - I turned around. Obviously I was looking right into my dad's eyes, and to my embarrassment he had a big smile on his face. 'You are getting to be quite a man now'. Before I could even say anything, I was already back in my chair. The only reply I could think about at the time was. 'Thanks'. 'No! I really mean it, the gymnastics has made you developed in to a well build young man, you can really be proud of your body'. All this attention made me very self aware, and before I could even think what was going on, my member started to grow at a speed I did not have any control over. I was just about to cover my now almost fully erect 7-1/2 inch penis when my dad asked. 'Why do you want to cover that?' 'It is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact you should be proud of your response time!' I could not believe my dad was so open about it. It was only when I looked towards him that I realized he was also sporting a fully erect member. I was stunned. My dad obviously quickly assessed the situation and said. 'I'm also only human, and with a body, as virile as yours it's only to be expected that I may get turned on as well within a situation like this'.
So there my dad and myself were sitting with full-blown boners in front of each other. It was truly an amazing, exhilarating feeling! And then I popped the question. 'Did you also had experiences with other boys when you were growing up'? 'What do you mean by experiences?' my dad asked. 'Well I mean, did you ever had jack of session with other boys?' 'I surely did, I have always been very sexual, since I can remember, and had regular jack - off sessions with my friends'. 'There was this one friend I had, we were like best buddies, and we often jacked off each other'. And then my dad asked 'Have you done that with a friend? I know that you've told me about you and Genna'. 'Well yeah, me and Tom have jacked each other off once'. My father then asked how that made me feel, and I replied that it was rather fun. My father responded by saying 'As long as you and Tom did it out of your own free will, it is fine'.
I then noticed my father naturally starting to fondle his now really full-blown dick, his foreskin was pulled back further to the back, but still leaving more than enough skin for a nice loose jack off. Looking back at my own dick I could clearly see that my father was now quite a bit bigger. Somehow he added an inch that was not there previously. 'Well all this talk about masturbation, and my younger years, really got me quite horny now, are you going to join me for a stroking session'? Me being much more relaxed now! 'For sure I am, I would not miss it for the world'. I could still not believe it. Here I was sitting and watching my dad slowly, but surely stroking away on his magnificent manhood. I caught myself staring and asked, 'You don't mind me staring'. 'Not at all'. ' You don't mind me watching,' he asked? 'No! It's a great turn-on, I responded'. My dad was using both hands alternatively to stimulate himself and used the free hand to caress his chest, nipples, and to run his fingers through his think chest and pubic hair. I found this odd, as I was used to jacking only with my right hand, and wasn't really aware that I could 'stimulate' the rest of my body as well. I tried this out, and I must say it was pretty cool to become more and more aware of your own body, and the sensations you could generate by messaging parts of your body in the way my father leaded on.
Now and then my dad would close his eyes and I could really sense the intense pleasure he was having by playing with himself in the manner he did. His muscles was starting to bulge in all the right places and I must say I was surprised to see in detail how his whole body was getting aroused more and more. Both our nipples were erect, although mine was much more visible, as my dad's were buried in the dark brown fur. I suppose dad new, out of experience and me being a teenager that I was getting pretty close. I don't want you to come yet. 'But, I'm very close', I exclaimed. 'This is where I will teach you to practice edging'. 'Now I want you to listen very closely to your body and you feelings'. 'I want you to stop jerking, a while before you feel that you cannot hold it anymore'. 'Ok, I'll try'. I must say, I suddenly realized that I was already at that point, and stopped immediately. My dad was just having this big smile on his face, and continued to stroke his perfectly formed dick. 'Now wait, about 1/2 a minute and then slowly continue where you left off'. Just looking at my dad very sensually, rhythmically stroking away, made me to take about a minute before I continued pleasuring myself. Dad was still enjoying himself, although I could hear his breathing deepen a bit.
Following suit I, also very rhythmically now started to jack off again. But alas it was not long before I could feel that intense sensation cropping up below my penis shaft. 'Stop! And press your penis head hard with your thumb and forefinger'. Dad obviously realised that I was very close again. I did just that. 'Now just hang on for another minute or so, before you continue'. I was still waiting when I saw him stopped and pressed his cock head hard with his thumb and forefinger. 'I saw him pushing back in the chair and relaxing by throwing his head back. He used both hands and started to stimulate his nipples, after which he took both hands and run it through his hair from his nipples down to the thick bush of hair surrounding his penis.
By this time I've started to jerk off automatically again without even realizing it. To my amazement my penis was feeling strangely thicker than usual. It must be the largest I have ever felt and seen my cock. It has never felt this huge before, and it was almost as if it has got a life of it's own. This time my whole body was tingling, and I was aware of sensations that I never even knew existed. Looking sideways I saw that my dad was looking at me stroking my cock and had also resumed with his pleasuring activity. 'I'm impressed, that look's very good'. That was all I needed, and this time there was no stopping. I felt a wave of ecstasy reverberating through my whole body, and then it exploded. Right into my face, I was shocked. The feeling was so intense that my whole body contracted, in a way that almost scared me. It was something totally new and wonderful. Two more loads squirted out and landed just below my neck. The rest just oozed out with each contraction.
I then heard a deep load moan, and it was only then that I became aware of my dad next to me again. From his voice I could tell that he was on the brink of an explosion. His whole body contracted backwards and with a uuuhhhhhh!!! that came from deep down he shot a big very thick load that landed right in the middle of his nicely bulging round hairy chest. He followed with another three shots that landed progressively closer to his dick. Just like mine his whole body kept contracting for a few moments after the final come had oozed out of his cock. And then he fell back into his chair with his muscular arms hanging to his sides.
After a while he turned to me and said, 'I must say, that was fun, I enjoyed that a lot'. I found it interesting how the come did not really touch his skin, but was actually laying on his chest hair. We both stood up and cleaned. There was this peaceful calm atmosphere hanging in the air, an atmosphere of respect, and being proud.
My dad and me never masturbated in front of each other again. I just don't think there was a need for it ever again. And I think both our curiosities were satisfied that day, not just mine. I gained great respect for my dad that day, as he taught me that your body, and feelings are nothing to be ashamed about. He taught me a lot about my body, and it led me to many more natural bodily discoveries, about different reactions to different stimuli etc.
Today I could say, I'm a well-balanced young man, having a beautiful relationship with my wife, and being quite satisfied with myself.



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