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Thanking Craig

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When I turned 18, I had the idea of finally using Craigsl...to find a casual sex partner that I would never have, a man. I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man, especially an African American man. I thought about it thoroughly and decided I would go through with it, but only masturbation, not sex. I still didn't think I was ready to lose my virginity because of a casual sex encounter, especially when I'm not gay.

I put the posting up asking for a thin black man to jerk off with for a night and that he would have to host. After a few hours, I got an email with some pictures of a fairly handsome black man with a monster cock. It looked to be about 7 inches, and I would later find this out to be more or less true. He gave me his address and we decided to meet the next evening.

I came to his house and he invited me in. His name was Jarrel and he was a very nice man. He sounded fairly manly, so I assumed he was straight and just being experimental, like myself. I decided to ask just to make sure.

'Are you straight?' I asked.

'Yeah, though I been thinkin' bout men lately. Just wanted to try it out. I could see myself up a dudes ass, but I'd be bi, not gay,' he replied. I guess he was actually testing the waters while I was just looking for fun, possibly one and done.

'You said no sex though right?' he asked. I nodded my head yes. I noticed how poorly conditioned his house was. Clearly, he was just barely getting by on whatever job he has.

'Ok, you can put your clothes off over there. In the meantime, I wanna set some things straight. You asked for no sex, so I'mma make a request too. If we can't have sex, we should be able to kiss,' he declared. I nodded in agreement.

'I'm guessin' you didn't want oral either so I won't kiss your dick,' he said. We laughed as he cleaned up in the kitchen and I took my jeans off.

'Also, I'd like to do this again sometime if it goes right. Like for real, I'm considering men along with women so this is serious shit for me,' he said. I got a little scared at this point thinking there was some deep commitment involved.

'But, I know you got your own life so I'd only ask you back one more time unless you wanna do it some more,' he assured me. This was fine with me.

'Fine with me, bro,' I replied. By this time, I was fully undressed sitting on his couch, calm as can be. My plan going into this was to act calm, almost as if I've done this before.

'Also, I'mma get my sister's dildo. You can stick that up my ass,' he said. He went down the hallway to his sister's room. I, bored, started playing with my penis, flopping it around. I was surprised it wasn't hard yet, because after all, this was my first time naked in front of a man I was about to pleasure. He came back in the room with his shirt off waving the dildo in the air. It was a soft realistic dildo that must have cost quite a bit.

'Hey, whatchu gonna do with that? You better not get any shit on it Jarrel! Fucking faggot ass!' I heard a scream down the hall. I heard some stomping and then a fat black woman appeared. She was Jarrel's sister, and she was much heavier than he was.

'Is this your gay lover? Oh damn, he's cute! What's your name lil' boy?' she asked.

'Cole's the name,' I answered. She now seemed genuinely interested.

'Well then Cole, when you done pumpin' it in Jarrel's ass, come give Chaquita some lovin'! I think you'll like my black pussy and big ass. Best features on me, I swear!' she said enthusiastically. She laughed as she exited down the hallway.

'Get your fucking huge-ass out of here Chaquita,' Jarrel said. 'Ain't no one asking for your two cents! Don' mind here, she's been looking for a man for a while now. I swear if she don't get one soon, she gonna fuck me instead.' He paused and looked at me for a moment.

'Oh yeah, here, let me get naked real quick,' he said. He slid his already sagging jeans right past his ankles to reveal his boxers. He slid those off too to reveal his big black cock. Even though it was only half hard, it was already fairly long and thick.

'Does she mind?' I asked.

'That bitch don't care. Hell, if she saw us, she'd probably join in. I already done fingered her two nights ago. I was just too horny not to,' he admitted. He jumped on the couch and his dick flopped over. I grabbed it and rubbed it in my hands.

'Ah shit, we shoulda started kissin' when we had our clothes on. Fuck it, kiss me now,' he demanded. I leaned in and kissed him while I massaged his hardening cock. Despite my confidence, he felt more of a pro than I though myself to be one. His tongue went fairly deep and he started caressing my body too. He scooted in close enough that our legs crossed and our dicks touched sometimes. He wrapped his arms around my body and moved his hands up and down my back. He dipped his fingers down my buttcrack and then again, and once more. Then, the next time, he went deeper and started massaging my anus. This felt extremely good and I was kinda surprised he did this. He was clearly going all in, doing everything but sex, which I enjoyed. After a few seconds, he actually stuck his finger in, which hurt and felt very rough.

'Damnit, I need some fucking lube. Chaquita, get me the fuckin' lube!' he hollered.

'Don't you fuckin' tell me what to do! I'll beat your scrawny ass!' she hollered back. Several seconds later, she walked in with some lubricant for us to use.

'What a bunch of gay boys, kissing and fucking! You want me to wipe his ass with some lube?' she asked sincerely. I got concerned but figured there wasn't much she could do. Jarrel nodded and she picked my body up until I was bent over the couch. She rubbed my ass with lube carefully and occasionally penetrated her finger.

'God, your ass makes me wish I was gay! I'd fuck you too! Jarrel, get your skinny ass over the couch so I can lube it!' She yelled. He bent over the couch like I did and she put lube around his anus. I could tell she put a lot more, and she did it in a sexually suggestive manner. I could tell her finger was in his ass, and then another. Before I knew it, she was practically fisting Jarrel. Jarrel moaned and groaned from both pain and pleasure. She eventually stopped. He sat down on the couch and invited me to sit on top of him. I grabbed his dick with the lube on my hand and lathered him up. He fingered my ass and it felt great.

'Shit dude, slower. I'm about to cum. We just fucking started!' he said. For some reason though, I didn't slow down. In fact, I jumped off his body and masturbated him from in front of him so the cum would be aiming at my face. Chaquita was standing behind the couch watching but it didn't bother me.

'Oh shit, shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!' he said increasingly louder each time. He busted his load right in my face with very little landing in my mouth. I immediately stood up so he could jack me off into his mouth. With his tongue open ready to receive, he jacked me off as fast as I could and I literally came in seconds. I could feel the substantiality of my ejaculation as it propelled from my penis into his mouth. Some got on his chin and dripped to his pubic hair. He leaned in and kissed me and we exchanged my cum between our mouths. I had already swallowed his, so it was just mine. We made out for about two minutes until we were both exhausted.

'Shit bro, that was fucking tight. I definitely think I'm bi now. Best of both worlds, know what I mean?' he asked. I nodded in agreement as we lied there nude on the couch.

'Dude, you wanna sleep over tonight? We can be naked for the rest of the night and sleep together and everything! I'll make sure Chaquita keeps her hands off you too,' he assured me.

'Yeah, that sounds great,' I said.

'You know what I mean when I say sleep together right?' he asked.

'Trust me, it's fine with me. You seem like a cool guy and I don't mind helping you find your sexuality,' I said.

Although it's only been a few months since this time, we still keep in touch and do stuff together as much as possible. Although I still don't consider myself bisexual, Jarrel is perfectly fine being bisexual and even has a boyfriend and a girlfriend. We have had a foursome, but that was limited to strict masturbation to please all parties. Jarrel's girlfriend is very good looking and his boyfriend is quite handsome too. Both Jarrel and Chaquita also have better jobs now and keep the house in better shape. Thanks craigs....!



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