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Thank You Sears

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I still get horny when I think about how my body responded to these hot masturbation sessions!


This is a true re-telling of my early teen experiences with masturbation and orgasm. I hope you enjoy it ...

We were at my aunt & uncle's place and went out to their travel trailer to hang out. I was younger (around 13) and my cousin, who was a few years older, showed me his secret stash of Easyrider magazines (motorbikes and babes). This was the first time I was exposed to a woman's nude body. My heart starting beating faster, my face was flush, my body felt like it was on fire and a rush of adrenaline passed through me as I kept turning the pages and revealing more and more of those fantastically beautiful nude bodies. I was really shy so I felt embarrassed but horny at the same time!!

Later I saw my cousin laying in his bunk and his hands were moving under his sleeping bag. It was dark and I couldn't see very well - I didn't know what he was doing at the time and didn't ask but I would figure it out soon enough.

As I feel asleep, I keep thinking of the rush I felt looking at the exposed details of those nude women's bodies and it opened my eyes to an appreciation of the naked female form - all body shapes and sizes, ages, ethnicities and skin colors - and I was hooked from that point on.

The Sears catalog became my favorite 'reading material'. This is where I 'grew' an appreciation for women's bodies of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. I would pick out my favorites from a diverse group of models in bikinis, lingerie and underwear; big breasts, little breasts, young (training bras), older (support girdles), Caucasian, Asian, Latin, Black, BBW (big, beautiful women), petite and pregnant (nursing bras). I loved them all (and would have made love to them all given the opportunity)! I would lay my growing ever harder penis over the models' pictures and slide or rock back and forth from tip to balls. The cool feel of the bathroom floor tiles combined with the smooth glossy pages felt so good against my raging erection and sometimes a little cum would dribble onto the page, making it slippery and add extra sensitivity and smoother motion as the page would slid along under the shaft. The best part was looking down at my rock-hard penis furiously rubbing up and down the models' bodies and dribbling cum onto them from head to toe.

I still had not had an orgasm up to that point but enjoyed these incredible masturbation sessions - the intoxicating, sugary-sweet smells of my own juices, the indescribable sensations tingling through my body, the images flooding my senses and the fantasy of being with these models was deliciously hypnotic.

And then one night, it finally happened. I was having a marathon masturbation session in the washroom after everyone went to bed. I didn't do it my bed usually because I shared a set of bunk beds with my younger brother and slept in the top bunk. But this night it felt so good that I just kept going when I returned to my bed, and suddenly I felt my entire lower abdomen seizing and erupting ... I thought I had broken something because my whole body started to shake and my whole mid-body began involuntarily contracting. I was going to cry out for help (but way too embarrassed to get caught) when suddenly I exploded!! It was the most powerful force I had ever felt move my body over the course of my young life ... it was scary, exciting and then absolutely exhilarating. Of course cum was everywhere, my sheets and body were completely drenched and my blood-engorged penis was vigorously twitching and pulsing up and down violently with post-orgasm cum still dribbling out onto my stomach. I just laid there, trying to take in all these new sensations and understand what had just happened.

That was the beginning of a journey toward experimenting with my body and the amazing masturbation experiences and fantasies that I have enjoyed alone and with different partners as a result over the years. More stories to cum (if you request)!



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