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Thank You Dinner

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Good deeds definitely do not go unrewarded.


My oldest sister and I had always gotten along very well together. She's the oldest, I'm the youngest, and, we've really always had a connection of sorts. Denise is a free-minded person, and so am I. That free-mindedness included things in the sexual realm as well.
Among other portions of her anatomy, Denise was fully aware of my attraction to her long, usually polished nails, and, quite honestly, indulged me in this nail fetish for years. I'd be in her car, helping her run errands or something, and she'd gladly give up each hand, individually, allowing me to examine, stroke, touch, and otherwise have at her sexy long talons. It was (is) just something we are fine with doing.
Anyway, couple of years ago, when she lived alone in her 2-bedroom townhouse, she called me and asked if I could help her do a few things around the house, i.e.-installing the air conditioner, fixing the bathroom ceiling fan, stuff like that. Of course, I did, spending the better part of 2 days working over there, trading the occasional flirt with her as we'd always done. The second day, she did her nails up a hot, red color, what she jokingly called her 'F-Me reds', knowing I'd be all over them as soon as I could.
I finished up, showered, and she made me dinner as a thank-you, flashing her nails in my face, tapping my shoulder, just really driving me nuts with them in an overtly sexual manner. Dinner proceeds, and we're talking, I'm complimenting her nails and how hot she looked wearing an old pair of jeans shorts and tank top, when the subject turned to how I 'really wanted to get paid for all my work'. Horned up as hell looking at her and from the flirting, I suggested we 'hit the living room and use up some energy'. Denise agreed, saying she felt she owed me for the work and knew what she was doing to me with her nails and mode of attire (she always did know those things)
We sat on her leather couch, and, start to kiss a little, and she lets me feel her body up and down. Running her fingers through my hair and down my chest, she probably knew what my next request would be.
'Hey, D..You know I'm UP right now. How 'bout it?' I asked her, without even having to say what I wanted. 'You sure?' she replied, still wrapped up in my arms. Told her yes, please, and NOW. 'Alright..Get ready to feel me down there, hun..I'll jerk it good for you'. It was the sexiest I've ever heard her talk.
Denise unzipped my pants and starts to rub and caress my cock. Few seconds into it, she had my zipper and pants button undone and down to my thighs, giving her a full view and access. As for me, I was already in heaven, feeling and watching my sexy sister, this woman who every one of my friends lusted after, stroke and handle my cock like no woman had ever, ever done before. Not in college, not in high school, not women I've met in bars. Denise was ON, and I couldn't keep dry for a minute.
Moving her nails around my shaft, my sister proved she was into this, too. The more of a mess we made together, it seemed, the more she liked it. I know I did! She kept going, jabbing her nails into my cock as she stroked and caused multiple eruptions. When she finished, Denise sat back, alongside of me, and rested her hand on my now-tired cock. A little while later, as I was getting ready to leave, we thanked each other for the night, kissed a few times, and she got in one last tease, telling me 'Maybe next time we skip the dinner, huh, hun?'



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