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Test Drives

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I was a mechanic at a busy local tire and automotive service center. Young and very horny, I loved seeing all the hot women of all ages who would bring their cars there for service. Sometimes I would even get to give them a ride back to their work so I could work on their cars and then return their cars to them when I was finished. I would get so hot that relieving myself was always in order.

Since I can remember, I always loved to hump and masturbate on soft things. Couches, chairs, ladies shoes and yes, car seats! I would quickly drive to a close secluded spot just down from the shop. Un-zip, pull out my meat, spit on it for lube and then jam it into the slit between either the arm rests or between the seats. Bucking furiously, it would only be seconds before I would have a shattering orgasm thinking of the sexy lady customer who owned the car. Clean up was easy with my shop towel I kept in my back pocket. This was almost a daily ritual.

My favorite customer was a lady named Mary. She was the president of a local bank not far from the shop, and would bring her Chrysler to me exclusively for oil changes, tire rotations and alignments. I would always drop whatever I was doing to greet this tall sexy 40ish mature woman and write up her work order. Her sweet smile, sexy nails, sophisticated business woman look and sexy shiny black patent leather heels really got my motor running.

One morning as I was riding with her to the bank, she told me the usual stuff like, 'Be sure to check my tires for balance,' 'There is also sometimes a chirping sound when I apply the brakes.' All the while I was staring at her sexy shoes on the brake pedal. I could tell she did not have a man at home to take care of her car. I tried to hide my wood as she pulled into the bank. Sitting on the soft leather seats and having this sexy woman next to me almost made me explode! She said, 'Call me when it's ready, ok?' as she stared at my crotch. 'Do a good job now.' I replied, 'Yes Ma'am.'

I went quickly to my secluded spot to have a quick session with her front seat. I started my ritual when I noticed something in the back floor board. It was a pair of her panties and a pair of her shiny black patent heels. My heart started to race as I shoved them to my face to inhale her womanly scent. Then I noticed some paper towels and a note. It said, ' Please clean up your mess when you are finished with my car.' I was in shock, but never the less finished myself off spewing my jizz all over her front seat. I returned to the shop and the guys were kidding me about 'sniffing the seats.' A standing joke around the shop whenever a good looking woman brought a car in. (if only they knew).

All day long I was thinking of Mary and what I'd like to do to her. I finally got around to her car and pulled it up on the rack. It needed a front brake job and some new shocks. I called her and gave her an estimate. She said for me to go ahead with the work. At day's end, she called and asked if I could pick her up at 5:30pm and settle up on the bill. She said, 'Be sure to wash your hands, I do not like grease on my steering wheel.' I wondered what she meant by that and the note as well? I got so hard as I drove to pick her up. She met me and said that she wanted to drive to be sure everything was OK. 'Well Bruce, did you have a busy day?' she asked as I tried to conceal my boner. She applied the brakes hard to test them. Then she cornered real hard to the right, I guess to test the new shocks. This threw me over toward her, right against her leg! Her right hand landed right on my hard cock. I said, 'Sorry Ma'am.' She gave me a grin and said 'I'll bet you are!' she did not let go of my cock.

She quickly drove behind the shopping center near the shop. I had not moved from my spot next to her and her hand had not moved from my crotch. I began to sweat and shake. I could feel her massaging my hard member through my pants so I began to massage her nylon clad leg. She came to a stop and said, ' Well, it looks like you did not leave my car in a mess and washed your hands,' as she moved my hand from her leg and pushed it up her skirt. I began to part her panties and shove my fingers gently up her hot wet pussy. She unzipped me and my cock sprung out like a jack in the box. She said, 'I see the way you stare at me and my shoes. I see that monkey wrench in your pocket every time I come in.' I gave her a hot wet kiss on her cheek as she massaged my cock and my blue balls with her sexy nails. We bucked moaned and groaned as we were pleasuring each other. Her face got all red and contorted and I could feel her pussy muscles contract almost squeezing my fingers out.

I was on the verge too. 'Mary, please tickle my balls, please!' We both let out yells and screams to wake the dead as we came in unison. 'Whew! oh Bruce, that was so good' she said, as I reached into the back floor board for the paper towels. I mopped up her juices from the leather seats and my cum from them as well as the dash board. She wiped me dry and gave me a peck on the cheek. We adjusted ourselves and drove back to the shop. She paid her bill and then said, 'Thank You, you are such a good looking young man. Here's a Tip' she said as she shoved something in my pocket that didn't look like money. As she drove away, I couldn't wait to see what she'd given me. It was just a piece of paper with her phone number. It said, call me anytime after 6:00pm, Thanks! Since that day, Mary and I have had a hot discreet affair! (there are more stories to come) No one at the shop ever suspected us!



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