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Tess - Part 2

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A follow on to "Tess goes wild", published on ST 15 Aug 13. Please feel free to submit your comments on these two true stories. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed experiencing them and now writing about them, here on ST.


One day about a month later, as usual I was nude working in my office in a separate building in the back yard across from the pool. The phone rang, I answered it and surprise it was Tess stating she was on her way to my house. I told her instead of parking in front, she should park in the drive on the side of the house and use the gate in the privacy fence to come as I was in my office in the rear of the property.

A few minutes later, I heard a car parking in the driveway. I waited to hear the car shut off and the door slam as I was strolling around the pool to greet her. Tess opened the gate door and turned around closing the gate behind her. As she turned around a shocked expression appeared on her face as she realized I was there to greet her totally nude in my birthday suit. She was dressed in her normal tee shirt and jeans.

Tess's initial comment was, "I wasn't expecting that" and "wasn't I concerned about being seen like that". No, I replied I told you many times we lived a totally nude life style at home and that's why I have a 8 foot privacy fence totally surrounding my yard.

Come on in the house and I'll fix you some coffee. Arriving in the kitchen, I turned on the coffee maker and then I suggested she follow me as I had something to show her. As we walked down the hall to my wife's bedroom she asked if my wife was home. NO, she's out of state, visiting a friends twin daughters graduation from high school. But I wanted to show you the Glamour Photos I had taken of her after she had her mastectomies. Tess admitted the photos were great and that I certainly had a very beautiful wife.

Now come on into my room and I have some more to show you. Entering my room at the other end of the hall you are immediately confronted with a 3 by 4 foot nude photo of my wife on the wall over the head of my bed. I took her around the side of my bed where I have half of one wall over my dresser covered with many photos of either my wife or myself nude in various locations. There are also some photos of us together in some what suggestive situations. One shows Elsa sleeping nude on a red satin sheet with her legs spread showing her shaved pussy in all its naked glory. Another photo shows me standing naked over her as she is seated at a outdoor picnic table with one hand under my balls and her other hand poised about to grip my floppy hose to direct it toward her pouting lips. The third photo is a reverse of the previous photo, which now has her standing and I am seated at the picnic table with one of my hands up directing her nipple toward my mouth.

While Tess is viewing this display of nudist photos, I am standing beside, but slightly behind her as my left hand is slowly massaging her ass cheeks through her jeans. Meeting with no resistance, I reached around her from behind and start to massage both of her tits through her tee shirt which tells me she is bra-less today. The sound of the coffee alarm breaks the spell and so we adjourn to the kitchen again.

I pour us each a cup of coffee and offer her some creamer. We stand there less than a foot apart, drinking our coffee, not saying a word, her eyes flip up and down between my crotch and my face, so I kind of try to break the ice by reaching down and slowly just casually starting to massage my limp floppy tube.

With her eyes glued to my crotch, she starts to explain that the reason she had decided to drop by today was to apologize for her action a few weeks ago at the shop, stating that she did not know what had gotten into her but she felt that she had been too bold and let things go too far. Stating she doesn't want to miss lead me, as she admires Elsa and didn't want to do anything that would be inappropriate to our marriage.

I replied that it was OK. Since she, Tess had indicated a desire to explore the nudist lifestyle, and that there was a distinct difference between nudity and sex. Just like today, we are standing here. your clothed and I am nude. No big deal. Even if Elsa had been home, I still would have greeted you nude and shown you the photos in both of our bedrooms. Tess just wanted me to know that she had come here today to tell me that nothing like before could happen between us again. She did not have a good self image of herself and that she would not be going with us to any nudist facility. In fact she wasn't planning on taking her clothes off today at all. I assured her that that was totally acceptable and if I was offending her by me being nude with her today, I would certainly put something on if she wanted me to. NO, she just explained reluctance to take off her clothes.

Again, I related that nudity and sex were two different things. Although we had been friends before our little dalliance at the shop, we could still remain friends or even friends with mutual groping privileges if she desired but that was up to her. She stated that she felt she had led me on and that I wanted more than she was prepared to allow. Therefore we needed to understand that she would not be taken her clothes off today. I told her I understood what she was saying. Certainly I did not want her to be uncomfortable, but as I had told her many times before that nudity and sex were two different things. What we had experienced at the shop was sex and what I was demonstrating to her today was a different lifestyle of a nudist just being comfortable being totally nude and doing everyday things around the house without any clothes on.

As for her deciding if she was going to join me nude today, that was totally her decision. Yes she had fondled me at the shop and then she had flashed me her pussy and that was sex. Today was about nudist and nudity and her decision to disrobe or not was totally up to her. It's true that, NO, I had never seen her totally nude, and there are no perfect nudes at a nudist resort. People come in all shape and sizes and even with various physical disfigurements. Personally I didn't think that she had anything to be concerned about that her figure looked alright to me. Certainly I really had hoped to be able to see her completely nude today, but ultimately whether she disrobed to show me her totally naked womanly assets, or not, that would solely be her choice.

Tess again stated that she felt that perhaps she have been inadvertently leading me on and that she could certainly understand that a man of my age, with a wife without breasts, could even be attracted to her small breast, therefore this would be only be a one time thing, and "so lets get it on". Tess quickly pulled the bottom of her t-shirt over her head exposing her small breast. She said lets move over to the couch where it is more comfortable. Her small well shaped A cup breasts topped with eraser nipples were nicely tan with the absence of any tan lines indicating she must at least tan topless. I told her she certainly had nice shaped breasts and should have no concerns about them. She indicated she had always wanted larger breasts. I told her there was nothing wrong with the ones she had and certainly I would not recommend going through breast implants only to have them ultimately medically removed due to problems with the implants such as Elsa had experienced. All the while I was massaging her breast with each of my hands. As I bent over to take a nipple in my mouth, she stood up unzipped and took off her levis, revealing that same tanned close trimmed, but not totally shaved bare pussy mound that I had groped in our previous encounter.

We embraced, our nude bodies moulding to the contours of the others naked torso. Breaking our embrace she sat down on the edge of the couch thrusting her pelvis forward pushing her meaty pussy lips over the edge of the cushions and her legs spread wide apart. Opening her thick love channel lips with her fingers she directed me down on my knees between her legs staring into the depths of her womanhood. I said you know we are now crossing that bridge into sex. She exclaimed "Shut up" and get your fingers or mouth to work on my clit.

I told her I would love to suck her cunny but due to the chance of disease I couldn't, but I immediately wet my thumb and started work on her clit as I thrust two fingers into her twat. Standing up I latched onto her left nipple and started sucking it with a vengeance. In this position I was standing over her, legs spread, with my cock and balls swinging freely. Tess grabbed my cock and started pulling on it up and down in time with my suckling of her nipple. I felt her body responding to my invasion of her love channel as the fingers of my left hand searched for her G spot. With her other hand she started messaging her right breast. We remained in this position of mutual masturbation for about 15 minutes as we enjoyed both giving and receiving sexual pleasure from each others bodies. Finally we built up to a fever pitch until be both experienced the big O together simultaneously. We collapsed together with me on top of her. We lay there exhausted for a while, then I got up off from her and she reached for a tissue to wipe my jizum off from her as I took a tissue to catch her womanly juices' from dripping out of her cunt onto the couch. She stood up and I think I caught as much cum from her pussy as I sent out of me on to her chest.

We sat there mutually exhausted for a while and then she stated she had better get dressed and go as she had to pick up her son from school. I remained nude, but we embraced, kissed, said our goodbyes and I followed her out of the house across the pool area to the fence gate where I again one last time grabbed her ass cheek with one hand and squeezed her breast with the other hand tweeting her nipple into an erect upright position. She grabbed my limp penis giving it a gentle goodbye tug before disappearing out the gate.



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