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Tess Goes Wild

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Tess goes wild, pleasing a senior citizen with mutual masturbation. This story is long but well worth it in its climax


As many retired Florida residents have, I have enjoyed spending time developing the art of crafting by creating various ceramic objects at a local small Arts and Craft shop. This shop is locally owned by a retired military man and operated by just himself and one other employee a female by the name of Tess. I have been a regular customer for a number of years and enjoyed favored customer status with both of them. Because of the long hours the store is open each day, quite often Tess is working in the store by herself as I worked on the various stages of my ceramic projects. Therefore many times on slow days it is only Tess and I in the back of the workshop by ourselves and it is in this setting that the following event took place.

One day as she and I were each working on our individual projects in the workshop in the rear of the store that our friendly chit chat took a sexual turn. Tess indicated that she had recently gone to a Glamour Photo shop to have some photos taken in different suggestive poses. It was during the photo shoot, that she had suggested that the photographer take some photos of her showing her new tattoo which she had had strategically placed on her pubic mound. His refusal to photograph her in this brazen display of nudity was the subject of her verbal discourse with me.

I sympathized with her and discussed that I too had had some Glamour shots taken of my wife after she underwent surgery having both breasts remove due to cancer. I had explained to the photographer that I both wanted to boost her ego and that since we were nudist that both she and he had to be comfortable with photographing her in the nude but strategically draped to hide her lack of breasts and their remaining scars. It was with this preamble that I revealed both that I was a nudist and also that I had for many years photographed nudes and would be willing to take the type of shots that Tess wanted of her self if she wanted me to. She said she would think about it.

Several days went by without Tess responding to my offer. However each day when I went back to the shop, I took along samples of my nude photography some of which included very intimate shots of breasts as well as female and male genitalia. She seem pleased with the work and made appreciative comments about the various photos.

With the dialogue getting progressively more sexual with each visit. I still had not convinced her to visit with me at a nearby Nudist Resort to explore the nudist lifestyle for herself or to let me photograph her nude. Ultimately she admitted to having a poor self image of herself naked. While she was definitely female she did have a very tomboyish body. In her jeans and tee shirt working clothes she normally wore, she was 5 foot 5, with dirty blond hair, apparently small flat chest, tapered to a even smaller waist, accented with a wide set of pelvic hip bones. Her rump was presently plump matched with a very flat pubic mound. When ever I would attempt to feel her up with seemingly accidental groping of her ass, tits or pelvic area, she never rejected these school boyish attempts of sexual contact. Finally I decided to test her and see just how far I could go with her.

It was a Monday and the shop was officially closed on Mondays but often Tess would work in the shop by herself, catching up on various backlog projects. One very hot south Florida day, knowing that she would be in the rear workshop area of the store by herself, I showed up to work on my ceramic projects dressed in nothing but just thin polyester tee-shirt and running shorts. I had deliberately selected this outfit as it legally met the requirements of being clothed in public, while obviously revealing the obvious outline of my penis and ball sack. That day Tess seemed really enthused to see me and her gaze frequently went directly to my crotch area. She stopped working and we just chatted for a few minutes while we stood facing each other with only about two feet separating our bodies. Finally I decided to take the plunge and just test her reaction.

I reached down with my right hand and lifted the left leg opening of my shorts exposing my jewels in all their naked glory. Instantly Tess latched onto my semi-erect cock with the speed of a striking snake, engulfing its entire flesh in her fist. Only her fist now separated our bodies. She grabbed me with her palm on top of my shaft and her fingers wrapped around my floppy tube. Instantly she started jacking my now firm pole much like a farmer milks a cows teat. For a few moments I just stood there gazing into her eyes while she massaged my shaft with her firm knowing grip moving the loose flesh of my semi-circumcised cock up and down over its now enlarged helmet head. Our heads moved closer together and we passionately kissed while she continued masturbating my joy stick. I slipped my right hand around her waist feeling the bare skin under her tee shirt. While I softly complemented her on how great it felt having her massaging my rod like this, I reminded her that I was totally shaved and how smooth it felt. Tess acknowledged that she felt the baby softness of my pelvic mound and the lack of hair on my cock and balls.

She suggested I move my hand up from her waist knowing that what my fingers sought was north of her rib cage. As I moved my hand upwards, with her free hand she pulled her bra up over her mounds exposing their nakedness to my fingers as I engulfed their round firmness in my hands. As she continued milking my manhood down south, I was now gripping her right breast with my left hand and my right hand was filled with her left breast as my fingers twisted and pinched her left nipple. Her body responded favourably to the massaging of her breasts. Instinctively I let loose of her left breast, raised her tee shirt, lower my head and latched onto her left tit with my mouth. I was now sucking on her breast while gently nibbling on her nipple in time with her stroking of my erection. I came up for air long enough to apologize for it taking so long for me to come, but that it was not a reflection of my appreciation for her efforts but rather that fact that it just takes longer with an older man due to age. She soothingly assured me that it was alright and she would continue jerking me off until I came. While continuing to squeeze one breast, I returned to sucking her left tit she bent down and whispered in my ear that we were mutually pleasing each other and that she would continue as long as it took to satisfy me. I responded by sucking and nibbling on her tit while we both enjoying the feeling of her body responding favourably to my fondling. I could feel her whole body just succumbing to the sexual waves I was creating in her body as I feverishly sucked her erect nipple and she continued stroking my erect steel rod. Our bodies were now mashed together as tightly as two bodies can be trying to be come one without any actual penetration of the others torso.

Finally, my legs began to quiver, and I exploded into her hand, while literally holding on to her body for support to keep from falling down, while I continued to maintain a lip lock on her erect nipple. As the throes of sexual release subsided, I apologized for creating such a mess in her hand. She released her hand from my now shrinking manhood and looked at her hand with my white milky seed dripping from her palm and fingers.

She went to the sink to wash off the evidence of my hot explosion. She returned with a wet paper towel and proceeded to slowly wash off my male wilting cock as she slowly massaged my balls. After completing her task of cleaning my equipment, she threw the paper towels in to a trash can. She then stood across from me stating that I was not the only one who got wet and in a flash she unzipped her jeans and exposed her trimmed pubic mound to me, which was parted by her elongated fleshy dangling cunt lips. I immediately reached between her legs and grabbed a handful of her pussy and inserted two fingers between those two meaty lips into her sopping wet female cavern. Immediately I felt her "G" spot and instantly she exploded in her own orgasmic climax depositing her own womanly juice into my cupped hand.



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