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Tent Antics

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Tent Antics
Hi all,anything this is the first time I post like this. Let me tell you I am married now and totally straight.
Anyway here it is : a few years ago, I had a sleep-over with two friends in a big scout tent. We were about at the time. We talked about some stuff, did the usual truth-or dare like running around the garden naked, walking across the street from car to car and so on. Before we fell asleep, one of them, J., started massaging our backs. It took a long time and got all of us relaxed. It was non-sexual at that time, but I figured out he was figuring out who would catch the bait. I got really turned on by it. As he was massaging my other friend, D., I started stroking his back. The other guy was on his belly and J was lying between us on his side with his back turned to me. At a certain time, I slid my hand under his shorts and started petting his behind. He had no objections! This turned me on even more.
My heart started beating really fast and I continued stroking his behind and gradually moved my hand towards his crotch. J was still massaging D, who was totally unaware of what us two were doing. J and me had blankets covering us so he wouldn't accidentally see anything. When I reached J's dick, I felt it was hard and I started to feel it up a bit.
At that time he casually stripped of his shorts and D still didn't notice a thing. I started to move my hand up and down his dick slowly and I played with his balls a bit. Then he indicated that D was almost asleep. J then went to lie on his back and indicated to wait a bit. I gently continued playing with his dick and balls, but all very slowly, so he wouldn't start breathing hard.
After half an hour, we made sure D was sleeping and then I started jacking him of slowly, going faster and faster, I also kept playing with his balls. He made clear that he was going to come and took a towel. I then stopped playing with him and gave him a nasty look. He didn't understand what was going on and his dick started to get limp. When was almost totally limp, I smiled and started stroking it again and twisting it and making circles and going faster and slower again.
When he was about to come, I positioned my towel in such a way that I would catch his load, and I did when he kept splurting and splurting and splurting. All the time I kept looking him straight in the eye and when he came, he was twitching all over. The look in his eyes the moment he came, was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. It still turns me on whenever I think about it.
When he was done, he motioned me to lie on my stomach. He then massaged me again and gently lifted my behind and spread my legs a bit. At that time I was really hard. My chest was still against the floor, but my ass was raised and I was resting on my knees. He then stroked my ass and wet his finger and circled my butthole. It was totally exquisite!!
Then he turned me over and asked me if I wanted a blowjob. I totally agreed and he sucked me like even my present wife has never sucked me. He was so good, i think he had done it before. It was amazing. When I noticed he was taking the full lenght of 7,5" in his mouth, I was sooooo arroused. I knew I was going to come and I motioned for the towel, but he pushed my hand away continued deep throat and guided my hands to his head and motioned to move his head up and down.
I then indicated to stop. It was 4 AM and I told him to go into the house. My room was in the basement at the time, so no-one could hear us. We were still hard when we got there and we continued as we were doing on my bed. He took me in his mouth and started to suck me and take me deep-throat. I grabbed his head and pulled it firmly against my hips again and again so he didn't have any control. He loved it. We did this harder and harder. We then shifted position a bit so I could actually fuck his throat as if it was his asshole. It is really impossible to describe the feeling of doing something like that.
Then I exploded in his throat as pushed my cock all the way in, nearly with balls and all. I held my cock there as kept splurting and splurting. He had no choice but to swallow.
Afterwards we returned to the tent had a good sleep. D never knew anything.



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