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I still can't believe what we did. It was two Saturday mornings ago and mom and dad both had to work. My sister Connie and I were at home. I'm twenty and Connie is eighteen. As sisters we are quite close and enjoy doing things together. It was around nine o'clock and Connie brings in a cup of coffee for me and the two of us chatted in our bedroom about what we might do for the day. Out of the blue Connie brings up the subject of something we used to do as kids. At the time we called it "tenderizing." It is simply using your fingers to trace invisible line over the other person's skin. It feels very nice and the only way you can appreciate it is to have someone do it to you. We would tenderize each other over our necks, chests and bellies. The whole experience usually lasted about ten minutes with each of us doing it to the other for about five minutes. Then, we would promptly fall asleep. We both agreed that we really enjoyed doing that. We stopped doing it when I started to develop. I got embarrassed to have Connie see and feel my rapidly budding nipples.

As we sat drinking our coffee Connie said to me, "lie back down." I put down the coffee and lay on my back. Connie undid the bottom buttons of my pj top and exposed my belly. She used her fingertips and nails to trace lines on my belly. It brought back old memories and it felt so nice. Then, Connie opens another button exposing me up to the bottoms of my breasts. She continues to use her nails. I figured that at this point this would be the end of the tenderizing. She reaches up and unbuttons the final top two buttons and opens my pj top completely. My immediate thought was to pull my top back together but I just didn't. Connie used her nails on the sides of both tits. Sensations were flooding my body now and I could see in her eye that Connie was intent on touching me. She continuously traced her nails all around the areola's and then finally she touched my nipples which were as hard as pebbles. Connie then asked, "should I stop?" I told her no.

She told me to lift up my hips and when I did she pulled down my pj bottoms as well as my panties. Connie then pulled them completely off of me. I immediately opened my legs and she told me to lift up my knees. Connie then used her fingertips on the inside of both thighs. I was rapidly approaching a heightened state of sexual arousal. She played her nails over my bare pussy and then spread my lips and started touching my clit with a nail. She said to me, "should I lick it?" I said yes. Connie licked and sucked on my clit for a few minutes then stopped. She then used her fingers to rub my clit while she inserted several fingers of her other hand up into my hole. In a fairly short period of time I enjoyed a strong climax. We then reversed positions and I did the same things to Connie until she came.

Later in the day we discussed what we did and decided to never do it again. Connie confessed to me that she had done similar things with her friend Anne several times but she insisted that she definitely likes guys although she is still a virgin.



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